Meth Coffee – Super High-Caffeined Beans

Most brands take pains to never be associated with unseemly things. Then there was Meth Coffee that jumped headfirst into bad associations. We’re no fans of political correctness, but we are fans of common sense. And a line must be drawn somewhere

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For us, as coffee lovers, that line was Meth Coffee. Sadly, Meth Coffee itself didn’t appear to share any such constraints. The name itself was an allusion to the supposed ‘addictive’ properties of coffee. 

While we’ll happily call ourselves coffee addicts, comparing that with meth addiction is just bad form. Terrible, terrible things have happened to (and by) meth addicts. Everyone’s heard stories, read reports, and seen consequences of meth addiction. It absolutely shouldn’t be glorified in any manner, even if that’s intended as some sort of dark or slapstick humor.

And yes, humor was one of the marketing strategies the company employed. Meth coffee came from some San Francisco based company and used a rather edgy (and cringe-inducing) language for its product.

The High-Caffeine Angle Of Meth Coffee

Meth Coffee managed to sneak-by with the claim that all ingredients used for the product were perfectly legal. The blend of coffee beans and Yerba Mate gave it an insanely high caffeine content. 

For the uninitiated, Yerba Mate comes from certain plant leaves and is highly caffeinated. While these leaves are used for beverages, the unorthodox combination with caffeinated beans was bound to spike the caffeine content.

Meth Coffee never really disclosed its actual caffeine content. But that was something of the mode of operation for this company. The company and the person running the show both hid their identities and never disclosed anything substantial about themselves. 

The way I see it, that’s just plain shady. But they probably had a reason for it, which is that their coffee was useless. It seems to me that the intended demographic for Meth Coffee was never coffee lovers. 

There are plenty of strong coffees on the market, and they have no need to hide their identities. This one, on the other hand, seemed to aim towards being marketed as a legal stimulant that goes far beyond what a ‘normal’ coffee offers. In a way, it’s more like a ‘legal’ version of illegal substances.

Thankfully, Meth Coffee isn’t available anymore, and I hope it stays that way for this one and any other brews of its ilk.