Uncommon Clay Potbelly Coffee Mug

Wide Base Coffee Mugs That Hold Your Coffee Safe And Secure

Wide base coffee mugs are great on the scale of usability. In terms of shape, these are practically miniature carafes. Their use isn’t so much about the amount of coffee they can store, but about the stability of these cups. 

Wide base mugs won’t tip over or fall on your desk or car. They’re incredibly stable and can be put to use at home, work, or even as travel mugs. Often, these mugs can hold a sizable amount of liquid, Let’s take a look at the top options available.

Best Wide Bottom Coffee Mugs To Consider

1. Uncommon Clay Potbelly Coffee Mug

Uncommon Clay Potbelly Coffee Mug

Uncommon Clay Potbelly Coffee Mug is expensive as compared to others on this list. That’s because this mug is handcrafted in the USA. It’s a skillfully made mug and the dual-tone color scheme is as interesting. That is the dominant patterning scheme, though the mug is available in several colors. 

The total volume available for this mug is 16 oz. Though there may be small variations considering that the mug is handmade. You might also find some imperfections on the mug for the same reason, though they’re rare. All said and done, this is a sturdy, well-made mug that’s definitely worth the price.

Coffee Mug Highlights

  • Handmade in the USA
  • Because it is handmade, mugs might occasionally have variations
  • 16 oz volume

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2. Space Connection Low Rider No Tip Desk Mug

Space Connection Low Rider No Tip Desk Mug

At 16 oz, this mug has a large capacity and dependable construction. The wide bottom coffee mug comes with a lid to keep its contents safe. It isn’t spill-proof, but it is splashproof so there’s no risk of spilling coffee as you walk about. A thumb-slider is included with the lid for more convenient operation.

As a wide base mug, the Space Connection Low Rider No Tip Desk Mug is pretty stable. To make matters better, it has a non-skid bottom that prevents sliding. It is supposed to be double-walled insulated, but the insulation isn’t anything to write home about. 

The mug is prone to breakage. This is probably a side-effect of the (failed) attempt at double-walled insulation. The body is deceptively thin and gives up on impact.

Coffee Mug Highlights

  • 16 oz capacity
  • Has a skid-resistant base
  • Spill-resistant slider lid

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3. Trudeau Maison Umbria Desk Mug

Trudeau Maison Umbria Desk Mug

This wide bottom mug with lid is made using a combination of steel and rubber. It’s an unlikely combo for a coffee mug. The rubber is carefully placed on the exteriors of this double-walled mug. So it remains cool to the touch and provides a stable grip. The rather prominent rubber handle and non-stick rubber base add stability to the mug.

Trudeau Maison Umbria Desk Mug claims that it’s insulated well-enough to keep its contents at temperature for more than 2 hours. That’s a tall claim. Though the insulation is acceptable, going beyond an hour would be pushing it. 

The lid adds a touch of splash-proofing to the mug, so you won’t risk spills as you walk about. The volume capacity of this mug is about 15 oz, so there’s plenty of room for a cup (or two) of coffee. 

Coffee Mug Highlights

  • 15 oz capacity
  • Double-walled insulated
  • Includes skid-resistant base and spill-resistant lid

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4. Gama Foam Insulated Wide Body ThermoServ Mugs

Gama Foam Insulated Wide Body ThermoServ Mugs

Gama Foam Insulated Wide Body ThermoServ Mugs have a solid build and get foam insulation to keep coffee hot for longer. It won’t keep coffee hot as long as a quality coffee thermos but it will keep it hot for a while. 

The wide-bodied mugs have a high-gloss finish and are safe for use in a microwave or dishwasher. Though their wide base is stable enough, the mugs also include a skid-resistant rubber base for added stability. 

Gama Foam Insulated Wide Body ThermoServ Mugs have a spill-resistant lid. They’re not spill-proof or leak-proof, but they do an acceptable job at keeping the coffee from spilling during regular use.

Coffee Mug Highlights

  • Low price
  • Foam insulated mugs
  • Includes skid-resistant base and spill-resistant lid

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5. Highwave Hotjo Mug

Highwave Hotjo Mug

Excellent looks and finish of this stoneware mug make it an attractive pick. It’s large and well-built to easily handle a good amount of coffee. Given its solid and steady build, you can expect the mug to stay upright. 

A spill-resistant, drink-through lid is placed on the top of the mug. It’s quite a unique and innovative touch that adds to the usability of this mug. The top is pretty effective and this could be loosely seen as a no spill ceramic coffee mug. The mug is available in several colors and sizes.

Coffee Mug Highlights

  • 18 oz mug
  • Good quality build
  • No insulation
  • Stoneware mug with stable base

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A Few Things To Know When Buying Wide Base Mugs

The Choice Of Materials

The choice of materials defines the quality and usability of these mugs. Companies use a variety of materials, each with their own properties. Stainless steel mugs are durable and resilient. A double-walled construction is pretty popular these days and allows the coffee inside these mugs to stay hot for a long time.

Plastic is another common material. It’s low cost and low maintenance – the mugs are usually dishwasher and microwave safe. However, unless the plastic used is of a high-quality, there is a risk of chemicals leaching into the mug’s contents. That’s a big reason why many people avoid plastics.

Stoneware/ ceramic mugs are as popular. The material is inert, so it doesn’t affect the taste of your coffee. They can be microwave and dishwasher safe, and are easy to clean by hand. The downside is that ceramic mugs can break rather easily as compared to the other materials.

Foam-insulated mugs are another choice for this category. It isn’t as effective as vacuum insulation, but the mugs do offer advantages in utility and pricing. Foam insulation mugs are usually cheaper, and can be cleaned in a dishwasher. On the contrary, dishwashers are usually avoided for vacuum-insulated mugs.

Lids Are Spill-Resistant, Not Spill-Proof

Not all wide base coffee mugs have lids. Even those that do have lids remain spill-resistant, rather than spill-proof. That’s probably down to the shape, but it isn’t much of a problem. As long as you’re not overly careless, the chances of spilling are low. That said, it is important to buy a mug with realistic expectations.

Is There A Functional Aspect To The Wide Base?

A wide base coffee mug is a coffee mug like any other. It doesn’t provide any extra functions or flavor-enhancements. Sure, you can always find some marketer claiming these benefits – and that might be a good way to identify a snake-oil salesman. 

These are just regular coffee mugs, except the wide base makes them more stable on a surface.

Coffee Mugs With A Wide Bottom

If you are prone to tipping over your coffee cup, a wide base coffee mug could solve your problems. These mugs usually have a higher volume and their larger base makes them more resilient to tipping over. Plus, they’re available in several materials, colors, and sizes, giving you a lot of options to choose from.