What is the Best Coffee For Cold Brew? – Reviewing Our Top Picks

best coffee beans for cold brew

Knowing your coffee beans is one of the most important aspects for a true coffee aficionado – and if you are inclined towards the cold brew side, you should certainly know the best coffee for cold brew that you can get your hands on.

There is no better way of having the coffee that you love, besides making it at home. When you brew your own coffee, you have the exact amount and type of ingredients that make your preferred coffee taste.

Cold brew coffee is much sweeter than regular coffee because it has approximately 67% less acidity.

This is why the right kind of coffee beans are also essential for cold coffee. The best coffee beans for cold brew are not exactly the same as the ones more popular for hot coffee. There are various brands producing coffee beans just for cold brew – for the best cold coffee experience.

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Editor’s Choice: Lifeboost Healthy Coffee

Lifeboost Coffee Medium Roast Low-Acid Coffee

Aspects like flavor, roast quality, and the general high-quality of the coffee beans make Lifeboost Healthy Coffee our top choice for this category. This single-origin, chemical-free, and non-GMO coffee is as impressive in taste as it is in quality control and good practices.

The beans are high-grown in the mountains of Central America. Along with high elevation, the coffee plants also get the advantage of good weather, shade-bearing plants/trees, and careful upkeep. Hand-picked cherries are carefully dried and washed. Finally, the roast is masterfully done and delivered fresh to the consumer.

Additional noteworthy characteristics include USDA Organic and Fair Trade certification for the coffee. It’s also third-party tested to ensure there are no harmful chemicals or toxins (like mycotoxins) making their way into the beans.

Lifeboost Healthy Coffee is available in light, medium, and dark roasts. Depending on your preference, you can buy whole beans or get ground coffee. The carefully grown coffee is rich in flavor. Being single-origin, it is also remarkably consistent and offers an excellent brew quality. 

Simply put, it is the high-quality beans that make this the best coffee for cold brew. Use it fresh, and you’ll find it an excellent start to a delicious cold brew concentrate.


  • 100% Arabica single-origin coffee
  • Quality roast and aroma
  • Excellent flavor
  • Certifications: USDA Organic and Fair Trade
  • Non-GMO and chemical-free


  • Can be expensive, but discounted pricing helps making it cost-efficient

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Best Coffee For Cold Brew

Let us have a look at the various brands that will give you the perfect cold brew coffee cup:

  1. Stone Street Coffee Cold Brew
  2. Kicking Horse Kick Ass Dark Roast Coffee
  3. Hazelnut Cold Brew Iced Coffee by Cold Buzz Coffee
  4. Light Roast Ground Coffee By New England Coffee
  5. The Glover Grind Co. Cold Brew
  6. AmazonFresh Just Bright Ground Coffee
  7. Gevalia Special Reserve Ground Coffee

Stone Street Coffee

Stone Street Coffee Cold Brew

Being in the industry since 2009, Stone Street Coffee Company knows well about the art of roasting delicious coffee beans. Located in Brooklyn, NYC, the company takes immense pride in developing unique coffee flavor profile and quality taste.

Refreshing Taste & Balanced Flavor

Dark roast is said to be the best for cold brewing or cold pressing and these beans provide you the perfect dark roast for enhanced flavor to your final cold brew beverage.

In addition to this, the smooth, sweet and well-balanced flavor just adds more to the coffee taste. Since the cold brew is less acidic than hot coffee, there is no bitter aftertaste whatsoever.

Perfect Packaging to Maintain Freshness

One of the core elements that is directly associated with the coffee freshness level is the way it has been packed. This particular coffee comes in a 1 lb resealable bag to preserve the same coffee aroma when it left the manufacturing unit.

The 3-layer natural kraft foil makes sure to keep the coffee beans fresh inside. It also has a one-way degassing valve that further helps to maintain freshness.


  • 100% Colombian dark roast supremo whole bean
  • Coarse ground for slow extraction
  • Comes in 1 lb stand-up pouch packing that has a 3-layer foil design to maintain freshness
  • Perfect aroma and flavor with a bit of chocolatey essence


  • Not for those who love their coffee black

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Kicking Horse Kick Ass Dark Roast Coffee

Kicking Horse Kick Ass Dark Roast Coffee

Well, the name of this specific whole bean coffee says it all! The brand takes pride in marketing their blend of coffee beans by saying, ‘a bold invitation to wake up and kick ass with us!’.

This whole bean coffee has a sweet, smoky and dark chocolatey taste that works perfectly with french press, pour over, drip machine and cold brew.

Certified Organic Coffee

This brand uses only certified organic coffee beans that naturally means it adheres to the best principles and guidelines to produce the best quality products.

Organic coffee beans have a unique flavor due to smart farming tactics and better planning and execution on the manufacturing side. All this adds up to a more enhanced finished product providing value for money to its consumer.

Deep Dark But Not Sour or Acidic

Being a coffee addict, you would know the fine balance there is between a dark roast and bitter or acidic aftertaste. A lot of brands fail to maintain this balance and might lean on a bit too much on either side.

This coffee, however, gives you a remarkable combination of dark roast whole bean and a sweet chocolate malt tasting note with an earthy lingering finish.

Sustainable and Fairtrade

In order to empower and grow farmers, Kicking Horse Coffee brand only uses coffee that has certifications for both the consumer and the farmer. The company uses its profits to invest in farmers’ business in order to contribute to community’s future.

Using transparent work ethics, sound business decision-making and socially responsible operational processes, Kicking Horse products are categorized as Fairtrade and Sustainable products.


  • Premium dark roast 100% organic Arabica whole beans
  • Has a sweet and smoky taste with a bit of chocolatey and molasses aroma
  • Categorized as organic, fairtrade and sustainable
  • 100% certified for both consumers and the farmers


  • Slightly on the higher price side as compared to competitor products
  • Some consumers have mentioned the bitter aftertaste flavor – this is for those who are not used to dark roasted beans

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Hazelnut Cold Brew Iced Coffee by Cold Buzz Coffee

Hazelnut Cold Brew Iced Coffee by Cold Buzz Coffee

If you are out there in the market looking for the best coffee for iced coffee, then this brand might just work perfect for you. Using 100% Arabica beans, this pre-portioned iced coffee ensures a delicious taste to your cold beverage.

No More Expensive Cold Brews from Coffee Shops

Most of us prefer to visit our favorite coffee shop whenever we are having those cold brew coffee cravings – yes, we understand that. However, with this easy to brew dark-roasted coffee blend, you wouldn’t want to spend your hard-earned money on expensive coffee drinks anymore.

Easy, Quick and Hassle-free Brewing

All you have to do is place filter bags into your jar, fill the jar with water, seal the lid and put the jar in the refrigerator. Minimum brewing time is 18-24 hours, however for best results, go up to 36 hours.

Once the brewing time has passed, remove the filter bags and sip away your perfect cold brew coffee cup!


  • Good choice for cold brew or iced coffee drinks
  • Each pack makes 16-20 oz of iced coffee
  • Brewing method is quite convenient
  • Pre-portioned bean bags make it easy for cold brew


  • For those who love their coffee to be full-bodied, they might find the taste a bit too thin

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Light Roast Ground Coffee – Best Ground Coffee for Cold Brew

Light Roast Ground Coffee By New England Coffee

This is another good choice for cold brew coffee lovers out there, looking for a smooth cold brew drink that has just the right balance of taste, richness and aroma.

A Long History of Coffee Roasting

New England Coffee is one of the pioneers in the coffee making industry, having started way back in 1916. It all started at the corner of Milk and Broad Streets in Boston, MA.

With over 100 years of coffee roasting experience, this brand has earned reputation as one of the best coffee makers in today’s coffee beans and ground coffee industry.

Same Taste in Each Cup Since 100 Years

This brand claims to have been roasting the same time-tested method for the last 100 years – giving the exact same flavor and taste to each cup of coffee that is made from its roasted beans.

As far as premium roast quality is concerned, you would want to first find the right blend that works for your cold brewing needs, and then maintain it for a long long time – this coffee will do exactly that.

Perfect for Cold Brew Lovers

With its smooth, blueberry sort of a mellow taste using 100% Arabica light roast ground coffee, it gives an aromatic and delightful taste for those who love their coffee cold brewed.

For a perfect cold brew cup, you just need a mason jar, a self-fill tea bag and coffee grinds. Simply place the grinds in the jar and add water. Leave it in the fridge for 36-48 hours and after that, your cold brew is ready!


  • 100% Arabica coffee
  • Gluten Free and Certified Kosher
  • Gives a smooth, mellow taste to the coffee drink (hot or cold)
  • Has a blueberry flavor effect for cold brew
  • Low acid and aromatic


  • Not recommended for those who love their coffee strong and rich

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The Glover Grind Co. Cold Brew Coffee Packs

The Glover Grind Co. Cold Brew Coffee

Not all of us are always in the mood for a rich and strong cold brew that has a bitter aftertaste as well. If you are in the mood for something light yet refreshing, the Glover Grind Co. Cold Brew could well be the coffee that you have been longing for.

Change the Way You Drink Your Cold Brew

Using it’s traditional 100% Arabica Kosher ground beans, this is one of the go-to products for cold brew coffee lovers out there! Forget about going to the coffee shop, now you can get your favorite cold brew coffee made at home.

Rich – Smooth – Delightful – All in One

That is right, the Glover Grind Co. gives you that perfect combination of a rich, smooth, full-bodied cold brew coffee that you are used to having at coffee shops since years.

The custom coffee blend is specifically made for cold brew coffee, keeping into mind the right composition and balance of coffee strength, flavor and roast.

Works Well with Dairy Substitutes

Well, a lot of us want to cut down on our dairy consumption from our lifestyle, due to various adverse impacts on health. For this, we might opt for dairy substitutes such as almond milk, oat milk, soy, etc.

It is important to know that not all coffee beans work well with these dairy substitutes. The Glover Grind Co. coffee certainly does! It maintains the sweet taste to your cold brewed coffee drink.

Have it With Lunch or as a Dessert Drink

Imagine yourself working tirelessly on a hot summer day and you feel hungry and thirsty at the same time. This cold brew coffee works perfect with your lunch or a snack to quench your thirst while you grab a bite

Are you a fan of those sweet dessert drinks with all those whipped cream toppings, chocolate syrups and cinnamon? Yes, me too! This coffee is a good choice if you want to make your favorite dessert drink.


  • 100% Arabica Kosher ground beans
  • Less acidic and smooth in taste
  • Easy to brew, no need for those huge machines that create a lot of mess
  • Comes with a brewing guide to help you find the best coffee concentrate


  • Some consumers say there are better and more strong coffee options in this price range

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AmazonFresh Just Bright Ground Coffee

AmazonFresh Just Bright Ground Coffee

Made from 100% high quality premium Arabica beans, the AmazonFresh Just Brigh light roast ground coffee will give you a refreshing, delightful and aromatic cold brew coffee experience.

Global Brand Acceptance

You don’t need to Google the brand’s recognition or acceptance if the brand is Amazon itself. A globally accepted and acknowledged brand, Amazon started with its grocery deliver business – the AmazonFresh, a couple of years ago.

Having a huge product line and serving multiple cities across the world, AmazonFresh has evolved through the past few months in delivering high quality and fresh products to its customers.

Premium Roasted Beans Give You Ultimate Freshness and Flavor

The beans are roasted using the best expertise and methodologies that help in maintaining the perfect light roast flavor and freshness to your cup of cold brew coffee.

The 100% Arabica beans are roasted in individual batches, adhering to the highest level of quality standards that are accepted and followed by all the major coffee manufacturers around the world.


  • Made from Premium 100% Arabica beans grown in Central and South America
  • Light roast ground coffee made for those who love their cold brew smooth and full-bodied
  • Offers good value for money
  • Good choice for cold brew coffee lovers at this price


  • Not for those who like more strength to their coffee (hot or cold)

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Gevalia Special Reserve Ground Coffee

Gevalia Special Reserve Ground Coffee

With over 150 years of Swedish coffee making expertise, the Gevalia Kaffe offers a line of 30 premium coffees – ranging from strong, dark roasts to the light and exotic blends.

Good Choice for Both Hold & Cold Brew Coffee Lovers

Regardless whether you are living in the colder parts of our planet, or are about to hit the beach to beat the heat on a hot summer day – the Gevalia Kaffee ground coffee will take care of your coffee needs, whether cold or hot.

Made from 100% Arabica beans, this coffee is just the perfect kick to your busy day ahead. It will give you all the energy and flavor that your body needs in order to function in a better way for the rest of the day ahead.

A Flavorful and Easy to Make Cold Brew

Why spend too much at a coffee shop everyday or buy the more expensive Starbucks cold brew coffee blends when you can have a less expensive cold brew drink at home?

That’s right, the Kevalia ground coffee is a pretty decent option for cold brew coffee lovers who want to enjoy the cold beverage while not adding too much on their wallet at the same time.


  • Made from 100% Arabica Beans
  • Gives a smoky taste with slight chocolatey effet
  • Affordable as compared to other ground coffee in similar product category


  • For some consumers, the chocolatey essence doesn’t work too well, particularly if it is drank hot

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Why Go for Cold Brew Coffee?

Cold brew coffee is a go-to beverage for a lot of people around the world during those hot summer days, when you want to quench your thirst while not wanting a drink that has loads of ice in it.

Being less acidic, more refreshing and caffeine-concentrated at the same time – the cold brew coffee drink is just that perfect combination of all the ‘must haves’ that you need in your beverage.

Benefits of Cold Brew

Apart from all the refreshing and energetic feels that it gives you for your perfect morning start, the cold brew coffee comes with a lot of benefits as well.

Boosts Your Metabolism

Various studies have proved that cold brew coffee increases the metabolism rate by up to 11%, a higher metabolic rate means that you are burning more calories when at rest.

Lower Risk of Heart Disease

Cold brew coffee has essential compounds that decrease the risk of heart-related diseases. These compounds are mainly caffeine, magnesium, quinides and lignans.

These important compounds are known to lower your blood pressure and stabilize blood sugar. Moreover, cold brew coffee contains chlorogenic acids (CGAs) that act as antioxidants in your body.

Elevated Mood and Positivity

Mental health is as important as your physical health – a cup of cold brew coffee will elevate your mood, give you a refreshing feeling and have a positive impact on your mental state.

This is mainly associated with the amount of caffeine present in a cup of cold brew coffee. Due to higher concentration of caffeine, a cold brew cup of Joe can enhance your mood and make you feel energetic and positive about your surrounding elements.

Wrapping Up Our Cold Brew Coffee Guide

There are a lot of factors that should and would influence your decision when it comes to selecting the best coffee for cold brew.

Should you go for a single origin or a blend? What is the best roast? How important is the grind factor? Should you go for pre-ground coffee or not? – These are the questions that will certainly arise if you are a true coffee aficionado.

Well, it all comes down to your preferences for a cold brew cup. You will hear and read various viewpoints, the best way is to try with less expensive coffee and a simple cold brewer and give it a shot.

Once you know what flavor satisfies your cold brewing cravings, you can stick to that or experiment it a little there onwards!