Vitamix 5200

Vitamix 5200 Blender Review— Everything You Need To Know

Vitamix 5200 is a star amongst blenders. It’s one of those products that changed the landscape with their arrival. Sure, many modern blenders do all the things that the 5200 does. But when it first showed up, Vitamix 5200 was a novel product and an excellent appliance. 

It has been a while since its launch, but the Vitamix 5200 continues to be popular. Robust and durable appliances always are a better pick than flashier models that barely last a season. Its build quality and function are big reasons why the 5200 continues to draw sales, even though it is an old model.

As we start with our Vitamix 5200 review, we’ll look at what makes this the favored blender for so many people. And how it can churn out those amazing frappes or Frappuccinos with amazing consistency and flavor. 

Vitamix 5200 Highlights – Yays And Nays


  • Excellent build quality
  • Long-lasting appliance with great features
  • Robust and easy to operate
  • Dependable


  • Tall profile (can be difficult for some under-cabinet spaces)
  • Can be somewhat tough to clean (not dishwasher safe)

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Features And Description – Vitamix 5200 Review

What’s In The Box?

Once you open the box, you’ll get an introduction to the appliance and the goodies. The box itself is pretty simple and conventional. Just a regular appliance box – nothing special, nothing untoward. 

Inside the box, there’s the Vitamix 5200, the 64oz container/jar, a six-feet retractable cord, a classic tamper, a getting started guide, and a DVD.

You’ll notice that the container and base combo comes out to be fairly tall. When set up, this goes up to a height of 20.5-inches. That could be a problem for some under-cabinet settings, so make sure you have that figured out before you buy this blender. 

Vitamix 5200

There are some low-profile Vitamix models available as well. This isn’t it! So if height is a concern, look for the low-profile setting. Otherwise, you’re good to go ahead with the 5200.

The guide and DVD could be considered “old-fashioned” but they are quite useful. I think it’s a nice touch to keep those physical copies available. After all, not everyone who can work magic with a blender can as easily find online instructions.

Speaking of, Vitamix makes available online instructions as well. You can also find plenty of YouTube videos from the company, reviewers, and users describing and using the product. It’s the best of both worlds, so choose whatever medium suits you best.

Settings And Features Of The Vitamix 5200 Blender

A durable and remarkable appliance, the Vitamix 5200 Blender has a motor powering it up with 2 hp. That’s massive power for a blender and one of the reasons it manages to mush everything into a smoothie. 

But power is only half the part of the equation here. The other part is the stainless steel blades in the container.

These large blades cut through all kinds of items placed in the blender. They don’t rust and they don’t give up. They run close to the base, so cleanup can be tough, but the quality of these blades is unquestionable. 

Next up is the speed settings on the blender. Vitamix 5200 has 10 speed settings, which is what makes it possible for this blender to get the right consistency. 

Whether you’re making a frappe, Frappuccino, or anything else, getting the right consistency is like winning half the battle. Plus, the control over the speed with a simple turn of the dial makes things all the more convenient. 

Does Vitamix 5200 Have A Pulse Function?

What if you want to make something that requires steady changes in speed? A pulse function is generally what gets the job done. If you search for this function’s availability, you’ll get conflicting answers.

Here’s the thing, the Vitamix 5200 has been around for a long time. And while the model has been around, it has received some updates as well. Older models of the Vitamix 5200 didn’t have a pulse function. Newer ones do.

Yes, Vitamix 5200 has a pulse function. The pulse function is available with just the flick of a switch. It’s located right next to the speed selector dial. The available functions here are “variable” and “high”. 

Many older variants of the appliance don’t have this function. In that case, your best bet is to move the dial manually to create a pulse.

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How Useful Is The Vitamix 5200 Control Panel?

Unlike most modern machines that have things like preset functions, screens, and touchpads, the control panel on the Vitamix 5200 is pretty bare-boned. And that’s a good thing. It makes the blender simple and intuitive to operate. 

I think this straightforward interface is one of the reasons Vitamix 5200 has been around for so long. Models with all sorts of frills come and go without anyone bothering about them. People have had the 5200 for years and would gladly get another one if the need arose.

Vitamix 5200 Control Panel

At the center of the control panels is a dial that goes from 1 to 10. It moves effortlessly and makes controlling the speed of the blender a breeze. 

Towards the right of the dial is the on/off switch. On the left of the dial is the pulse function switch. This switch rests at the center and can be moved up/down depending on the function or speed you want.

Switches for the 5200 are made with durable soft-touch rubber. They last long and feel good and smooth when operated by the hand. 

Vitamix Jar And Operation

By default, Vitamix 5200 comes with a clear, tall 64 ounce jar. Vitamix 15856 Container includes hardened steel blades that do a bang-up job crushing things and don’t rust. Its size is large enough to make smoothies or even soup for the whole family. Of course, the same principle applies to frappes and Frappuccinos as well. 

The container body itself is made from BPA-free clear plastic, or more specifically, Eastman Tritan copolyester. The container has enhanced sound-damping features and a rubber pad that helps in cushioning the container and reduces vibrations. 

Vitamix Classic Container 64 oz 15856

If you look at the classic 64 oz container, you’ll see it’s a tall one. It measures approximately 13.5-inches in height, and is a big reason why you should consider height before your purchase. Conventional under-cabinet placement may not be possible for some users due to this height.

Other features of the container include the drip-free spout, and calibrations for measuring in ounces, cups, or metric system. A spill-proof vented lid is included. You could use the vents to add more components as you go, or to let out steam if necessary.

What Can You Make With The Vitamix 5200 And Container

One of the reasons this durable and remarkable blender caught everyone’s attention is its ability to move through all kinds of items rather impressively. Apart from the classic functions of the machine, Vitamix can go beyond traditional roles. Here are a few things this machine can handle:

  • Smoothies
  • Frappes and Frappuccinos
  • Crushed ice
  • Nut butters (make your own peanut butter!)
  • Frozen desserts
  • Soups
  • Sauces
  • Frosted icing
  • Beauty creams, scrubs, etc.
  • And a whole lot more

It’s worth it to go through Vitamix recipes and see all the kinds of things you can do with this blender. 

Protip: Spend some time learning to load ingredients and items the right way. This will reduce the processing time and get you better consistency. Generally speaking, softer ingredients go first, followed by liquid ones, and finally topped by the solid or hardest items. Some recipes may demand a different combination, but this is the usual setup.

The same idea applies for when you’re following recipes. Order of ingredients can be important and may very well decide how well your efforts are rewarded!

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Wait, I Can Make Soup With The Vitamix 5200?

Odd as it may sound to the uninitiated, yes! You can use the high power of the machine to get some friction heat going, which in turn will help cook a nice soup.

Generally, recipes take anywhere between 3-8 minutes and the results are delicious. There are plenty of recipes to get you started. Using the vent on the container can come in handy when you want to release some steam while cooking the soup.

The video below has a recipe you can try.

Can You Make Juice In The Vitamix 5200?

Conventionally, no. At the very least, you’ll need extra accessories. While Vitamix 5200 is great at crushing just about anything from seeds, stems, to skin, it can’t separate pulp from juice. For a smoothie, this should fit just right in. For a juice, it isn’t the way to go.

Cleaning The Vitamix Classic Container

Vitamix likes to call it the self-cleaning container. Which is better than calling it a pain in the ahem to clean. Although the latter is a more accurate description!

The container is not dishwasher safe and will have to be cleaned manually. Vitamix suggests putting in some warm water and dishwashing detergent into the container and running it at high speed for 30 seconds. That’s where the self-cleaning part comes from. In most cases, this will do the trick. 

However, in case you have some stubborn food stuck on the blade, it’s rather difficult to get rid of. That’s because the blades are fixed and there’s no way to get to some areas, especially if that rinse with hot water didn’t fix it. 

Vitamix does sell some cleaning tools like this blade scraper accessory, but these solutions aren’t a complete fix.

Operational Aspects Of Vitamix 5200 — The Noise And Weight

Uncle Glenn (cousin of Uncle Ben) says “with more power, comes more noise”. He may not be an inspiration to friendly neighborhood superheroes, but Uncle Glenn is right too. 

Carrying a massive 2hp power, the machine can get quite loud. Blenders are generally loud and the Vitamix 5200 certainly isn’t an exception. Perhaps it’s a bit louder than the others, but the fact is that’s not something that can be avoided. 

This isn’t a negative for the machine – it probably is less noisy than what it lets on, but it is noisy anyway. 

Newer machines have slightly better control over their noise. This is largely because of technological changes and better muffling for the motor. Newer containers also have better noise management. Of course, it’s still noisy, and we would expect this from a performance high-power blender.

Weight is a similar issue with this appliance. Vitamix 5200 weighs nearly 11 pounds. It’s heavy, sure, but again it is something that’s desirable from a performance blender like this one. Being heavy keeps it in its place and lets you go about all your blending needs peacefully.

It wouldn’t be helpful if this powerful blender went vibrating or moving around the countertop when switched on. It’s far more convenient to let the blender go about its job rather than standing there holding the blender in place. 

Motor And Build Quality

Quality is an aspect where Vitamix is tough to beat. In this age where far more expensive products shy away from even a year of warranty, Vitamix offers a 7-year full warranty. Since the model itself is more than 10 years old, there are plenty of user-experience stories that seem to back this claim to quality.

Many people still have their trusty blender running and say they will happily buy the same one if it came to that. Vitamix also seems to be generally good at honoring its warranty. 

There are claims that the newer models aren’t as robust and good quality as the older ones. This seems to be a general trend in the industry, where attempts to keep the cost constant over several years leads to some questionable decisions. 

To be clear, there isn’t any obvious indication to go along with these claims of decline. The general build quality of the machines still continues to be fairly impressive, even though the cost hasn’t moved substantially for a decade.

Perhaps a reason for the durability of these machines is that the base makes generous use of metal components in its construction. While several competitors (especially budget ones) use plastic components where possible to save costs, Vitamix has stuck with its metal construction.

Overall, the machine has impressive build quality and construction.

Vitamix 5200 Comparison With Other Models

Vitamix 5200 vs 5300

As high-performance blenders go, Vitamix 5200 and 5300 are siblings, and could practically be twins. The models look pretty much the same and have very similar features. But the Vitamix 5200 vs 5300 difference is to be seen in the design and power.

Much like the Vitamix 5200, the 5300 has ten speed options and there’s a pulse function as well. Layout of the control panel for both machines is quite similar.

Vitamix 5300

A difference in design for both models is that the Vitamix 5300 takes the low-profile route. This machine isn’t as tall as the 5200 and will happily fit under most cabinets. 

Even the included 64 oz container takes the low profile route. It’s shorter and wider than the classic container that comes with the 5200. Vitamix 5300 is about 17.25 inches tall, a saving of almost 3-inches compared to the 5200.

The second major difference is power. Vitamix 5300 is more powerful than the Vitamix 5200, if only ever so slightly. The 5300 has a 2.2 hp motor as compared to the 2 horsepower motor on the 5200.

If you want a blender that has more power and takes less storage space, Vitamix 5300 is worth a look.

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Vitamix 5200 vs 7500

Vitamix 7500 is another low-profile, high-power sibling of the 5200. In a comparison of Vitamix 5200 vs 7500, the dimensions and power of both machines take center stage.

You could say that the Vitamix 5200 is thin and tall. While its sibling, the Vitamix 7500 is wide and short. The 7500 is wider than the 5300 as well. Interestingly, being wider allows its 64 oz container to have wider blades. 

The larger blades on the Vitamix 7500’s container allow it to be better at blending as compared to the container on 5200. Blades on the 7500 are almost 1-inch larger than those on the 5200. 

Vitamix 7500 Blender

Similarly, the low-profile of the container and the machine mean that its height is considerably lower as well. Vitamix 7500 will easily fit those under-cabinet areas that would have been tough for the 5200. 

Another difference between these two models is the power rating. Vitamix 7500 uses a 2.2 hp motor. Quite similar to that of the 5300, but again, more powerful than the 2 hp motor on the Vitamix 5200. 

Considering the difference in power and the wider blades, the Vitamix 7500 outflanks the 5200 in some performance aspects. 

Both models share plenty of similarities too. Their general design and appearance are quite similar. Same goes for the control panel, where both appliances are nearly identical. The dial sits at the center of the panel and offers speeds from 1-10. 

The power switch is placed at the right of the dial, while the pulse function is placed at the left. I’d say the 7500 has a better pulse function as compared to the 5200. This blender knows how to make the best use of its power!

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The Word On The Vitamix 5200 Blender

As a high-powered performance workhorse, the Vitamix 5200 is remarkable. This powerful blender can do everything you’d expect from a machine like this – and it does it all better. Plus, it can go beyond regular blenders and actually cook things like soup. While there is no specific heating function, there’s always room for using friction heat.

The cost of the Vitamix 5200 blender is something worth considering. This machine is far more expensive as compared to its competition. But then it’s also more powerful, better-built, and long-lasting as compared to budget competitors. Vitamix 5200 is an appliance that might last you a decade or even more. It’s a worthy purchase.

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