Best Unroasted Green Coffee Beans For Home Roasting

Roasting beans at home by yourself is a tantalizing idea. Freshly roasted beans with a roast custom matched to your preferences are a fruit of this path. Heck, you could play to your whims and try some interesting roasts that match your palate.

Well, we’re sold on the idea, but also realize that roasting beans isn’t that easy. But if you’re passionate enough, getting unroasted coffee beans can prove to be very rewarding. 

All you need is a passion to learn and cultivate some skill.

Professionals and artisanal roasters will be better than the average home roaster. However, it’s a productive hobby to have. It’s also a great way to save money and get fresh, great-tasting coffee right at home.

11 Best Unroasted Coffee Beans For Home Roasting In 2020

Editor’s Choice: Primos Coffee Co. Single Origin Unroasted Green Coffee Beans

The beans of Primos Coffee Co. come from a single family-owned farm in Nicaragua. These beans come from Caturra micro-lots and are well-regarded for a gentle profile and balanced taste. Their great flavor and taste make these beans worth the effort of roasting yourself.

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Reviewing The Top Green Coffee Beans For Roasting

1. Primos Coffee Co. Single Origin Unroasted Green Coffee Beans

Primos Coffee Co Single Origin Unroasted Green Coffee Beans

Our top choice for this category, these beans come from a single family-owned farm in Nicaragua. The caturra beans are one of the best beans you can get in Central America. Apart from their taste profile, these beans from Primos Coffee Co. seem to adhere to ethical standards as well.

Expect a well-balanced and smooth coffee with a balanced taste. The sweetness of these beans is greatly complemented by taste notes of cacao and citrus acidity. Moisture content for these beans ranges from 11-13%. The farm shows off their quality with careful preparation for harvesting and managing well-placed plants.

Coffee plants here are high grown under the shade of trees. During the harvest, each plant is passed several times, with only ripe coffee beans being hand-picked each pass.

Coffee Highlights

  • Responsibly sourced from a family-owned farm in Nicaragua
  • High-quality caturra beans are amongst the best in Central America
  • High altitude plants grown under the shade of trees
  • Moisture content of 11-13%
  • Taste notes of cacao with citrus acidity
  • Balanced taste and flavor
  • Suggested roast: medium

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2. Morning Hills Coffee Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Green Unroasted Coffee Beans

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Green Unroasted Coffee Beans

According to Morning Hills Coffee, these beans are grown with “naturally organic” farming practice. They’re sourced from family-owned farms in the Kochere district and the Yirgacheffe region of Ethiopia. The coffee is high grown at an altitude of 1800-2200 meters, which allows it a unique flavor.

Ethiopian coffee is already well-renowned for its taste, so it makes sense to give this coffee a shot. Its taste profile shows off sweet herbaceous floral tones with vibrant citrus acidity. 

Coffee Highlights

  • Single-source coffee from Yirgacheffe region of Ethiopia
  • High grown coffee in the altitudes of 1800-2200 meters
  • Complex taste profile with vibrant citrus acidity
  • Herbaceous floral taste notes
  • Suggested roast: medium

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3. Stone Street Coffee Colombian Supremo Unroasted Green Raw Coffee Beans

Stone Street Colombian Supremo Unroasted Green Raw Coffee Beans

Colombian Supremo is one of the highest-regarded beans globally. Stone Street’s coffee is all about bringing the superior taste of the Supremo from these beans. The intense flavor and rich aroma are great for winning hearts and minds. The smooth coffee doesn’t leave much to be desired where quality is concerned. 

The taste notes have a mild, fruity flavor and almost border on the sweet. With flavor being the key here, you’ll want to extract a good bit for your coffee. That’s the reason the best roast here is light or medium.

Stone Street offers the Colombian Supremo in several-sized packs. These (1, 2, 5 lb) packs make it easier for home roasters to take their pick. Given the options, there’s less worry about where to buy the right-sized pack of green coffee beans.

Coffee Highlights

  • One of the best-regarded coffees
  • Available in several package size/weight options
  • Excellent taste profile and aroma
  • Sweet, fruity taste with medium body
  • Taste notes: fruity
  • Suggested roast: light or medium

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4. Lavanta Coffee Roasters Java Peaberry

Lavanta Coffee Roasters Java Peaberry

The Java Peaberry from Lavanta Roasters makes good use of this very special type of bean. The peaberry is a rare occurrence on coffee plants. Generally, each coffee cherry contains two seeds. Sometimes though, there’s just one large oval bean present. That is the peaberry.

This specialty and rare coffee is quite rich in flavor and aroma. Lavanta Java Peaberry brews a clean cup of coffee with rustic and earthy notes. The brew is almost sweet with clear hints of caramel and chocolate. 

You’ll also find touches of tobacco, spices, and herbs. A touch of citrus acidity rounds up the otherwise mild flavor of these beans. This versatile bean can be used for pretty much any roast, though I’ll suggest avoiding its use for espresso.

Coffee Highlights

  • Rare peaberry beans
  • Great taste and aroma
  • Sweet taste notes of chocolate and caramel
  • Recommended roast: medium to dark

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5. Coffee Bean Direct Green Unroasted Colombian Supremo

Green Unroasted Colombian Supremo

High grown in the Colombian Andes, these beans are quite the epitome of quality and flavor. Supremo is often considered the best coffee offering from Colombia. These beans make a medium bodied and sweet tasting coffee. 

It’s a versatile bean that can accommodate nearly any preference of roasts. This is an overall satisfactory coffee that you can enjoy with pretty much any roast or grind. One thing to note here is the packaging. 

It seems to be available only in large 5 and 25 lb packages. That’s great if you’re an experienced roaster. However, if you’re just preparing for home roasting, maybe consider smaller, newbie-friendly options.

Coffee Highlights

  • Excellent, high-grade coffee
  • Medium body with great taste
  • Nutty taste notes
  • Suggested roast: versatile coffee can work with any roast

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All beans on this list are high-quality Arabica.

6. Anthony’s Organic Unroasted Whole Green Coffee Beans

Anthonys Organic Unroasted Whole Green Coffee Beans

Sourced from Mexico, these coffee beans are grown at a high altitude in volcanic soil. The coffee is grown in Mexico’s southern ranges and benefits from the high altitude. These beans have a rich, bold flavor complemented by notable acidity.

The beans are batch tested Gluten-free and certified organic. You’ll notice a strong aroma with these beans and that’s quite a delight by itself.

Coffee Highlights

  • High grown coffee beans from southern ranges of Mexico
  • Gluten-free
  • Certified USDA Organic
  • Suggested roast: any

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7. Smokin Beans – Colombia Excelso – Unroasted Arabica Green Coffee Beans

Colombia Excelso – Unroasted Arabica Green Coffee Beans

Colombia Excelso from Smokin Beans is sourced from the Huila region of Colombia. Grown in altitudes of 1400-1750 meters, these beans get denser and harder. Another advantage is growing under the shade of the rainforest, which adds to the quality of these beans. 

Beans in the package are a mix of varietals, mostly caturra and castillo. Both these varieties are excellent and make great coffee. They’re pretty great for roasters as well. Packages are available in several size variants. This should work well for hobbyists as well as those who prefer roasting big batches of raw coffee beans.

Coffee Highlights

  • High grown coffee from one of the most important coffee regions of Colombia
  • Taste notes of blackberry
  • Suggested roast: versatile beans that work with any roast

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8. Martini Coffee Roasters Unroasted Green Coffee Bean Sampler Pack

Martini Coffee Roasters Unroasted Green Coffee Bean Sampler Pack

In my opinion, this is the best pack for those getting started with roasting and with a desire to sample various flavors. True to its name, Martini Coffee Roasters Unroasted Green Coffee Bean Sampler Pack has samples from great regions. 

The one lb pack includes unroasted green coffee beans from top coffee-growing regions globally. Packages are also built on the same lines. The Africa sampler pack includes best beans from various locations on the continent. Same for Central America sampler pack. 

The original sampler pack linked here includes beans from Ethiopia, Guatemala, Colombia, Costa Rica or Brazil. There are small quantities of each sample, so you can roast, enjoy, blend, and experiment to your heart’s content. Find the coffee or the blend that works for you!

Coffee Highlights

  • High-grade coffee sourced from various regions around the world
  • Excellent for beginners

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9. Ajuvo World Market Ethiopian Sidamo Coffee

Ajuvo World Market Ethiopian Sidamo Coffee

Ajuvo World Market Ethiopian Sidamo Coffee comes from the famed Sidamo region of Ethiopia. This gourmet coffee is known for its unique flavor and taste. It is worth noting that only beans grown in Sidamo are allowed to carry the Sidamo name.

The coffee has a great body and aroma. Its unique test goes along beautifully with the blueberry afternotes. According to the seller, this is an organic coffee and sourced responsibly through fair trade mechanisms.

Coffee Highlights

  • High quality Sidamo coffee
  • Excellent taste and aroma
  • Earthy and nutty taste notes with a touch of blueberry
  • Suggested roast: dark

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10. Diesel Coffee Company, “Brazil Cerrado” Green Raw Unroasted Whole Coffee Beans

Diesel Coffee Company Brazil Cerrado Green Raw Unroasted Whole Coffee Beans

Looking for beans that are especially good for espresso? Well, this might very well be it. Diesel Coffee Company, “Brazil Cerrado” Green Raw Unroasted Whole Coffee Beans are pretty useful for espressos. They’ll go along with any beverage, but I think their talent lies with an espresso.

You’ll have a great body and low acidity. Taste notes abound with flavors of caramel and chocolate. The taste and flavor are fairly balanced and the bittersweet notes of this coffee make quite an impression.

Coffee Highlights

  • Balanced flavor with low acidity
  • Taste notes of caramel and chocolate
  • Suggested roast: any (but dark is especially good!)

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11. Dean’s Beans Organic Coffee Company, Peruvian Green Coffee (Decaf)

Deans Beans Organic Coffee Company Peruvian Green Decaf Coffee

Decaf lovers, this is an option you can enjoy. This Peruvian decaf is made from sweet and soft Peruvian beans. The good part is they avoid losing flavor while undergoing the decaf process. 

It would be incorrect to say the beans don’t lose any flavor. However, they seem to have avoided that astringent touch that decaf often brings out in coffee.

According to the sellers, the decaf process tries to be as environmentally-friendly as possible. They attempt to minimize water wastage and use the gentle Natural Water Process to decaf beans. Even the bags are eco-friendly! They’re biodegradable and can be composted at home.

Coffee Highlights

  • Excellent flavor
  • Certified USDA organic, fair trade, and kosher
  • Decaf green beans
  • Suggested roast: any

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Things You Should Know When Buying Unroasted Coffee Beans

Where To Buy? What’s The Best Place To Buy Unroasted Beans

For the average buyer, unroasted coffee beans can be tough to come by. Most places selling them are generally geared towards wholesale buyers. Although things are changing, the availability and variety for the retail buyer remain fairly limited.

However, if they are easily accessible, your local store can be the best place to buy. You get to see and check the beans and the price will likely be lower than online purchase. 

Buying online has the advantage of offering a very large variety of options. First time roasters might benefit from an online purchase, given the availability of reviews and easy access.

Stay On The Path Well Traveled

Those new to roasting should stick to popular brands and the flavors or points of origin they know. Experimenting is nice and encouraged. However, beginners should give themselves time to become familiarized with the new setting.

Well-sourced beans with a clear origin also give you a frame of reference. Was the sumatra coffee you just roasted similar to the coffee beans you bought earlier? Are the taste notes comparable? Does the roast match?

Point is, a well-known frame of reference will help you stay the course. Random unroasted green coffee beans might be cheaper, but they are unlikely to be the right choice for beginners.

How To Roast Green Beans?

Beginners should start with small batches. A batch size of 2-5 oz should work just fine. It gives you enough room to learn and you can eventually even experiment. 

Having specialty gear can be useful, but it is too much of an investment for a beginner exploring the idea. If you’ve got a well-stocked kitchen, you’re likely all set to roast some coffee.

It’s good to learn the nomenclature so you can understand the point of view and instructions of various tutorials or guides. For example, while we’ve used a basic nomenclature for roasts here, you might also hear terms like city roast, French roast, Vienna roast, American roast, etc. Knowing what they mean is important.

In most cases, the roasting process for the beans is fairly quick. You’ll likely be done within 20 minutes, though changes to that duration are possible. This can also depend on the roast you want and the origin of the coffee beans.

What Is The Caffeine Content Of Green Coffee Beans?

Green coffee beans contain a fair amount of moisture, but low caffeine. The exact amount depends on the bean origin and condition. As they’re roasted, the moisture content reduces and the caffeine becomes more readily available. 

It would perhaps be more appropriate to say there’s more caffeine available by weight in roasted beans when compared to raw beans.

Proper Storage Or Storing Green Beans For The Long Term

Storage of green beans is in some ways similar to storing roasted beans so they last longer. Ideally, you’ll want them in a cool, dry place away from moisture and sunlight. An airtight container can be useful as well. Green coffee beans are very sensitive to moisture and remain susceptible to problems like mold. 

Some people prefer to store their unroasted beans in a freezer. This is an acceptable option, just make sure the container is airtight. In some cases, there is a possibility of condensation on the container. This can mess up the moisture inside the container as well. Pay extra attention to prevent frosting. 

The Health Benefits Of Unroasted Green Beans

Green beans are often touted as miracle products that can have greatly positive health benefits. While I love coffee and see it as beneficial, I would not recommend it as a “health drink.” Green or roasted beans certainly aren’t a tonic or potion you should consider solely for health reasons.

Green Beans And Weight Loss

This is a big one. Countless supplements and methods boast the magical effects of green beans in enabling weight loss. Theoretically, there is an element of truth. Caffeine can stimulate metabolism and encourage weight loss. 

Practically, there are limited benefits, if there are any at all. Most of these supplements are not valid and haven’t undergone rigorous scientific testing. In some cases, they may even cause harm. 

Many of these supplements say they are “FDA Approved”. When you see that, remember that FDA review for supplements isn’t half as thorough as that for actual medicine. The point is, think more of a good diet and exercise, and less for magic cures.

Green Beans And Chlorogenic Acid

Green beans are rich in Chlorogenic acid. This substance can help regulate cholesterol and better manage blood pressure. This is, again, a theoretical position. Don’t see it as health advice unless your doctor tells you to.

The Green Bean For Your Hobby And Pleasure

Getting your own unroasted coffee beans for freshly roasted coffee is a great hobby and an excellent way to get great coffee. The beans are easily available and the hobby is quite rewarding. Plus, roasting beans at home fills it with a wonderful aroma.

My top recommendation here would be Primos Coffee Co. Single Origin Unroasted Green Coffee Beans. If you’re new and want to explore, pick the Martini Coffee Roasters Unroasted Green Coffee Bean Sampler Pack. Another great choice is Lavanta Coffee Roasters Java Peaberry.