Under Cabinet Coffee Maker – No Space? No Problem

In the modern world, space utilization is one of the major factors for any home or office use machine. When it comes to coffee making, the under cabinet coffee maker can be one of your smart business decisions.

With the ever-increasing global population over the past few decades, it has certainly made the land prices go up – and with that, creating space problems, too.

Having said that, you simply cannot even think of not having a coffee maker at all. So what should you really do?

Save space, yes. But do not compromise on your coffee taste.

Our Top Pick – Black+Decker SpaceMaker Coffee Maker

If you are really looking to free up some space from your home kitchen slab or your office desk – or need to buy a compact coffee brewer for RV use, we recommend the under-the-cabinet Black+Decker SpaceMaker coffee maker.

Hands down, this is the one of the best products you can get at this price range that will give you perfect coffee cups everyday!

Best Under Counter Coffee Makers of 2020

Let us have a look at the options that you might have for a compact, smartly-designed coffee machine that gives you a rich and aromatic cup of coffee while saving a lot of space as well.

  1. BLACK+DECKER SCM2000BD SpaceMaker Under The Cabinet
  2. Black+Decker Spacemaker SDC740B Brewer
  3. Black+Decker SDC850 SpaceMaker
  4. Kenmore Elite 76772 12-Cup Drip Coffee Maker 
  5. BLACK+DECKER 5-Cup Coffeemaker, Black
  6. Mixpresso 2-In-1 Single Cup Coffee Maker
  7. Kenmore 40704 12 Cup Programmable Coffee Maker
  8. Sboly Single Serve Coffee Maker

BLACK+DECKER SCM2000BD Under The Cabinet Coffee Maker

BLACK+DECKER SCM2000BD Under The Cabinet Coffee Maker

A freshly brewed morning cup of Joe from a machine that doesn’t even need countertop space – could it get any better than this? We bet not!

The Black+Decker’s SpaceMaker coffee machine is the perfect choice for your home apartment, office or an RV where you are constantly dealing with space issues.

Place it Under The Cabinet or Table

Yes, save enormous space by setting this up under your cabinet or table. Let us have a look at some more features of this space saver coffee machine.

8-cup Thermal Carafe

Comes with an 8-cup double-wall thermal carafe that maintains the temperature and taste of your coffee for several hours.

Design Innovation that Actually Works

The under-the-cabinet design can work tenfolds if you have a lot of other stuff that requires countertop or surface space. With its easy installation manual, you can have this coffee brewer installed almost on any flat surface.

24-hour Programming Feature

Comes with a QuickTouch programmable LED that lets you set 24-hour advanced auto-brewing. With the temperature and time visible to you, it makes it real easy and quick to have your coffee cup ready.

Sneak-A-Cup Technology

This feature lets you stop the coffee maker mid-brewing cycle so that you can take out a quick cup of coffee if you are in a hurry. This comes in very handy when you need to save time.


  • Perfect choice for compact apartments, offices, RVs
  • Easy installation
  • 24-hour Programmable LED
  • Keep Fresh LED mode indicates freshness by keeping the LED light stay on 20 minutes after brewing
  • 8-cup capacity
  • Comes with a dishwasher safe thermal carafe


  • Carafe might leak if the reservoir is even slightly over-filled

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Black+Decker Spacemaker SDC740B Brewer

Black & Decker Spacemaker SDC740B Brewer

Another Black+Decker space saver coffee machine that serves the purpose smartly enough. The SDC740B lets you save space and enjoy fresh, aromatic coffee anytime of the day!

Save Space Without Compromising on Taste

This one certainly saves some important space at your work or home while giving you that delightful taste. Here are some of the good reasons to buy this coffee machine:

Easy Installation & Mounting

Just like the other model in the Black & Decker under-the-cabinet model line that we discussed already, this one also comes with an easy installation guide. You just need a flat surface and that is pretty much it.

12-Cup Brewing Capacity

This device has a capacity of brewing 12 cups in a single brew cycle.

Pour-Glass Carafe

This one comes with an easy-to-use glass carafe with an ergonomic handle and a drip-free spout.

Mid-Brew Pause Feature

If you do not want to wait for the full-length brew cycle to complete, no problem. You can stop the brew midway and get your cup of coffee real easy and quick.


  • Perfect choice for congested spaces
  • Sneak-a-Cup features allows you to stop brew midway for a quick coffee cup
  • Easy Installation
  • 12-cup capacity
  • 24-hour programmable in advance


  • Temperature control might not be perfect for a large number of people

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Black+Decker SDC850 SpaceMaker

Black & Decker SDC850 SpaceMaker

Thinking about freeing up some space off that cabinet or table? – think no further, this Black+Decker SpaceMaker coffee machine will make your life easier.

With an easily removable water reservoir and brew basket, this device offers all the features that you would normally expect from any other regular coffee makers out there in the market today.

Easy Setup – Delicious Coffee

Let’s have a look at some of the main features of this space saving coffee machine:

8 Fresh & Hot Coffee Cups

There is nothing better than starting your day with your team or family members with a hot, rich and fresh coffee cup. This machine can brew 8 perfect cups in a single brew cycle

Easy-to-Remove Reservoir

For added convenience, this product comes with a removable water reservoir and brew basket. You do not want an under-the-cabinet device to be giving you a difficult time when you need to change the reservoir, right? Well, this one won’t.

Save-a-Plug Functionality

Also, this product comes with the save-a-plug convenience which means that you can free up plug space for another appliance.


  • 8-cup brewing capacity
  • Perfect for tight office or home spaces where you need cabinet or counter-top space
  • Easy to remove water reservoir and brew basket
  • Sneak-a-cup technology
  • Programmable Clock
  • Back-lit LED
  • Thermal Carafe with non-drip spout
  • Easy installation guide


  • After a specific number of brews, the thermal carafe might start to leak

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Best Space Saver Coffee Makers of 2020 – Alternatives to Under the Cabinet Coffee Maker

What if you have absolutely no space for a coffee machine beneath the surface? At times there are other things that you need to adjust beneath your desk at work or those kitchen cabinets or slabs at home.

No worries whatsoever – we will now show you some alternate options that you can keep above the table and still save a lot of space.

Here are the best space saver coffee brewers that we picked out for you:

Kenmore Elite 76772 12-Cup Drip Coffee Maker 

Kenmore Elite 76772 12-Cup Drip Coffee Maker

The Kenmore Elite coffee brewer is a good option if you want something nice and sleek that does the job well.

It has a capacity of brewing 12 cups in one single brew – which means that morning coffee cups at home or at work can now be made with no hassle at all.

Nice, Sleek, Space Saver Brewer

The Kenmore Elite coffee maker might not be an under-mount or in-wall device that you might have seen at Walmart recently, but it does have a lot of other useful features:

Flawless Design

One of the most prominent things about this coffee maker is the compact, stainless steel design. You won’t find a lot of options in this category that can save this amount of space on your table.

Convenience Features

An easy-to-pour carafe along with an ergonomic grip handle, this is quite a user-friendly coffee maker. It comes with a charcoal water filtration and reusable gold-tone filter basket that maintains the fine, classic taste.

Also, it offers a 24-hour programmability option so that you can have your morning coffee cup ready to drink without having to wait at all.


  • Compact & Sleek design saves a lot of space
  • Stainless steel finish
  • 24-hour advance programmable machine
  • 12-cup capacity
  • Reusable gold-tone filter basket
  • 5-year warranty


  • Lid needs to be properly lid otherwise coffee grounds might mix with your coffee

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BLACK+DECKER 5-Cup Coffeemaker, Black

BLACK+DECKER 5-Cup Coffeemaker, Black

Tired of having those huge coffee brewers consuming a lot of space? Try this sleek Black+Decker 5-cup coffee maker that will give you perfect cups of coffee while saving space that you can use elsewhere.

Now you can have delicious and delightful cups of rich, aromatic cups of coffee from a brewer that you can place anywhere!

Perfect for Office, Home or RVs

Due to its space-saving innovate design, this coffee maker is a perfect option for your RV, home or office use where you need to achieve some great levels of space utilization.

DuraLife Glass Carafe

Your coffee will brew in the perfectly-designed DuraLife glass carafe that is easy to handle and results in drip-free coffee pouring.

Coffee Machine User-friendliness

Comes with an illuminated on/off button and one-touch technology to make your life a whole lot easier. Moreover, there is a front-facing window on the device that gives you visibility on how much amount of water will be used for coffee.

In addition to this, the filter basket is really easy to remove and clean.


  • Compact design saves space
  • Perfect for home, office, RV or any other congested place
  • 5-cup capacity


  • Doesn’t have an auto shut off feature – Needs to be manually shut down

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Mixpresso 2-In-1 Single Cup Coffee Maker

Mixpresso 2-In-1 Single Cup Coffee Maker

If you are in the market for a compact, light-weight and portable coffee machine, the Mixpresso 2-In-1 drip coffee maker might work for you.

There are not a lot of options you might find within this range that give you an ergonomic design as well as let you fill your coffee travel mug at the same time.

Portability at its Best

With the rising land prices globally, you really need to save a lot of space when it comes to appliances. This coffee maker certainly does well in that category.

With its nice, sleek stainless steel design, you can literally place it anywhere in your kitchen or office desk without creating a mess.

Auto Shut Down Functionality

This coffee brewer comes with an auto shut down feature that takes away the worry of leaving the machine on after brewing.

Your Coffee Mug – Anywhere, anytime

Are you going to have another one of those days where you have to spend a lot of time on the roads? Not to worry at all. This brewer lets you pour coffee in your travel mug so that you can have your coffee cup whenever you feel like.


  • Compact, light-weight and ergonomic design
  • Reusable eco-friendly filter
  • Auto shut off feature
  • Affordable price tag


  • Travel mug build quality might not be as compared to other travel mugs that you can get separately

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Kenmore 40704 12 Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

Kenmore 40704 12 Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

The Kenmore 12-cup programmable coffee maker is another good option if you are looking to save space and brew rich and classic coffee at the same time.

Product Features – Add Value to your Kitchenware

The 12-cup capacity works good for larger number of people – Need coffee for your team members at work or have friends coming over to your place? This will take care of it.

The advanced brewing mechanism steeps the ground coffee before letting it pass through the carafe – giving a more aromatic and richer taste.


  • 12-cup brewing capacity
  • Sleek design saves a lot of space
  • Reusable gold-tone filter
  • Enhanced carbon water filter


  • Lid needs to be closed tightly other wise there coffee grounds might penetrate inside and you will have to clean it each time

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Sboly Single Serve Coffee Maker

Sboly Single Serve Coffee Maker

This single serve coffee brewer by Sboly is another affordable and durable product for in this line of category.

The best part about this machine is that is it pretty fast when it comes to brew time – within 3 minutes you have your cup of Joe ready to be sipped!

Ground Coffee? Best Coffee! – Brew it with Sboly

This brewer will give you delicious coffee whether you want a K-cup or have ground coffee. Let us have a look at some of its features:

Compact Design Saves Up Space

You might have a lot other things or may be a few appliances to accommodate on the same slab or table. No worries, with this coffee brewer, you will still be able to do that.

2-In-1 Brewing Convenience

Whether it’s a K-cup pod or your traditional ground coffee, either way you can have your coffee ready with minutes with this machine.

Self-Cleaning Mode

With a click of two buttons, this coffee maker will start its self-cleaning process making sure you can have your machine all nice and clean the next time you use it.


  • Sleek and compact design as compared to rival products in the same product category
  • 2-in-1 brewing for coffee pods or ground coffee
  • Auto shut-off functionality
  • Auto-clean functionality
  • Quick and easy – Brews single cup within 3 minutes


  • Not recommended for crowded places with more than one cup brewing needs at a time

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Under Cabinet Coffee Maker – How to Find the Best Product

Due to the fact that there are not many brands these days that make these types of under cabinet coffee machines, you need to know your requirements well before making the purchase.

There is a possibility that you might not necessarily need an under cabinet coffee brewer. You might find a good option in other compact coffee makers that we have listed above and it still meets your requirements.

Our Final Word on Space Saver Coffee Makers

While trying to free up some space with the under cabinet coffee maker you are about to buy, make sure you do not compromise on the coffee taste and aroma.

You can save all the space in the world but if your coffee machine is not giving you that nice taste and flavor, then there is no point, really.

Enjoy your coffee!