Types of Coffee Makers – Which One Should You Go For?

Are you a homemade coffee lover but lack the knowledge of the best types of coffee makers that will suit your needs? Our coffee maker guide will make your life a whole lot easier.

The final taste that you get in your coffee cup has a lot to do with the way you brew it and the coffee maker you use for the brewing process.

If you are not sure about the specific coffee maker type that will give you your desired coffee taste, it is a possibility that you might give up home coffee brewing and end up spending money at a coffee bar each day.

By the end of this guide, you will have a thorough understanding about the most commonly used coffee maker types and which one is best for you to get your hands on.

Different Types of Coffee Makers

Coffee makers are broadly divided into two main categories:

  • Electric Coffee Makers
  • Manual Coffee Makers

Let us now review these two main categories and their respective sub-categories in the coffee maker niche in detail.

Electric Coffee Makers

The automatic or electric coffee makers can do all the work for you by themselves. But the thing that does matter while using these coffee makers is to put the right amount of coffee and water, etc. Even the best coffee maker will not help until you put appropriate desired amounts of all the ingredients.

Automatic coffee makers are well known for making a smooth thick brew. Many coffee drinkers love their coffee to be thick and velvety. If you are one of them too, then these coffee makers will make you able to get the coffee precisely of your type.

Another thing that is worth mentioning about these coffee makers is their brewing performance. As they operate automatically, all you have to do is put the desired amounts and choose the right settings for you. Wait a few moments, and you will have a fantastic flavored coffee in your hand.

These coffee makers are further sub-divided into other categories with different capabilities. So, you can choose the one that suits the best for you.

  • Drip coffee makers
  • Thermal coffee makers
  • Percolators
  • Espresso machines
  • Siphon coffee makers

Drip Coffee Makers – Affordable, Convenient and Reliable

Drip coffee makers are known for their cheaper rates and reliable working. They are easy to handle and do not create a mess like many other complicated machines. By using this kind of electric coffee makers, you can easily get up to four cups of coffee at a time.

That means they are suitable for use when you have a couple of friends over. If you would be able to make multiple cups of coffee at a time, then you can surely save a lot of your precious time. The only problem with this coffee maker is that it may not keep your coffee warm for a long time.

When it does, it ends up cooking up the coffee that is present near the warming plate at the bottom. This not only causes a loss of coffee but also makes it difficult for you to clean the equipment afterward. But as it is cheaper than other coffee makers, this one drawback is acceptable, isn’t it?

If you do not want to end up cleaning the equipment after each time you use it, just don’t leave coffee for too long to make it stay warmer. Prepare the amount of coffee you need at the moment and try not to leave the rest in your coffee maker.

Thermal Coffee Makers – Warm Coffee Anytime!

Thermal coffee makers can keep your coffee warmer for a longer time. That means you may prepare multiple cups of coffee at a time and can drink it anytime you want. Other than this, their working is quite similar to that of drip coffee brewers. 

Using Thermal coffee makers can surely make you able to keep your coffee warm and ready to drink anytime but are quite expensive too. When it comes to the price, they cost a bit more than the standard drip coffee makers.

But, you have to pay that price if you do not want the fuss of your coffee being cooked or the equipment getting dirty. Because, whenever the coffee gets roasted and sticks to the warming plate, it makes it difficult for the user to prepare coffee again in the maker without cleaning it thoroughly.

This cleaning and other stuff may cost you a lot of time. So, it’s better to spend money once rather than spending time every other day. You must choose the coffee maker that has the best way to make coffee, according to you. 

Percolators – Coffee Making Can Be Fun

Percolators are the type of coffee makers in which the process of brewing coffee can be fun. It is because they produce steam while preparing the coffee. This is more like the old times when steam engines were introduced.

Because of this steamy process, percolators are able to make a flavorful coffee that is rich in taste. But now, just like the steam engines have been replaced by the diesel ones; similarly, these coffee makers have been replaced by drip coffee makers.

The primary reason behind this replacement is the difficulty that people face while assembling and separating the parts of the percolator. As it steams away while working, that’s why; it contains a complicated series of parts.

These parts are difficult to handle and to clean too. But still, if you want your coffee to be prepared by that steamy coffee brewing process, then Percolators are definitely for you.

Percolators are said to be consistent and reliable, but unfortunately, they are not durable. It is again because of the way one has to assemble it. That ends up making it really difficult to carry somewhere. Especially when it comes to traveling, percolators are not the right choice.

Siphon Coffee Makers – Add Taste to Your Coffee

If you are one of those persons for whom flavor matters more than the hard work or labor it takes, then siphon coffee makers are the best choice for you. Vacuum pot coffee makers (Siphon coffee makers) are not usually preferred for daily use.

The reason behind this lies in the work that is needed to brew coffee in these machines. They consist of many parts and fragile things that take a great effort to assemble and handle. Every time, one has to clean these makers, he has to make sure to be extra careful and do not let any part get damaged.

Otherwise, the machine may not be of any use. But, the people who use this type of coffee makers believe that the flavor and smoothness contained by this coffee cannot be found anywhere else.

Siphon coffee makers have a great design and working style, so if you want to impress your guests with your modern kitchen equipment and delicious coffee, this coffee brewer may be the most suitable one for you.

Espresso Machines – For the Die Hard Espresso Lovers

We know that home espresso machines can be quite expensive as compared to other household brewers. But these machines are perfect for individuals who crave the traditional espresso making experience. They are easy to use and make a smooth cup of espresso with a perfect creamy texture.

 Although only a perfectionist can work with these machines correctly as they require a lot of effort, it is worth for any die-hard espresso lover. You can brew the creamy and delicious shots of your favorite coffee yourself if you know the technique used to extract it.

Of course, to brew the perfect coffee, you need the best home espresso machine that is not really easy to get. But these machines will fit not only your style but also your modern kitchen. Home espresso machines are best if you want to test the waters without investing a lot!

Using these machines may require some hard work, but the taste it gives is worth that. Moreover, these espresso machines are easy to clean and are easy to handle too. They are a little heavy on the budget, but if you are an espresso lover, you might want to invest in it.

Smart Coffee Makers – Make Coffee via Your Mobile

Are you tired of standing along with the coffee maker every time it is working? Or maybe you are just getting late for the office and have to skip your morning coffee just because you cannot stand there and run the machine. Well, this may not be an issue anymore.

Now you have access to smart coffee makers that can easily be operated through your smartphones over wi-fi. No more fuss of standing and making coffee all by you. Just set the settings from your mobile and prepare a coffee even before getting out of your bed.

These coffee makers have not been known commonly yet. This is because this technology is new and quite expensive for everyone too. But, if you are one of those lazy brats who need a perfect coffee without doing much, then maybe, you would love to invest in these smart coffee makers.

Manual Coffee Makers

In need of affordable and easy to use coffee makers? Manual coffee makers are the best choice for you. People who have no experience in making or brewing coffee at homes should definitely prefer buying manual coffee makers.

These coffee makers will make you able to operate the machine efficiently and simply. Thus, these are considered to be best for beginners. Once people get their hands upon the coffee maker and learn how to make a coffee, then they may upgrade to better and modern coffee makers.

Moreover, these coffee makers are inexpensive and can be used for the long term. You can easily master your coffee making skills over these simple gadgets before getting your hands upon robust latest equipment.

These makers also have types. Each of that type contains different characteristics and is suitable for different people.

  • AeroPress
  • French Press
  • Cold Brew Coffee Maker
  • Vietnamese Coffee Maker
  • Moka Pot coffee Maker

AeroPress – Enjoy Coffee while Traveling

Well, in case you travel a lot, the best choice for you has to be one of the manual coffee makers. It is because you may not find electricity everywhere to operate electric coffee makers. When it comes to manual coffee makers, the best one to use is the AeroPress.

It looks like a big syringe that helps you brew a single cup of coffee at a time. You can get the perfect espresso flavor in your coffee without using those complicated and expensive machines.

Moreover, this coffee maker is easy to handle as well as easy to clean too. The best thing about it can be its cheap rate and durability. You may not want to buy a costly coffee maker for traveling and put it on the risk of getting lost anytime.

You may not be able to brew more than a single cup of coffee at a time, but this thing is negotiable while traveling. Even if you live alone at home and do not want to invest a significant amount in a coffee maker, then buying this may solve all your problems.

French Press – Let’s Not Miss Any Flavor

Manual coffee makers give this advantage of brewing coffee all according to your taste. If you are a lover of all the essential oils present in the coffee beans and definitely want them to be a part of your coffee, then The French Press maybe the coffee maker you should choose.

When you use electric coffee makers, they usually use filters that filter out every essential thing that is contained in the coffee. But this maker includes a mesh filter that filters the coffee.

Because of which; all the flavored oils also get filtered and become a part of the coffee. This makes the coffee tastier and better. French Press coffee makers are also travel friendly and can be taken with you anywhere.

As they are made up of glass, so they are fragile and can break easily. But, this glass also makes it look classier and stylish. They are easy to handle when it comes to brewing coffee or thorough cleaning.

Moreover, if you buy them, especially for travel purposes, you may get them built with different materials.

Cold Brew Coffee Maker – The Less Acidic Coffee Brewing

Coffees are usually considered to be acidic and can also cause problems to your stomach if it is weak. In this case, you may get yourself a cold brew coffee maker. This type coffee maker makes you able to brew a large amount of coffee concentrate that you can freeze or refrigerate for later use.

The cold water extract can be taken out and heated like regular coffee. It can also be poured over ice for diluting it. This process makes the coffee brew smoother and less acidic. People usually love the flavor that this coffee contains.

Moreover, some people who often feel heartburn or stomach problems in the body because of drinking coffee can easily drink it because of its less acidic ratio. One drawback that one might consider before buying this coffee maker is the time that it takes to brew the coffee.

This cold brew coffee maker usually takes around 12 hours to brew the coffee. However, it brews a more substantial amount at once, but 12 hours might be a very long time when it comes to brewing a coffee.

Vietnamese Coffee Maker – Easy Iced Coffee at Home

As discussed earlier, manual coffee makers can make you able to produce different types of coffee all according to your needs. So, if you are a fan of iced coffee, then you might consider buying the Vietnamese coffee maker.

Not everyone likes his coffee to be dark and sour. Some people prefer drinking coffee, which has a uniquely delicious taste or might contain some milk or sugar. In this case, by using this coffee maker, one can make flavorful, creamy iced coffee.

You cannot make any other type of coffee using this coffee maker. That means you should choose to buy this Vietnamese coffee maker only if you are a lover of iced coffee. What else can an iced coffee lover ask for when he can get sweet and creamy iced coffee at home?

This coffee maker is a bit difficult to clean because while brewing the coffee, one has to put multiple ingredients in it. Moreover, it consists of multiple parts that make it quite challenging to clean.

Moka Pot – More of a Kitchen Stove Person? Get This and Enjoy!

The Moka Pot is a coffee maker to be used on a stovetop only. It is an affordable coffee maker and a suitable replacement for expensive espresso machines. It brews coffee, which is thick, creamy, and full of flavors.

It is made up of multiple parts that are not so easy to use, handle, or clean. But many people like this type of coffee maker because of its rich taste. One can also add frothy steamed milk to his coffee to make it more desirable.

Many travelers or campers also use this coffee maker on a camping stove or any other alternative to get an amazingly delicious coffee during traveling. It works smoothly with consistency, so one may not have to worry about getting damaged or stopping working anytime.

Wrapping Up Our Coffee Maker Types Guide

At the end of the day, it all comes down to your preferences and coffee needs, regardless of every other factor that you might or might not be aware of. Everything else fails if your coffee cravings aren’t fully satisfied once you drink your cup of coffee.

Forget about all those flashy advertisements from coffee maker brands that you have been seeing since a long time that make various claims. Forget about what various types of coffee makers you have been seeing at your workplace, your friend’s house or anyone in your family.

If you know your exact coffee taste, then go for the coffee machine that fully serves you your desired coffee taste – in each and every cup that you brew.