Smallest Keurig Coffee Brewer – When Space Matters

Coffee brewing using the modern-day coffee makers is quite a lot of fun. However, if you do not have the luxury of space in your home or work kitchen, it can become a problem, too. This is why we are back with some of the best smallest Keurig coffee brewers that you can get your hands on.

When it comes to compactness without compromising brew quality, you just cannot move on with the conversation without talking about Keurig single-serve brewers. These pod-based machines are designed to serve your coffee needs, and save a lot of counter space as well.

Let’s get on with some of the best Keurig models available in this line of coffee machine category.

Editor’s Choice – Small Keurig Coffee Maker that Saves Space

Keeping into consideration all the relevant factors like coffee brew quality, design, durability and user-friendliness, our top choice in the space-saver Keurig line of coffee makers is the Keurig K-Cup In Room Brewing System.

In addition to the space-saving element, this coffee brewer also comes in quite handy if you do not want to brew that many cups at a time or a whole coffee pot. You might not have time for that or you just do not need that much quantity.

Smallest Keurig Brewers to Buy in 2020

The coffee brewer industry has seen a lot of advancements and new technology and feature additions since the past few years. Whether a home or an office coffee maker, you will have a lot of options to choose from these days.

However, Keurig is still considered one of the better brands in terms of coffee brewing and not consuming too much space either. We have picked the top Keurig coffee brewers for you that will save space and give you a nice cup of Joe – here it is:

Keurig K-Cup In Room Brewing System

Keurig K-Cup In Room Brewing System

The Keurig K-Cup is a compact and durable coffee brewer that fits almost the tightest of counter spaces or those modern-day kitchens. With a dimension of 11.1 x 10 inches, space won’t be a problem at all.

Brew One Cup at a Time

A lot of us do not like to brew a large amount of coffee at once. This Keurig coffee maker will give you one delightful 8 oz cup of Joe at a time.

This is the perfect amount of serving for those who need a quick cup of coffee in the morning, without spending too much time on brewing or having to store the extra brew.

Single Use Water Reservoir

The water tank of this coffee brewer is large enough for a single person. It will give you an 8 ounce cup, so you do not have to worry about water measurement during refilling.

Easy Maintenance

This coffee brewer takes a more ‘minimalist’ approach in terms of machine parts and usability. With no big reservoirs or those coffee pots to take care of, the cleaning process of this machine is quite simple and quick.

As there are no coffee filters either, no need to worry about all those messy coffee filters that can be a real hassle to clean each time.

Mug Sensor

This coffee brewer has the mug sensor feature that avoids those accidental coffee spills that can be a real mess to clean each time, specially when you are running late for work and have no time for all this.

This feature stops the machine when you have brewed your favorite coffee K-cup and lets you enjoy your cup of Joe in a hassle-free manner.


  • Simple and quick to use
  • Low maintenance
  • Perfect for single cup brewing
  • Perfect for those who do not consume a lot of coffee
  • No accidental coffee spills


  • Relatively slower brewing speed (around 3 minutes for a single cup brew)
  • Not too durable

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Keurig K15 Mini Plus Brewing System

Keurig K15 Mini Plus Brewing System

If you are looking for a single-serve coffee maker that gives you a decent brew, a nice design and also saves you energy, then the Keurig Mini K15 should be somewhere at the top of your list.

Initially designed for quick, single cups at workplace, the success of these machines convinced people to buy these brewers for home use as well. They avoid the issue of half-used carafes that soon go stale and become unusable.

Auto Shut Down Improves Usability

One of the major upgrades of this brewer is the auto-off feature that shuts down the system after 90 seconds of inactivity. This comes in quite handy when you are looking to cut down on your electricity bills.

Three Single-Cup Sizes Brewing Capability

The Keurig K15 Mini Plus can brew 6 oz, 8 oz and 10 oz K-Cup pods, giving a lot of flexibility in terms of the amount of your coffee consumption at a time. Some of us like to have small cups at morning, while others need a big mug before starting the day, it serves the needs of all.

Better Usability at an Affordable Price Tag

The K15 Mini Plus is an extremely easy-to-use and quick coffee brewer, that gives you decently brewed coffee cups within minutes. The LED display walks you through the water addition and K-cup pod insertion process.

Moreover, this is a low maintenance coffee maker that requires very little effort and time as far as cleaning is concerned. The removable drip tray feature makes the cleaning process really easy.


  • Low maintenance
  • Affordability
  • Energy Efficient
  • Compact design
  • Brews K-cups and refillable My K-cup


  • Reservoir only for single-serve, not recommended for commercial or public use
  • Coffee temperature is not too hot, will not give a scalding cup

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Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker

Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker

Talk about ‘minimalist design’ and you just can’t leave out the Keurig K-Mini coffee maker. One of the most compact coffee brewers within its price range and product category, you can fit in this coffee maker in the most tightest of spaces.

This is a perfect choice for those who are extremely low on space in the kitchen or those workplace counter-top tables or slabs.

Design that Stands Out

With a dimension of 12.1 inches in height, 4.5 inches of width and 11.3 inches in depth, this is one of the most compact and lightweight coffee brewers available in the market today.

This machine weights only 4.5 lbs and is a perfect choice for your outdoor trips and vacations as well.

The Perfect Travel Size Keurig

Due to its compact design and lightweight characteristics, this coffee brewer is the perfect choice if you want your favorite cup of Joe while you are on your camping, hiking or any other vacation trip.

Furthermore, this machine is compatible with a travel mug – a pretty good option for those who want to have their coffee portable travel mug. Once the drip tray is removed, it gives room for a 6 inch travel mug under the spout to be placed.

Relatively Quiet while Brewing

Nobody wants a noisy coffee maker that creates a lot of disturbance while brewing. This coffee brewer is relatively quiet while in operation, as compared to other brewers that do have a lot of brewing noise or vibrations.


  • Very compact design
  • Brew size between 6 oz and 12 oz
  • No water spilling or wastage
  • Affordability
  • Auto Shut Down Feature
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Quick Brewing


  • Only K-cup brewing
  • Reusable Filters are not Compatible
  • Limited features and functions
  • All plastic design looks cheap
  • Less durable
  • Some users have complained that after 2-3 weeks of use, the machine stops taking adequate water amount with each push button (2 oz. approx). This means for an 8 oz. cup of coffee, you’ll have to push the button 4 times

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Keurig K250 Coffee Maker

Keurig K250 Coffee Maker

Whether you want a K-Cup, K-Mug or a K-Carafe to be brewed, this coffee brewer will do the job well for you for each of these pods and give you a delightful and delicious cup of coffee.

With a large water reservoir, touch screen display, multiple pod brew sizes and a sleek design, this coffee brewer is certainly a great addition to your home or office kitchen appliances.

Large Water Reservoir

The size of this brewer’s water tanks is 40 oz – enough for 4+ cups of coffee with a single brew. Moreover, once the tank is empty, the refilling is quite simple and quick with its removable mechanism.

You can easily view the volume of the water in the tank, this helps in knowing the amount of water left in the tank without removing it.

More Versatility with Multiple Brew Sizes

There are 4 pod brew sizes available in this coffee machine – 4, 6, 8 and 10 oz. Moreover, a 16 oz travel mug or a K-Mug pod can be brewed in this brewer. Also, a 30 oz carafe or K-Carafe pods are compatible, too.

In total, this coffee brewer gives you ten brew sizes – not a lot of coffee makers in this category will give you that much brewing options.

Brew Other Beverages As Well

Apart from coffee, this brewer can also quench your tea and hot chocolate thirst. Simply place the pod and lower the machine handle. Press the hot cocoa/other button on the touchscreen and your favorite beverage will be ready.

Moreover, this can also be used as a hot water dispenser.


  • Sleek Design
  • Customizable Brew Sizes and Strength
  • High Altitude Setting Available
  • Removable Drip Tray
  • Easy Cleaning and Maintenance


  • All Plastic Design means Less Durable
  • No temperature control or auto shut down feature available
  • Only Compatible with Keurig 2.0 pods

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Keurig K-Compact Single Serve

Keurig K-Compact Single Serve

Since the launch of K-Cup pods in 1998, Keurig is one brand that has pioneered pod-based coffee brewing like no other. Although the K-Compact model is not the smallest single-serve coffee brewer, it still ranks in the smallest coffee makers category.

To some extent, you can get the features of more premium coffee makers at a price that is quite affordable. Moreover, even with the sleek design, you do not have to remove the water reservoir each time, unlike the K-Mini or the Keurig K10.

Huge Variety of Compatible Pods

With over 260 K-Cups available from various brands and pod manufacturers, the Keurig K-Compact will not give you any hassle in terms of k-cup brewing from other brands, models, old and new labels.

However, as this is a classic coffee brewer model, this machine does not come with a scanner.

Design and Wide Range of Color Options

This is a smartly-designed coffee brewer. With a 36 oz removable water reservoir, large enough to make a 3-4 cups at a time, this machine is still compact enough to meet your space-saving needs. The K-Compact is quite similar in design to a more successful Keurig model – the K55.

Keeping into consideration all those modern kitchen interiors and themes these days, you get a good color variety to choose from – mainly, black, red, turquoise, moonlight gray and white.

Smart Heating and Brewing Process

One of the better features about this coffee maker is the fact that it comes with a technology that first heats and then brews the coffee in one simple yet efficient process.

Unlike other coffee brewers in this range, you do not have to keep waiting for the machine to complete its heating before it allows you to select a cup size.


  • Sleek Design Good for Tight Spaces
  • Works with a Variety of K-Cup pods
  • Easy-to-operate Machine with Minimum Buttons and Controls
  • Decently Priced


  • It does give you a lot of customizable options, however, the brew quality is not what you might expect it to be
  • Iced drinks or other beverages can’t be made with this brewer

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Wrapping Up Our Smallest Keurig Coffee Brewer Guide

Space is always an important factor when we are purchasing our appliances and electronics these days – land is not getting any cheaper even during these tough world economical conditions.

If you have done your homework well, you would know how you can get both quality and sleek design in one coffee machine. Finding the smallest Keurig machine is not that hard, however, making sure it comes with the rest of the features and benefits too, can be a problem.

Remember, getting a cheap, small coffee maker that does not give you a decent brew each day and has no flavor delight at all, will eventually frustrate you. The aforementioned Keurig options are all decent brewers that save space and give you quality, too.