Our 10 Best Ninja Bar Coffee Recipes

Owning a Ninja Bar coffee system is good – but if you aren’t too sure about the recipes, then it’s only job half done. In this guide, we will talk about some of the best Ninja Bar coffee recipes that you need to know.

Finding the right recipe can be a daunting task if you do not know the right sources of information. Each one of us has our own tastes and preferences when it comes to brewing a cup of Joe every morning.

Ninja coffee bar system is known for its versatility of a full-scale coffee bar, without the need of having four machines.

We have made your life a whole lot easier – you don’t need to buy those expensive recipe books or spend hours on searching for the right website over the internet. Let us walk you through the perfect Ninja Bar coffee recipes.

French Vanilla Iced Coffee

If you are a fan of iced coffee, then taking a start with this one might be a great option. All you need to do to get a cup of this amazing coffee is,

  • Place 2 or 3 tablespoons of ground coffee (as you desire) into the brew basket.
  • After that, add 2 cups of ice, two tablespoons of vanilla syrup, and a ¼ cup of cream altogether into a plastic cup and place it to brew.
  • After selecting the size of your cup, press the Over Ice Brew button on your ninja coffee bar.
  • When the process is complete, you may stir the whole brew in order to combine it.

Our Love for Cappuccino

Cappuccino is one of the famous coffee drinks known worldwide. Why not make a coffee cup following some cappuccino style?

  • For a perfect flavor, take four tablespoons of coffee and put them to brew.
  • Use the glass jar of Ninja Easy frother to microwave milk for about 1 minute. Then, pump the frother afterward.
  • Microwave is again until the fine froth is formed.
  • Pour this hot and frothy milk into a mug and place it to brew by pressing the Specialty Button.
  • After brewing it, add some sugar to it according to your taste and enjoy your delicious cup of cappuccino-style coffee prepared by your Ninja Coffee Bar!

The Caramel Macchiato

Caramel always adds up to the taste and flavor of the coffee. If you like that added flavor, then making up a Caramel Macchiato for yourself seems to be the right thing.

  • First of all, place three tablespoons of ground coffee into the brew basket.
  • During the process of brewing coffee is going on, microwave the milk and caramel sauce by putting them into a glass jar (Ninja Easy Frother can be used in this case).
  • After heating it, pump up the frother around 15 times to shake the milk and caramel sauce together in order to make it creamy.
  • Microwave it again to make the mixture hot and to set up the froth.
  • Now, getting back to the brewing coffee! When this process gets completed, gradually mix up your frothed mixture and coffee.

You may add extra caramel sauce in case you want it to taste more like it.

Try the Pecan Praline Ninjaccino

Well, if you are looking for a perfect masterpiece recipe that will result in a coffee cup full of flavors, then you might try making Pecan Praline Ninjaccino. Sounds weird, right? But, one cup of its tasteful flavor may make you a fan of this coffee forever.

  • All you got to do is brew 4 tablespoons of ground coffee and then replace it with a plastic cup full of ice.
  • Use the specialty button to carry out a perfect brew.
  • After that, combine this coffee and ice with some toasted pecans, milk, and vanilla extract.
  • Add 2 tablespoons of butterscotch or caramel sauce and 2 of packed dark brown sugar.
  • Keep blending the mixture until it turns out to be a smooth and frothy drink.
  • Divide the mixture into glasses and enjoy your flavorful coffee.

Remember not to blend or add any hot ingredients into the mixture.

The Eggnog

Drinking a coffee made up by the addition of eggnog will surely be a great experience. Moreover, it ends up making your coffee more creamy, milky, and frothy. What else can a coffee lover ask for?

  • Brew around 3 tablespoons of ground coffee by placing it in the brew basket.
  • Brew a mixture of 2 or 3 cups of ice, ¼ cup of spiced rum, and 1 cup of already prepared eggnog. You may use a metal or plastic cocktail shaker for this process.
  • After selecting your cup size and Over Ice brew button, wait for the brewing process to get completed.
  • Once it is complete, shake the whole mixture to settle it down and to turn it into a chilled cup of coffee.
  • Strain the brew and pour it into 2 cups.
  • You may sprinkle the coffee with nutmeg to give it a bit more of a flavor.

Creamy Vanilla Latte – The Usual Showstopper

You can make this cup of creamy, smooth coffee by mixing up Vanilla Almond Butter with warm frothy milk and espresso. You may be thinking about the pair of almonds and coffee, but trying it will clear out all of your weird thoughts regarding it.

  • Simply brew your coffee grounds by using your Ninja coffee Bar.
  • Then, put some creamy vanilla almond butter and syrup into the cup.
  • Put some milk into the Ninja Coffee frother and heat it up until it becomes frothy warm to make a perfectly smooth cup of coffee.
  • Brew the mixture by choosing the Specialty Brew option.
  • Brewing the mixture will make you able to turn a concentrated, creamy coffee into a frothy layered vanilla latte.

Make sure to place the vanilla almond butter and vanilla syrup at the bottom of the cup. So that adding frothed milk and strongly brewed coffee to it would make it go through a smooth brewing process afterward.

Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha

A perfect choice specially during winters – this one is just the right combination of the rich mocha and the effect of peppermint, blended in to give you a delightful cup of coffee.

Here is how you can make this one:

  • Take a small sauce pan and put it over low or medium heat.
  • Add milk, white chocolate and peppermint candies in it.
  • Stir until it evenly melts and combines, and then turn off the heat.
  • Brew one serving of your favorite brewed coffee in your coffee maker with 3 ninja scoops of ground coffee (preferably).
  • During the brewing process, add the milk mixture to the frother and pump around 15-20 times to create the perfect froth.
  • Add frothed milk to your coffee and sip away!

If you want, you can add whipped cream or ground peppermint candies, as per your preference.

How About a Chocolate Creamy Frappe?

Every person around is usually a chocolate lover. Adding chocolaty flavor to coffee always turns out to be delicious and desirable. Let’s learn how we can make a creamy smooth Frappe by adding coffee and chocolate cookies into it!

  • Brew around four tablespoons of coffee by placing it into the brew basket of your Ninja Coffee Bar.
  • After the coffee, brew 2 cups of ice by placing it in a large plastic cup and pressing the Specialty button.
  • After brewing it, add ½ cup of coffee ice cream and 4 chocolate sandwich cookies along with the milk.
  • Blend it until a frothy mixture is obtained.
  • You may sprinkle cookie crumbles on the top or top it with whipped cream to make it look more astonishing.

A Homemade Maple Latte

A maple latte has always been an obsession with coffee drinkers. Everyone wanted to make a perfect cup of delicious maple latte at home, but usually, people fail at it.

It is because achieving the exactly right taste may not be possible by simple homemade techniques. But now, using your Ninja Coffee Bar, you may prepare it at home by following some simple steps.

  • After brewing 4 tablespoons of coffee, add 2 tablespoons of maple syrup into it.
  • Heat up a half cup of milk having unsweetened vanilla, or you may also take simple almond milk.
  • Use the Ninja Bar frother to get the frothy milk.
  • Brew the whole mixture altogether afterward.
  • Sprinkle your coffee drink with cinnamon and nutmeg to make it more tasteful and to add flavors to it.

The quantity of nutmeg or the cinnamon depends upon your desire and taste.

Our Favorite Mocha Frappuccino!

Now, when you have your own Ninja Coffee Bar, why not try each and every delightful coffee recipe that is available over the internet?

Well, when it comes to Frozen Mocha Frappuccino, even kids love it. You should try making it, and maybe you are the next one to fall in love with this coffee.

  • Brew 4 tablespoons of coffee grounds using your coffee Ninja bar’s brew basket.
  • Place 3 cups of ice in a large mug and brew it too.
  • Then, combine this brewed coffee with ice, ¼ chocolate milk, and chocolate syrup.
  • Brew this mixture all together in the travel Mug setting and by selecting the Specialty button.
  • Pour the coffee drink into the glass and top it up with whipped cream.
  • Drizzle it with additional chocolate syrup according to your taste.

Wrapping Up our Ninja Bar Coffee Recipes Guide

At last, all you need to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy your amazing and delicious coffee drinks at home by making it yourself in the easiest ways. It surely makes you a home-based barista!

You may also consult your Ninja Coffee Bar recipe book for getting a number of perfect recipes according to your taste. The recipes that you just read about, will definitely enable you to prepare a delicious mug of creamy coffee at home.

After taking a start with few recipes, you will soon be able to make some of your own home-made recipes, according to your preferences, by adding numerous other ingredients – Ninja Coffee Bar always lets you improvise!