ninja coffee bar comparison

Ninja Coffee Bar Comparison – Ninja Knows It All

How often is it that you compare products of a same brand and be amazed by the fact that they even outclass each other, let alone their rival products? – doing a Ninja coffee bar comparison will certainly give you that!

One of the better brands in the coffee maker industry, SharkNinja, previously operating as Euro-Pro Operating LLC, has made huge inroads in the way a lot of people in this world drink their coffee.

Top 3 Ninja Coffee Makers – Our Recommendation

Ninja 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker with Classic and Rich Brews

Ninja Specialty Fold-Away Frother Coffee Maker

Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System, Tea and Coffee Maker

Ninja Coffee Bar systems offer at least 4 different brewing options – rich, classic, iced and specialty

Why Ninja? – A Closer Look

With over 1,200 highly skilled employees across US, Canada, UK, China and Japan working tirelessly to give you that fine coffee aroma, this brand has certainly surpassed expectations in a lot of different ways.

From classic and rich espresso to cold brew and iced coffee brewing methodologies – a Ninja coffee maker will suit your taste buds quite well.

Recommended Ninja Coffee Makers – Detailed Overview

There are a number of new and old Ninja coffee makers that might be available to you, however, let us give you a detailed insight on the three models that we chose for you:

Ninja 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker with Classic and Rich Brews

The Ninja 12-cup programmable brewer is the perfect choice for those who want their coffee strength either classic or rich. With the added option to choose whether to brew a complete coffee pot of 12 cups or just 1-4 cups, this machine come in quite handy for environments where various types and amounts of coffee is needed.

Usually known for its unique designs and all-in-one capabilities, this coffee maker comes with the most advanced technological advancement that you can possibly get at this price range. The evenly distributed water flow from the XL showerhead ensures efficient circulation of brewed coffee in the carafe that for a smooth, consistent taste in every cup.

Don’t Want a Full Carafe? No Worries

If you do not want a carafe, no worries whatsoever – just get one or two cups as per your need by setting the batch to small. Moreover, coffee brewing can be stopped midway for a single cup by pressing the ‘pause’ functionality.

One of the best features of this coffee maker is the fact that it satisfies coffee lovers with both, strong and light coffee preferences. It can brew the ‘Classic’ coffee style for people who want it light and regular, as well as the ‘Rich’ style for more concentrated taste of coffee.


  • Custom Brew Functionality
  • Consistent and Even Saturation
  • Convenient Water Reservoir Refilling
  • 24-hour Advance Programmable Brew
  • Coffee Remains Fresh for up to 4 hours


  • Consumes Larger Space than Rival Products
  • Lid of the Pot Not Easy to Open

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Ninja Specialty Fold-Away Frother Coffee Maker

Ninja Specialty Fold-Away Frother Coffee Maker

This coffee maker is a combination of the salient features of the Ninja Hot and Cold Brew System and the regular Ninja Coffee Bar. Compared to the previous Ninja models, the major difference is that this one doesn’t come with the tea option.

It has two model variants – CM407 and CM401. If you want a thermal carafe, CM407 is the answer for you. However, if you want the traditional glass carafe, you can go with the Ninja coffee bar CM401.

The Workhorse Coffee Machine

With a 10-cup carafe, this coffee maker is one of the better products in the market today for multiple brew styles – classic, rich, ice and specialty. In addition to this, it can serve various sizes as well.

This Ninja coffee maker lets you brew the specialty extra-rich concentrate for espresso-like beverages like cappuccinos and lattes or the fresh brew over ice for a premium iced coffee taste. Also, if you are someone who wants quick and smooth milk froth to be made from your coffee machine, this is the product for you.

SCA Certification

The major highlight of this particular coffee maker is that it comes with the SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) certification. It meets the universal standards of brewing and temperature set by the SCA.


  • Product Has SCA Certification
  • Multiple Brew Sizes
  • Multiple Brew Types
  • Built-in Milk Frother


  • Needs slightly larger space

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Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System, Tea and Coffee Maker

Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System, Tea and Coffee Maker

A coffee lover and a tea lover at the same time? – Ninja has the perfect answer for you.

That’s right, the Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System will give you the perfectly brewed coffee cups or that right aroma of herbal, black or green tea that you have always loved.

With multiple brew sizes, from a pod-free single cup to a full carafe pot, this coffee maker will meet your coffee and tea expectations in all the possible ways. The hot brewing technology will give you the right blend and flavor in your coffee or tea, while the cold brewing functionality will brew over ice in order to produce those refreshing iced-beverages.

Coffee and a Tea Person? – Here is the Solution

If you thoroughly do the Ninja coffee bar comparison with all the available models, this coffee maker will undoubtedly catch your attention – mainly for its coffee and tea brewing options.

Moreover, the machine brewing speed and overall capacity has been greatly improved as compared to its predecessor models. Within 10-15 minutes, this will give you both perfectly brewed cold or hot beverages.

The ‘smart coffee/tea basket’ recognition system detects the basket and displays functions accordingly.


  • Multi-purpose Brew System
  • Tea Option Available (lose or bagged)
  • 10-cup Thermal Carafe
  • 6 Different Brew Sizes
  • 5 Brew Styles


  • Too Frequent Cleaning Indicator
  • Coffee Temperature Was Slightly Better in Older Models

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SharkNinja maintains 5‑star ratings for its widely accepted products.

What Value Do You Get?                

Ninja Coffee Bar systems have always been known for their ability to satisfy people having different types of coffee preferences and styles. With its more-than-one brewing option capability, Ninja coffee makers surely make an impact whether you are using these machines at home or at work.

Performing the work of four or five individual coffee machines, Ninja coffee makers offer the following brewing options:

Classic: The traditionally smooth and balanced coffee aroma that you need to start your day with.

Rich: A flavor that lies somewhere between a classic and an espresso – this will fulfil your needs of adding dairy to your coffee without overdoing the taste.

Iced: Tired with the old rich and classic brewing styles? Let’s brew your hot coffee over ice – opening new horizons to the way coffee can possibly be brewed to surpass your expectations.

Specialty: This espresso-based coffee concentrate will satisfy all the cappuccino or latte lovers out there.           

Cold Brew (newer models): For those who do not want to spend too much time for their cold-brewed cup of coffee, this is the ultimate answer. In just a few minutes, your smooth cold brew coffee will be ready.

Cafe forte (older models): Available in previously sold Ninja models, the Café Forte is specifically made for strong-brewed espresso-like coffee lovers, specifically if you like your coffee black.

The classic and rich are standard brewing options in any of the Ninja coffee makers, the rest are model-specific.

Smart Water

All Ninja coffee makers come with the built-in Auto-IQ One-Touch Intelligence feature. You do not have to guess the amount of water to be filled for your coffee cup – this feature automatically sets the water quantity once you choose the cup size. When it’s about saving time because you are in a hurry, this feature comes in quite handy.

Single Cups Minus the Pods

Since the pods have adverse environmental affects, the Ninja coffee makers let you brew a single cup of coffee that is entirely pod-free.


What is the warranty on Ninja Coffee Machines?

Most Ninja coffee makers come with a one-year warranty and a 60-day money back guarantee.

Does Ninja coffee bar come with a grinder?

Some Ninja models include a Ninja Coffee Bar Stainless Steel Push-Button Bean Grinder.

How do you make quick coffee with a ninja coffee bar?

Add 2–3 Ninja® Single-Serve scoops of your coffee. Add filtered water and place your cup on the single-cup platform. Then select the cup setting and press the ‘classic brew’ button. Your coffee is ready.

Why does my Ninja coffee maker always have the ‘Clean’ indicator on?

The “clean light” on Ninja Coffee Bars comes when the machine senses calcium and/or other mineral deposits. This might be related to irregular cycles of cleaning or if you are descaling the machine after a long time. However, for any prolonged instances, please contact the manufacturer for support.

Can you make a ‘real’ espresso with a Ninja coffee bar?

The Ninja Coffee Bar doesn’t make a ‘real’ espresso. However, by playing around with the ‘specialty’ brew style in selected Ninja models, you can get somewhere close to an espresso-style beverage.

Do Ninja coffee makers come with auto on/off function?

No, the Ninja coffee makers do not have the automatic on/off option. However, for models that use a glass carafe, the warming plate has a default shut-off feature that activates after two hours.

Our Final Thought

If you are in the market for a smartly designed, all-in-one hot and cold, easily programmable coffee machine with a decent price tag, a Ninja coffee maker could very well be the answer for you.

The Ninja coffee makers work perfectly for both, home environments and office or commercial setups.