Low Acid Coffee K Cups To Enjoy

For many of us, the joy of coffee is interrupted by the acid content or the risk of acidity arising from the coffee. The reasons can be anything – health concerns to taste preferences all qualify. The good thing is, coffee lovers don’t necessarily have to contend with acidity to get their caffeine fix.

The best low acid coffee options are readily available. However, those who prefer the single-serve route might take greater interest in low acid coffee K cups

Options include naturally occurring low-acid coffee, blends that lower acidity, and beans processed to have lower acidity.

The Top Low Acid Coffee Pods For 2020

Editor’s Choice: HealthWise Low Acid Coffee for Keurig K-Cup Brewers

HealthWise Low Acid Coffee for Keurig K-Cup Brewers

HealthWise Low Acid Coffee for Keurig K-Cup Brewers is a great pick with a combination of low acidity and good taste. This K cup makes extra effort to match the taste and acidity requirements. It starts with highly-prized Colombian beans – the supremo to be precise. It’s then treated to touch lower acidity. A great combination and a low acid K cup to consider.

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Reviewed: The Top Of Low Acid Coffee K Cups

1. HealthWise Low Acid Coffee for Keurig K-Cup Brewers

HealthWise Low Acid Coffee for Keurig K-Cup Brewers

HealthWise Low Acid Coffee for Keurig K-Cups utilize treated low-acid coffee. The company uses an FDA-approved Techno Roasting process to reduce acidity in the coffee. They aim to keep the process non-invasive, but that’s nearly impossible. Acidity is tied to the flavor of the coffee and its reduction is bound to have some effect on the flavor.

It is claimed that they keep the flavor of the coffee intact. And perhaps their Techno Roasting process really does a good job at it. But there is some change in flavor, and that’s pretty much unavoidable.

The company uses top-quality Colombian Supremo coffee beans. Overall, the process reduces the acidity and brings the pH level to a more balanced number. According to HealthWise, the process also reduces the risk of bitterness in the coffee. Plus, by using high-quality beans, they can claim a better flavor.

It won’t taste as good as the regular Colombian Supremo, but it is fairly good. Add in the advantage of lower acidity, and you have a pretty good coffee to enjoy. 

HealthWise claims to take the pH level to 6.1, which is a pretty good number. For reference, pH 7 is considered neutral. 

K Cup Highlights

  • Uses high-quality Colombian Supremo beans
  • Excellent low acid coffee – pH value of about 6.1
  • Fairly good flavor and aroma
  • Uses FDA-approved Techno Roasting process to reduce acidity
  • Medium roast coffee
  • Somewhat expensive

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2. Puroast Coffee Low Acid Coffee Single-Serve Keurig K-Cup Pods

Puroast Coffee Organic French Roast

Puroast is one of the better-known brands in the world of low-acid coffee. These K cups (and the top performers on this list) also made their way onto our list of best K cups. Puroast claims that their coffee is 70% less acidic than regular coffee. That’s pretty good for those with stomach problems and puts this coffee on the radar for those with stomach problems.

The company isn’t very forthcoming on how they reduce the acid content of the coffee. They claim it’s a proprietary process that reduces the acid content. This is definitely a low acid coffee and is extremely useful for people whose health issues prevent them from enjoying coffee.

Puroast coffee can be an acquired taste. Sure, they claim to take care that the coffee doesn’t lose its taste, but the process can’t help affecting the coffee. It’s a price that has to be paid for treated low-acid coffee. 

To their credit, the company does a pretty good job in ensuring a palpable taste and flavor for their coffee. Puroast Coffee K Cups are available in several roasts and taste offerings, thus giving a wider choice to their patrons. I’d recommend the Organic French Roast, though other versions and flavors are good too.

K Cup Highlights

  • Uses a proprietary roasting process to reduce acid content
  • Claims coffee acid content reduction by 70%
  • Expensive
  • Fairly good flavor and aroma
  • Available options include French Roast, Organic French Roast, Vanilla Nut, Medium Roast Coffee, and a House Blend

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3. trücup Low Acid Coffee

trucup low acid coffee

trücup Low Acid Coffee K cups are another popular pick. The K cup coffee is available in a variety of roasts and makes for a solid cup of coffee. To get to its low acid goodness, trücup puts the coffee through a proprietary process. 

In this case, the coffee is treated with water and steam to lower its acidity. The process removes tannic and lipid acids from the beans, leaving behind a low-acid coffee candidate. trücup K cups are good for those who prefer low acid coffee. They’re pretty useful for people who have issues like GERD or heartburn and can’t enjoy regular coffee.

Notice the unusual shape of the K cup? That’s because these are biodegradable K cups that are more environmentally responsible than conventional plastic packaging. 

However, there are conditions to be met here. These K cups are commercially compostable. That means while they are biodegradable, they can be handled only by a few composting facilities. If you have access to one of those, awesome – this is the K cup to buy.

Though the treatment does rob the coffee of some flavor, it still tastes fairly good and brews an enjoyable cuppa. trücup offerings are available in various roasts to suit consumer preferences.

K Cup Highlights

  • Uses a proprietary process for removing acid from beans
  • Enjoyable low acid coffee
  • Good taste and flavor
  • The K cups used are biodegradable, making them a good pick
  • Available roasts include medium roast, dark roast, and bold roast

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4. Mitalena Brand Low Acid Coffee Pods

Mitalena Brand Low Acid Coffee Pods

Mitalena Brand Low Acid Coffee Pods take the low acid route through the careful selection of beans and blends. The secret to low acid content of these K cups lies in the beans, not the process. 

It would be incorrect to say that roasting has no impact on the acid content. Rather, it’s better to say that roasting is not the key element of the lower acid content. Mitalena coffee is available in a whole range of blends, flavors, and roasts. So there’s something for every preference. 

The brand seems to focus on low acidity as its primary goal. Mitalena pods have acidity lowered enough to become stomach-friendly K cups. However, it is unlikely that they have acidity as low as K cups that have been treated for lower acidity. 

Rather than being seen as a negative, this fact works in favor of this coffee. It’s useful for those who prefer low acid coffee, but don’t care for the taste that comes with treated low acid coffee.

K Cup Highlights

  • Careful selection of beans and blends makes this a low acid coffee
  • Non-GMO coffee
  • Good flavor and aroma
  • Good value for money
  • Available in a variety of roasts, blends, and flavors

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5. Verena Street Single Cup Pods

Verena Street Single Cup Pods

Verena Street Single Cup Pods host a masterful blend of coffee that’s both flavorful and low in acid content. The coffee prides itself on its rich flavor and smooth aftertaste. Another thing that’s worthy of praise here is the low acid content. 

Since this coffee is not treated for low acid content, its acid content may not be as low as the treated ones. However, it has pretty good flavor and taste backing it up, so these pods are a good pick. The company has other bases covered as well. Verena Street Single Cup Pods have coffee certified by the Rainforest Alliance and Orthodox Union (Kosher).

K Cup Highlights

  • Excellent blend that’s high in flavor and low in acid content
  • Good taste and aroma
  • Excellent value for money
  • Available in a variety of roasts and flavors

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6. Cafe Don Pedro Low Acid Coffee Pods

Cafe Don Pedro Low Acid Coffee Pods

Cafe Don Pedro Low Acid Coffee Pods owe their low acid content to carefully picked coffee. The high-quality and flavorful coffee comes in a variety of flavors, blends, and origin locations. This is low acid and enjoyable coffee. 

However, the company seems to have trouble maintaining consistency across its offerings. Some batches seem like exactly what you’d want from flavorful low acid coffee. Others can be disappointing. 

It’s worth noting that this coffee isn’t explicitly treated for low acidity. Instead, it benefits from the careful choice of beans, which help it stay flavorful and present an inviting aroma. 

K Cup Highlights

  • Excellent taste and flavor
  • Good value for money
  • K cups available in a variety of roasts, origins, and flavors
  • Coffee not treated to lower acidity

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Quick Facts About Low Acid Coffee K Cups

Inadvertent And Treated Low Acid Coffee

Coffee may have lower acid content naturally or through manual intervention. Inadvertent low acid coffee represents beans that are naturally low on acid content. Some coffees grown on low altitudes may naturally have low acid content. Similarly, from certain locations like Brazil, Mexico, Sumatra, or Guatemalan coffee are known to be naturally low on acid content.

Treated low acid coffee is usually put through processes designed to lower the acid content of the beans. These can be as simple as roasting or more complex processes designed to lower acid content. Given the manual intervention, treated low acid coffee tends to have a lower acid content (and higher pH) as compared to inadvertent low acid coffee.

About Acidity And pH

Acidity is measured on the pH scale. The scale goes from 0-14, where 7 represents neutral. Anything above 7 on the pH scale is considered basic, while everything lower than 7 is acidic. 

An average black coffee sits at around 5 on the pH scale. That’s fairly acidic and can be problematic for people who have stomach issues. Coffee treated for acid often goes above 6 on this scale. This makes it easy on the stomach and useful for people who have issues like GERD or heartburn.

Stick With What Works For You

There is an undeniable element of serendipity involved in choosing a low acid coffee fit for someone. Sometimes, people don’t take well to one brand but might enjoy a different coffee. As an example, many people enjoy the smoothness and flavor of the Folgers Silk K cups. These aren’t exactly Folgers low acid coffee K cups, but they seem to work for people who usually prefer low acid coffee.

Choices can be limited for people who look at low acid coffee due to health concerns. In this case, going with suitable treated coffees is the best bet. It can take some time getting used to the taste, but it’s worth the effort.

Getting Your K Cup That’s Low On Acidity

Coffee flavor and its acidity are somewhat intertwined. It can be challenging to get flavorful, delicious coffee without acid content. Thankfully, masterful roasting and blending can be immensely useful in retaining flavor while reducing acid.

Even so, there is a limited choice of good quality low acid coffee K cups. Our list here has some of the best options for low acid, delicious K cups. Take your pick from the options above! Our top recommendation for this category is the HealthWise Low Acid Coffee for Keurig K-Cup.