Keurig Vue VS K Cup — The Single Serve Leader

Now there’s a name many of us haven’t heard in a while. Keurig Vue was launched with much fanfare and was expected to be the successor of the super-popular K cup. That didn’t quite pan out, but the Keurig Vue vs K Cup comparison is an interesting bit with quite the story.

It’s common to wonder about the difference between these two single-serve cups. Though they’re both similar, they weren’t designed to be interchangeable. The Keurig Vue, launched years after the original K cup came with the promise of improvement. Vue also brought some features that customers had been looking forward to.

So how do these two cups stack up? And What Happened to the Keurig Vue?

Let’s find out!

Keurig Vue Cups — What Is A Vue Pod?

K2V Refillable Pod Compatible With Keurig Vue
K2V Refillable Pod Compatible With Keurig Vue

Originally launched in 2012, Keurig Vue Cups almost seemed like a big improvement on the K cup. For starters, in a preliminary comparison of K Cup vs Vue brings the following points in favor of the Vue:

  • Brews stronger coffee
  • Multiple brew choice options
  • Recyclable cups

If you think some of these factors seem a bit strange, remember Vue was launched in 2012 – and these are pretty impressive factors for that year. The brew size adjustment was just starting to show up, and the Keurig Vue cups and coffee maker took full benefit of that. 

Keurig Vue Coffee Maker — Showing Up In Style

When it showed up, the Keurig Vue was not compatible with the K cup. As such, a different line of machines made their appearance. The Keurig Vue Brewing machine showed a wonderful range of features. 

Vue Coffee Maker offered eight brew sizes, going all the way up to 18 oz. By contrast, the Keurig made use of 12 oz brew. With the ability to brew great coffee at 18 oz, the need for a stronger cup becomes clear. 

Vue pods brewed stronger coffee than the K cup. Well, some people didn’t find it strong enough, but most agree that the Keurig Vue cups took the stronger route. Presence of temperature and strength controls provided more options and customizations for the machine and its brew.

Now for the pièce de résistance – the display screen on the Keurig Vue Brewing Machine. A small LED screen on the machine showed off the available brew options and settings. It was quite a touch and made wonderful things possible with the coffee maker.

Keurig Vue Pods

Keurig Vue
Keurig Vue Coffee Maker

Ever wondered what is a Vue pod? Keurig’s single-serve Vue pods were launched with the brewing machine. While not compatible with the K cup, the Vue pod took the same principle and approach. The Vue pod and its coffee were stronger, hotter, bigger.

Reusable Vue pods also made an appearance, like this K2V Cup. By the way, if you still have a functional Keurig Vue, getting a reusable pod is the smartest option. Never have to worry about getting the pods again!

Keurig K Cup And Coffee Maker

It makes sense to compare Keurig Vue to the Keurig 1.0 systems. The Keurig 2.0 would still be a few years away at the launch of the Keurig Vue. The famed K cup and the coffee maker made a combination that pretty much changed the coffee landscape. 

The convenience of the K cups matched with quick serving is a tall order to beat. A wide range of flavors and coffees already called the K cup home and contributed to the popularity of this system.

K Cup Versus Vue — Major Differences Between The Pods

Vue Pods Are Recyclable

The plastic waste of single-serve K cups had already become a problem. Unfortunately, not much had been done to deal with that problem. Vue pods brought a change that put a new dimension to Vue cups vs K cups debate. Vue cups were made from recyclable plastic and thus boasted better environmental credentials than the K cup.

Coffee Strength – Where Do The Two Single Serves Stand?

Keurig K15
Keurig K15

It is generally accepted that Vue cups make stronger coffee. There are, of course, those who disagree, but the consensus favors the Vue cup. Plus, there’s always a chance to adjust brew size to get a stronger coffee.

Flavors And Availability

Vue cups could never take on the K cup in the sheer range of flavors and coffees available. Today, the range of K cup offerings is massive. Even in 2012, the range was impressively vast. Keurig K cup stayed the market leader and the Vue cup held on to the ride for dear life. 

Few brands actually signed on for the Vue cup, perhaps due to Keurig keeping its hands on the requirements. 

With its strong grip on the coffee and variety, the K cup managed to combat the advantages presented by Vue. Plus, the price was on the side of the K cup. The brand new Vue turned out to be more expensive than the K cup machine. Similarly, the pods were on the more expensive side.

Vue The Legacy — And How It Lives On

Keurig Vue finally kicked the bucket in 2014. However, it made way for the newer, better coffee makers. Just a short while after the Vue was canned, Keurig showed off the 2.0. In many ways, the Vue continues to live on in the Keurig 2.0. Plus, it made room for Keurig expanding into different niches, like with the K carafe.

Lessons were learned, and Keurig 2.0 gets the same love and attention from K cup makers that the original enjoyed. Things like these are what made the Keurig 2.0 take primacy and become the better-known system. 

The Verdict: Which Is The Winning Single-Serve System

Who is the winner in the Keurig Vue vs K Cup battle? We could debate about the various properties and characteristics of each coffee pod. However, in this case, we have a winner. The K cup takes the (metaphorical) cup. It is the last cup standing. And by outliving the Vue, the K cup takes a win.

Practically, the strength of the K cup remained in the coffee types available. Though Keurig Vue arguably made better coffee, the price tag was higher. Good value and the variety of cups available put the K cup through the finish line.