Keurig Vue Cups – Discontinued But Not Forgotten

If you are a coffee aficionado, then you might have heard about the Keurig Vue Cups. If you haven’t, you are about to add something to your coffee-knowledge arsenal.

Keurig Vue Cups are for those who are avid lovers of pod based coffee. Pod coffee has coffee grounds sealed in a small-sized plastic cup instead of loose coffee grounds in a filter bag. One pod brews one cup mostly – rarely, it can serve more than one cups or even a whole carafe.

The Vue system was discontinued in 2014, shortly before the launch of Keurig 2.0 series, however Vue Cups are still available.

The Keurig Vue system was discontinued in August 2014 soon before the launch of 2.0 series, as it became redundant since the Keurig 2.0 line of products had larger serving sizes, more features and pod-scanning technology.

Overview, Compatibility and Taste

Keurig Vue is a single-serving coffee brewer that uses the Keurig Vue coffee pods, a pod that is patented-protected through 2021.

As far as the compatibility of these cups is concerned, the various types of Vue cups are: 

  • Davossen Cup for Keurig VUE Brewers – Reusable Coffee – Works with Keurig V500, V600, V700, V1200 and V1255 models.
  • Balas Cup for Keurig VUE Brewers Reusable Coffee Filter – Works in all Keurig Machines.

The Vue cups range in price from around $0.68 to $0.90 per pod.

So why should you really consume the Vue cups? Here are some of the reasons of using the Keurig Vue Cups:

Better Taste

The Keurig Vue Pods and V700 make better tasting cup of coffee for your everyday use. In addition to the taste, this method of coffee-making is rather simple and quick.


The Keurig Vue V700 was a versatile machine. It gave you complete control over the way you brew your coffee. It used to cost around $200 but its multiple qualities made it a worthy buy indeed.

You could experiment with different settings and flavors. It was one of the best choices for single serving coffee brewer for pod coffee lovers that too in $200 price range.


Vue cups are environmentally friendly. They are made of No. 5 plastic. This No. 5 plastic is recyclable in most of the areas. Whereas, the K-cups cannot be recycled. They are made of a heat-resilient plastic.

In order to recycle a vue cup, you need to let the pod cool first. Carefully separate the foil lid and filter from the cup. Your cup can be recycled wherever the No. 5 plastics are accepted.

Keurig Vue Cup VS K-Cup

Let’s now have a brief overview of the comparison between a Keurig Vue Cup and a Keurig K-Cup.

Shape and Mechanism

One of the main differences between Keurig vue cup and K-cup is the pod shape and mechanism. The K-cup is ruptured from the top and bottom. Water goes directly through the K-cup.

The Vue packs are made of two layers – a plastic cup and filter containing coffee. The free space between them is utilized by Keurig to redistribute water pressure and air in a different way, which makes the drink frothier and richer.

Brew Size and Capacity

A Keurig K-cup brews single cup of coffee, heat or any other beverage. The coffee grounds are in a single serve coffee container. The cup is available in only one size. Due to this, it cannot brew anything larger than a standard mug’s coffee.

Keurig Vue Cups on the other hand, come in two different sizes: one standard and other large. A single large cup of Keurig Vue cup can easily fill a travel size mug. It can contain 18 ounces of coffee in it.

Coffee Flavor

The flavor of coffee produced from a vue cup is better than that of K-cup.

The vue coffee pods can infuse beverages with froth. This makes for a more authentic, café like taste.

In short, the vue cups are a step up from the K-cups.

Availability of Keurig Vue Cups

The vue system was discontinued in August 2014, shortly before Keurig 2.0 series was about to debut. The question arises, where can one buy Keurig vue cups?

Currently, there are 7 varieties of Vue pod available to purchase at Keurig and Amazon.

Vue Pod

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Moreover, there is a Vue adapter which costs $14.99. It allows you to brew your own coffee. It also lets you use regular K-cup in the Vue machine. 

Select Vue cup as per Your Taste

Whether you like your coffee bold or strong, or you prefer it to be medium, there is wide variety to please the taste buds of all the coffee lovers.

For strong flavor, Dark Magic and Starbucks French roast are recommended. For medium flavors, Donut Shop and Newmans Own are recommended. These Vue cups also work in Keurig 2.0 coffee maker.

How to Use Keurig Vue?

The Keurig Vue is easy to use like a regular K-cup machine.

Convenient and Easy

Simply take the Vue pod, insert it in the machine, and close the machine’s handle. Then you press the button and your coffee is ready in less than a minute. It is appropriate for the fast-paced life of today where one doesn’t have time to brew their coffee for long.

Select Your Drink Option

Another convenient factor it offers is the touchscreen. There are three main drink options: coffee/tea, café drinks and brew over ice. You can choose the one as per your liking. Next step is to adjust the temperature of your drinks.

The Right Temperature

The temperature range should be within 187 degrees Fahrenheit and 197 degrees Fahrenheit. The default temperature is set to 192 degrees Fahrenheit. You can set the desired strength for coffee, you can either choose regular or strong option.

Size of Cup

You can choose the cup size: 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 or 18 ounces and then press brew. If you wish to make café style drinks, you need two pods. First choose the option of cafe, then you make the froth. At froth setting, vue makes 4 ounces. Now its time insert the second pod.

You can choose coffee or tea and the cup size to the 4 ounces of milk. Now press BREW and voila! Your café style pod is ready to be sipped on.

Cleaning the Keurig Vue

A logical question arises that should the Keurig Vue be cleaned? If yes, then how often?

The answer is of course it should be cleaned. Like any other machine, it’s important to keep the Keurig vue clean so the efficiency and performance of the machine does not decline.

Cleaning is recommended every two weeks and a descaling procedure must be done every 3 to 4 months. This will remove any calcium residue and will keep your machine squeaky clean!

In order to clean, make sure the brewer is switched off first. Then the drip tray, water tank and brew head must be removed. All the removable parts should be washed manually with a mild detergent. You can use a soft cloth to dry them.

The unit should be wiped with a moist cloth and then the parts should be assembled.

Descaling a Keurig Vue

Empty the water reservoir and remove water filter. Make sure the machine is switched off. Pour Keurig Descaling Solution (1 bottle) and 14 ounces of water in the reservoir.

Position a mug on a dip tray and insert a clean vue cup. Now close the handle and press Brew. Wait until the descaling solution is dispensed.

Continue the brewing process until the brewer shows “add water”. Let it rest for 4 hours. During this time, ensure that the machine is not switched off.

After 4 hours have passed, empty the water reservoir and rinse it well. Remove the vue cup as you do. Now, fill the reservoir with clean water and continue with the brewing process. Repeat this process again to make sure there is no deposit or smell of any kind.

In the end, wipe the machine with a moist cloth and wash removable parts much like the cleaning process.

Now your machine is clean and you are good to brew again!

Keurig Series 1.0 and 2.0

The Keurig Vue series was introduced in 2010. With the convenience of on-demand brewing, there were some more beneficial additions. They have a touchscreen feature like the 2.0 series. The icons showing different, customizable options.

Vue Packs are not compatible with Keurig K-Cup Brewers due to different size and shape.

There is a temperature control, with a maximum threshold of up to 197 degrees F. The setting can be adjusted to energy saving mode, auto-shutoff and coffee/tea or hot cocoa. There is also a “strong” option, it can be de-selected as desired.

The Vue has built in beverage settings that can be selected from the touch screen. The icons match the v-cup symbols.

Final Word on Keurig Vue Cups

The Keurig Vue Cups have a lot to offer. They are customizable, the temperature can be bumped up a few notches higher unlike some of the comparable models. They are recyclable unlike some non-eco-friendly ones.

They have a line of gourmet style brews that can be made, much like the latte and cappuccino. The café option – where you use two pods, creating “froth” and second one makes the drink.

There is an assortment of brew options – ranging from smallest 4 oz. to the largest at 18 oz.

However, they have some disadvantages as well. They don’t work with the standard K-cups and Keurig 2.0 pods. They do not brew a whole carafe. It is challenging to locate unique Vue pack pods.

If you want frothier, more flavorful coffee, one that gets ready quickly and gives you the much-needed caffeine boost, while being reused so as to save your money – then Vue cups should be your go-to coffee to give you the aromatic coffee and perfect coffee drinking experience!