Iced Coffee K Cups – Enjoy the Brewed-Over-Ice Coffee Experience

Being a coffee freak does not mean always to enjoy hot shots of espresso. Sometimes, when one is in the mood of having a delicious cup of iced coffee, he can easily make that, too, at home using iced coffee k-cups.

Hot summer usually makes people crave for refreshing beverages. Coffee lovers never want to compromise on their coffee intake, but having a cup of hot coffee seems to be a dry option. There would be no better option in such a situation than having a chilled iced cup of coffee.

Rather than paying a fortune at Starbucks daily, you can easily get yourself a cup of delicious creamy iced coffee within a fraction of that amount. Let us help you with making iced coffee at home by helping you choose the best-iced coffee k-cups.

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Best Iced Coffee K-Cups to Buy in 2020

Let us now review some of the best iced coffee K-cups that you can easily make at home and enjoy a perfectly brewed cup of Joe within minutes.

Dunkin’ Donuts Original Blend Coffee

Dunkin’ Donuts Original Blend Coffee

You may not know, but you can prepare a luscious cup of iced coffee by simple coffee roasts. Dunkin’ Donuts renders its customers, original coffee blends that you may not only use according to your taste in your coffee but can also make an iced coffee out of it.

Perfect Iced Coffee at Home

This product helps you make a perfect cup of coffee as same as that of Dunkin’ Donuts’. So, if you have loved your coffee drinking experience from DD, then you may not want to let this one go away!

Medium Roast Dunkin’ Donuts Iced Coffee K-Cups

Usually, dark roast coffee k-cups are preferred to make a flavorful iced coffee at home. But, if you don’t want your iced coffee to be dark and strong, then this might be a good choice to opt for. Medium roast coffee k-cups will make you a lighter and tasteful iced coffee cup just as you like.

Make Perfect Keurig Iced Coffee K-Cups

You might have been suggested to buy the latest brewer for making iced coffee at home, but the fact is, you may make a delicious cup of coffee at home with your old Keurig brewer as well. DD coffee blend is compatible with all Keurig brewers.

This means you can make your iced coffee without worrying about buying new equipment.


  • Can be used in all K-Cup Keurig Brewers
  • Features 100% Arabica Coffee
  • Original Dunkin’ Donuts Blend
  • Rich and smooth taste
  • Less acidic


  • Price is slightly on the higher side
  • Some users have complained about its freshness

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Starbucks Sweetened Iced Medium Roast Coffee

Starbucks Sweetened Iced Medium Roast Coffee

Starbucks is usually the first love of all the coffee freaks. This would be no less than a feast for all these coffee lovers to get a Starbucks coffee at home whenever they want. Starbucks’ sweetened iced coffee k-cups make you the best coffee with the best flavors.

Made to be Brewed Over Ice

Usually, brands sell K-cups of normal coffee for iced coffee, too. That may not disturb the taste of an iced coffee, but nothing can be better than getting k-cups that are specially made to be brewed over ice. Starbucks offers you those!

Vanilla Sweetened Starbucks Iced Coffee K-Cups

Adding sugar in the iced coffee separately may make it flavorful and sweet, but nothing can beat the k-cups already sweetened with cane sugar. The added vanilla flavor makes it much more undeniable and flavorful. So, if you are looking for sweetened iced coffee, you may not find any better option!

Can Be Used With Keurig Single Cup Brewer

These sweetened iced coffee k-cups are made to use with the Keurig single-cup brewing systems. Using it this way would get you the best flavor out of them!


  • The delightful sweet vanilla taste
  • Instantly prepared
  • Specially designed to be brewed over ice
  • No loss of flavors upon brewing
  • Premium Arabica Beans


  • Packaging not as stated
  • Not for strong, dark coffee lovers

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Community Mocha Vanilla Iced Coffee K-Cups

Community Mocha Vanilla Iced Coffee K-Cups

Get this Mocha Vanilla iced coffee k-cups, a perfect blend of lightly roasted coffee with medium brightness. It presents a delightful taste of mocha with a creamy French vanilla coffee blend.

Made with Pure Arabica Beans

This iced coffee is made up of 100% select Arabica beans that not only add up to its taste but also make it flavorful and pure.

Add Flavors as You Like

This coffee is a blend of multiple flavors that are specially made to be brewed over ice. But in case you like more flavor, taste or sweetness, you can simply add them up while brewing these k-cups.


  • 100% Arabica Beans
  • Full-body taste with medium brightness
  • Blend of Vanilla and Mocha
  • Can be sweetened according to your liking
  • Rich Flavors


  • Not pre-sweetened
  • Lighter roast

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Original Donut Shop Regular

Enjoy these innovative donut shop k-cup brews that offer sweet and creamy regular iced coffees. Specially made for light flavored coffee lovers blended with cream, sweetener, and medium roast coffee.

Artificial Taste

You may experience an artificial taste if you buy these coffee k-cups. Most probably, because of the addition of multiple creams and sweeteners. They may add up to the taste of your iced coffee but also make it taste a lot like artificial flavors.

Lighter Coffee Roast

These coffee k-cups are definitely for you if you prefer weak coffee flavor or want your iced coffee to not be that strong as that of regular coffee cups. But, you may not want to get your hands upon it if you don’t like weak coffee.

Smooth, Sweet and Creamy Flavor

You may found it great because it already contains a blend of sweeteners and cream so that you may not have to add any and get your iced coffee prepared right away with one touch.


  • Comes with added sweetener and cream
  • Full of Flavors
  • Same as described
  • No need to add up anything
  • Instant preparation


  • Slightly over-priced as compared to competitor products
  • Slight artificial taste

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How to Make Iced Coffee With a Keurig? – A Quick Guide

No one wants to go and buy an expensive iced coffee cup every time they want to have one. But, no need to compromise on your cravings when you can get a perfect cup of iced coffee prepared at home with a simple Keurig brewer.

Don’t know how to make this perfect cup using a brewer? Well, not a problem anymore because we are here to let you know that!

All you got to is to follow a simple series of steps to get a luscious cup of iced coffee in no time.

Step 1

Turn on the coffee maker so that it may start heating up the water.

Step 2

While the water gets heated up, place a big glass full of ice at the brewer.

Step 3

When the water inside the brewer gets heated, go ahead and choose the required settings. For instance, insert the desired coffee flavor k-cup, or you may fill it up with your own coffee. Select the cup size and press the ‘brew’ option.

Step 4

Your coffee will be brewed instantly. Once the coffee dripping is done, add the desired sugar and cream into the glass.

You may also use frozen coffee cubes in place of ice cubes to make it more taste more ‘coffee’!

Step 5

Enjoy your delicious iced-coffee made at home!

You can make different flavors and types of coffee with the desired sweetness and richness of taste using your own personalized settings and appropriate iced coffee k-cups.

Final Thoughts Upon Buying Iced Coffee K-Cups

Now that you know how much easier it is to make yourself a perfect cup of iced coffee at home, you must not be wasting your money at expensive brands. So, go ahead and buy the most appropriate iced coffee k-cups for yourself and get an instant coffee prepared anytime, anywhere.

The best thing about these coffee k-cups is that they are mostly compatible with your Keurig coffee brewers, so you do not have to invest more in the equipment for getting yourself iced coffee at home.

So, do not wait to get the best-iced coffee prepared at home by staying in your budget and start enjoying your coffee just as you like at home by following our quick guide.