How to Make Cold Brew Coffee in a Mason Jar – Achieving Perfection in Cold Brewing

The summers are here, and nothing tastes better than a refreshing, non-acidic cup of cold brew in this hot weather, right? Well, if you agree with me, then you are certainly a fan of cold brew coffee.

And to make your life a whole lot easier, this time we are going to tell you how to make cold brew coffee in a Mason Jar.

Mason jar is an equipment that can brew cold coffee without the need of a coffee maker at all. It is a basic utensil that comes in handy at times when one wants a cold coffee without too much effort in the kitchen!

Cold brew coffee in a Mason Jar is a very convenient way to enjoy your cold brew coffee beverage.

Mason Jar Cold Brew

This is a cold coffee that is easy to brew and it has the less acidic coffee element with a good taste. It is a perfect summer drink that is refreshing in the heat. Coffee made with a Mason Jar tastes great during outings or at home while enjoying a dip in the pool.

Quick & Convenient Coffee Making

This coffee can be made conveniently in the office as well. There are hardly any utensils required for this. It is simple and quick to make as well. The coffee ground can be stored in the office refrigerator and then made easily.

A Handy Device

A Mason Jar is a nice tool to use for making a cold brew and coffee can be drank directly from it as well. It is great to store your cold coffee as well in the refrigerator.

Let us now have a look how can you really make a nice, delightful cup of cold brew using a Mason Jar.

Cold Brew Mason Jar Coffee Maker by County Line Kitchen

Cold Brew Mason Jar

Mason Jars are not expensive to buy in the market, however, make sure you get the right product for your cold brew coffee making.

By right, we mean the build quality, cleaning and maintenance should be quite easy. For this, the 64 oz, County Line Kitchen Mason jar is a decent option for cold brew.

It comes with a heavy duty stainless steel lid, durable FDA compliant glass and a perfectly designed silicone seal makes sure that your cold brew stays fresh during the whole steeping process of 18-24 hours, and even after that if it is refrigerated for longer hours.

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Things Required for Cold Brew

  • Mason jar
  • Coffee (1/3 – 1 cup or 57-60 grams of coffee)
  • Room temperature water (16 oz should be good enough)
  • Coffee grinder
  • Spoon
  • Mesh strainer
  • Paper filter
  • Measuring tool (scale)

Making Coffee Using a Mason Jar

Let us now have a look at the simple and easy steps that will give you your perfect cold brew cup of Joe.

Get the Right Coffee Weight

The first step is to have the right amount of coffee that you would be consuming for your cold brew. It is advised that you take around 57 grams of coffee whole beans using a measuring scale.

A Coarse Grind is Always Better

Now comes the grinding part. It is recommended to grind your coffee beans into coarse ground only. You can also use coffee ground as well but freshly ground beans will taste fresher. Do not grind too finely as it will not steep well.

Add Water and Stir

Now add the room temperature or cold water into the Mason Jar and using your spoon or paddle, stir it well but in a gentle way so that all the coffee grounds are completely wet.

Let It Steep for 18-24 Hours

Let the coffee and water mixture steep in the refrigerator or room temperature for 18-24 hours. Remember, any time lesser than that will give you very light taste, and overdoing it can give you a real bitter taste that you might not be a fan of.

We recommend a steeping time of somewhere between 16-18 hours, for starters. Later on, you can adjust to your personal preferences once you know how to carry out the whole process.

Straining Time

Now use the mesh strainer and place it on the top of an empty container. Once you are satisfied with the steeping time, get your jar and slowly pour it onto the mesh strainer. Get rid of the coffee grounds using your trash can.

Strain Again with a Paper Filter

It is now time for more straining, this time using a paper filter. Just like the above process, this time use a paper filter and place it over a container. Pour the cold brew concentrate over the paper filter and let it drip through the paper filter.

Don’t Forget to Dilute

Now add room temperature or cold water, in case you want a less thick and less strong drink, into the coffee with a coffee to water ratio of 1:2.

Add Ice & Enjoy Your Cold Beverage

Add ice to your liking for a better cold coffee experience. Pour the coffee into a mug or you may just have it from the mason jar too as it is a perfect mug sized container.

That’s about it – Now you can enjoy your perfect cold brew coffee!

Other Additives: You may add milk if you want to enjoy a rich and smooth drink. Also, you can add sugar if you prefer sweet coffee experience over standard coffee.

Cold Brew Facts You Should Know

Let us now discuss some lesser known facts about cold brew coffee.

The Strength & Steep Time

A cold brew drink will be very strong compared with other coffees which is it is important to use lesser coffee. This also depends on the steep time. An ideal time is 24 hours or overnight before you make your coffee. Longer steep time will make the coffee too strong to drink.

The Acids & Oils Amount

There is less acidity in this coffee because molecules of acids, oils and aroma extract at around 195-205 degrees temperature. As this coffee is made from room temperature water which is refrigerated, there is no acidity.

Some Like it with Milk

Milk maybe added if a drinker likes milk in their coffee. This will make the cold brew as a rich and smooth coffee. Adding ice into this will make it a refreshing summer drink. You may sugar according to your taste preference.

The Cold Brew Benefits

Cold brew is a great drink for people on a diet or trying to lose weight when plain as this type of coffee beverage increases the metabolism in your body. Furthermore, this is also a healthy drink since it organic.

Moreover, it has essential compounds that lower the risk of a heart disease. Apart from this, less acids and oils means no bitter aftertaste or that unwanted strong feeling that you might usually get from a hot brew.

Our Final Word on Mason Jar Cold Brewing

This coffee is an ideal morning drink in the summers as it gives the aroma of coffee and is refreshing as well. It is super easy to make and just needs to be steeped overnight which is ideal for a morning drink as it is taken directly.

Cold brew is always a nice way to take a break from those regular hot brewed cups that you consume everyday. And if you know how to make cold brew coffee in a mason jar, it surely can elevate your mood for the rest of your day.

The best part about a mason jar is that it is the ideal coffee cup size and can be drank through it directly. You can enjoy your drink using cold water or adding ice, or even other additives as well like sugar, milk, sweeteners, etc.

The cold brew can be taken and made outdoors too. Just take your already brewed coffee in the mason jar anywhere out. And make it fresh while enjoying a picnic, camping, trekking or a on road trip.

A great drink for the summers for everyone to enjoy!