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How to Get Used to Black Coffee – The Dilemma Explained

Just like any other beginner or amateur coffee drinker out there, a few years back I had my preconceived notions about black coffee – and all the elements associated with it. I still relive those days when I would occasionally taste it and wonder how to get used to black coffee? Well, needless to say, I have come a long way from that.

Over the years, I have realized how I have transformed into someone who needs to have his cup of black coffee made perfectly each day. Be it any day of the week, any time of the year – all variables of my life kept aside, the only thing that remains constant is the way I drink my black coffee.

How to Make Black Coffee Right So That You Can Possibly Get Used to It?

Well, I would not say that after just going through this article you will be making barista-level coffee at your home, however, you will undoubtedly have the basic knowhow on what is needed and how it needs to be done. 

Let us look at all the various factors that contribute to a perfect cup of black coffee:

The first and foremost step would be to go with the ideal blend that will enhance your coffee experience. Remember, if black coffee is something that you are not used to or never have been a fan of in the past either, a wrong product can take you further away from it in a blink of an eye.

Step 1: Pick The Best Coffees to Drink Black

Let us have a look at some of the very best black coffees that you can find at your nearest store:

Don Pablo Medium-Dark Roast

One of the better options that you can get is Don Pablo Medium-Dark Roast signature blend. Recommended by many, these fresh roasted will certainly give you the taste, aroma and richness that you need since you are new to the world of black coffee.

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Costa Rica Tarrazu by Volcanica Coffee

Another good buy would be the Costa Rica Tarrazu made by Volcanica Coffee – by far one of the best coffees to drink black. These pure medium-roasted Tarrazu coffee beans give you the true flavor that you, as a coffee lover, would be looking forward to. 

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Koffee Kult Colombia Whole Bean Coffee Beans

This is also one of the famous products that you will hear from a lot of coffee lovers out there. These are freshly roasted, organically sourced, rich and smooth coffee beans with just the right balance of medium-level acidity and natural flavors. With no ‘burnt’ taste or aftertaste feeling at all, this one is surely a good buy if you want your coffee brewed strong and rich.

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Once you have decided what coffee you will be buying, the next step is to know how to make your perfect blend.

Step 2: Learning the Art

If you want to try out something new, make sure it’s somewhere close to perfection. If your coffee beans, the brewing method or that salt or cocoa powder you are using is not what it should be, you are never going to be able to make the ‘great leap.’ If it’s not done the right way, you’re better off staying with your regular cream and milk coffee.

Black coffee means no sugar, milk or cream whatsoever – so the most critical question remains, how to enjoy black coffee? Let us have a look at the basic things that you will need to make that perfect black coffee:

  • Roasted coffee beans
  • Cocoa Powder 
  • Salt
  • Vanilla extract
  • Hot water

After looking at these ingredients, you might think that this isn’t something your taste buds might ever give a green signal to – For starters, you are not alone to think along these lines! 

Substituting cocoa powder or vanilla with sugar is a great way to lessen your overall sugar intake during a day. Initially, you can have your black coffee with your preferred amount of sugar. However, with time, you will begin to realize that your coffee beans taste better without sugar

Step 3: Impress Yourself and No One Else

This is the most important factor here – If there is anyone in this world who has to like or love the way you make your black coffee, it’s just you. There are numerous ‘how to’ videos on YouTube these days that can teach you the basics.

However, after a few attempts, you will finally know the aroma and taste that makes you feel at peace. That is all that matters. To know more about the tips of black coffee and how to make it taste good, have a look at this clip:

The Positive Impact on Health

Black coffee certainly comes with a lot of positive effects on your body. For starters, the omission of milk and cream, and eventually sugar, will significantly lessen your calories and fat intake. Your regular cup of coffee with the sugar and dairy that you consume every day contain the same amount of calories and fats as a large slice of cake. 

Moreover, black coffee can help you reduce weight to a great extent. It is no surprise if your next physical trainer or gym instructor might add black coffee to your allowed drinks. Since black coffee is rich with antioxidants, chlorogenic acid and caffeine, it naturally slows down glucose production and helps metabolic activity in your body. 

Apart from this, medical science has proved that black coffee helps your heart, liver and stomach as well. Drinking it regularly increases your blood pressure and helps reduce cardiovascular diseases in the longer run.

It contributes to the prevention of liver cancer and fatty liver disease. Since black coffee is a diuretic drink, it helps you urinate more and that eventually leads to more frequent flushing and cleansing of your stomach system.

You can read more about the positive impacts of black coffee here.

Never Hesitate to Experiment

You can always keep experimenting with the composition of your roasted coffee beans, cocoa powder or sugar, other more natural alternatives like cinnamon or butter – until you find the perfect blend that suits your taste. 

Another factor that plays a vital role is the fact that you need to give a little time for your coffee cup to cool down. Yes, the aroma of that black coffee is too tempting I understand, however, the coffee beans will have a slight different taste when they rest in your coffee mug for a while. 

Furthermore, the coffee mug you use, the amount of time your coffee beans have been roasted, the water temperature, all these factors will play a role to give you the final taste that meets your expectations.

What is the Real Dilemma? 

In today’s world, we have a lot of societal prejudices impacting our daily lives. The real dilemma is the way we tend to give in to those prejudices ignoring our personal likes and dislikes.

Well, if you are a true coffee lover whether black or white or any other color for that matter, you will not really care about it, would you?

Now that you know what coffee beans you need and how to make your black coffee using the tips and tricks, let us talk about how important it is to know that you don’t have to make a switch just for the sake of it.

Getting used to black coffee is something that might take a long, long time. You do not have to forcefully start liking a drink just because everyone else around is doing the same.

I took my time to realize how good black coffee tastes, and that is precisely what I expect from any other coffee lover out there. I know it’s never easy to deliberately change your coffee taste whatsoever. And this is why you have all the time in the world to start liking black coffee – if not, no worries at all! 

How to Ignore the Milk, Sugar & Cream?

black coffee with sugar

Frankly speaking, there is no definitive answer to that. It would be a lie to tell you those tips and ways to overcome your cravings – slowly and gradually you will just know for yourself that your cup of coffee actually tastes better without sugar and dairy additives, period!

I still reminisce those days where I am amazed at myself and contemplating, ‘Did I really quit having milk and sugar in my coffee?’

The fact is yes, I did. It took me a while to get there, but I wouldn’t say my journey was anything close to painful or anything. It’s not always just about the cream or sugar. When you are growing up, there is a lot of sweet intake that you have in most of the things you eat or drink.

However, when you start getting more conscious about your body, your workout routines and all other aspects of your physical health, you begin to explore the healthier options that you can have replaced within your existing diet. 

The Love for Black Coffee – In a Nutshell

After reading the facts above about black coffee, if you are thinking that you know quite a bit already – you do not. This is just a brief overview about it and nothing more. If you are thinking about how to get used to black coffee, just know that it will take time. It doesn’t happen overnight and you don’t have to rush at all.

But yes, once you are there, I bet you would not ever want to go back from it!