How to Clean a Ninja Coffee Bar – Cleaner Machine = Better Coffee

Ninja Coffee Bar systems have been around for probably as long as since you have had a love for coffee, or may be more than that. If you own one, then you should definitely know how to clean a Ninja Coffee Bar.

Coffee contains amino acids, the elementary units of neurotransmitters – the chemicals in our brain that make us feel good!

For coffee aficionados, having a “good day” is plainly dependent on the amount of their coffee intake. It is due to catecholamines – the hormones formed by adrenal glands, including dopamine and adrenaline.

However, an unclean coffee maker will certainly result in lost coffee taste and aroma, that could differ to huge extent – depending on the last time you made time out of your busy routine to clean your coffee maker.

Ninja Coffee Bar Cleaning

You might use your ninja coffee bar on a daily basis. Sometimes even twice or thrice a day or maybe even more. This is bound to add a lot of germs to your machine. Making it prone to bacteria and fungi.

Even if you are the perfectionist sort, and make sure that your hands are totally clean every single time you make coffee using ninja coffee bar, it is without the shred of a doubt that the calcium deposits, germs and bacteria are still building up in your ninja coffee bar.

The answer to get rid of all the gross stuff is simple – you clean your Ninja Coffee Bar!

Cleaning your ninja coffee bar will not only ensure smooth running of your machine, but it will also keep the flavor of coffee at its optimum, making you relish each and every sip of your coffee.

You need the following ingredients to clean your ninja coffee bar:

  1. Hot water
  2. Descaling solution
  3. Soapy water (hot)
  4. Toothbrush (to ensure thorough cleaning of the machine)

A lot of these things are already either in or with the ninja coffee bar. This includes hot water, which does most of the cleaning for you.

Having a cleaning solution is absolutely imperative. It can be any brand of descaling solution, but it is important to keep in mind that it should be made especially for coffee makers.

Plain white vinegar is another solution that can be used for cleaning of your ninja coffee maker.

Hot soapy water is required for the cleaning. It’s not just the tubing of the system that needs cleaning, but the water reservoir as well as the coffee carafe also need to be washed properly.

Cleaning instructions for the ninja coffee bar

  1. Fill water and cleaning solution in the reservoir.
  2. Empty carafe to be placed in coffee bar. The carafe setting should be set as “FULL”.
  3. Press CLEAN button on the ninja coffee bar.
  4. Run the empty hot water at least 2 times OR you can run flush cycle.
  5. Clean the rest of the parts of the ninja coffee bar.

Ninja coffee bar clean light on

While it is advised to clean the ninja coffee bar every couple of months, it becomes absolutely necessary to clean it if the CLEAN light comes on the machine.

The clean light comes on when the machine sense calcium build-up in it. Even the coffee can still be made with the clean light on, but it might not work efficiently as it normally does.

Cleaning process explained

Here are some of the easy steps to clean your Ninja Coffee Bar:

Step 1 – Preparing the descaling solution

First step while cleaning your ninja coffee bar is to get your solution ready.

If there is a descaling solution that you are using, then you can follow instructions written on the box.

Step 2 – Putting parts in place

You must make sure that the carafe is in place in the ninja coffee bad so that the cleaning solution can move towards it once the cycle has been completed. You can set the setting to “Full” to ensure best working of carafe.

Step 3 – The clean cycle

The next step is running of the Ninja coffee bar clean cycle. This step is to ensure to break up all the accumulated calcium residue through all the tubes in the machine. The descaling solution is run throughout the machine during the clean cycle.

This step will either take roughly from 8 minutes to an hour. During this process, you need to let the machine do what it’s doing and not interfere with it using any buttons or trying to clean any other parts until this cycle is over.

Step 4 – Flush cycle

This step is dependent on the Ninja coffee bar machine that you own. If the model of Ninja coffee bar owned by you has the ability to do a flush cycle, then you will have to run the flush cycle within 15 minutes of the clean cycle completing. If it’s not done within fifteen minutes, then you will have to start over.

In order to complete the flush cycle, wash and fill your carafe and the reservoir with clean water. When you see the display “Flush” on the ninja coffee bar, press the clean button and then the 8-minute flush will run.

In case your model does not have a flush cycle, you can simply fill the reservoir with water and then run an empty cycle with water only, no coffee added.

Make sure to do this at least two times in order to flush any remaining residue out of the tubing and making sure your ninja coffee bar is as clean as brand new.

Step 5 – clean and rinse

Once the cleaning cycle has been completed, then it’s time for you to clean the rest of your ninja coffee bar.

Take the reservoir and carafe out of the machine and clean them in hot soapy water. This step is to ensure proper cleaning.

You must not forget to remove and clean the reusable permanent mesh filter from the ninja coffee bar.

Cleaning with white vinegar

If you are cleaning ninja coffee bar using white vinegar, then fill the reservoir with 2 cups of vinegar (where the travel mug mark mentions 16 oz) and rest of the way with water. The total mixture should be about 43oz. just make sure you never fill above the maximum fill line of the reservoir.

Once the water reservoir is filled, simply press the CLEAN button on the ninja coffee bar. When the cycle is complete, rinse the carafe and water reservoir thoroughly to remove any of the cleaning solution that can affect the flavour of your coffee.

Ninja Coffee Bar Descaling Solution

The descaling solution that works best for the cleaning of Ninja Coffee Bar is “Urnex Full Circle coffee and espresso descaler.”

This solution is made of citric acid, the reason why it works so efficiently and more effectively. The acid in it dissolves the calcium mineral deposits and the basic lime rapidly.

While vinegar is good for touch up cleaning, a descaling solution is the perfect choice when you decide to clean every couple of months or so!

Moreover, it does not have any phosphates that are harmful and toxic for environment as well as aquatic life. This solution is non-toxic and is biodegradable.

Why use a descaling solution over vinegar

Vinegar leaves a pungent odour, whereas descaling solution doesn’t. It is relatively easy to rinse through the machine. When you use a descaling solution, you don’t have to run as many flush cycles as in the case of vinegar in order to remove the pungent after smell from your coffee.

Easy to use:

  1. Mix the bottle of descaling solution with 32 ounces of water.
  2. Add this mixture to the reservoir.
  3. Run the CLEAN cycle.

While this solution is not mandatorily required, it does make the machine work more efficiently and gets the clean light to go off.

Understanding the Ninja Coffee Bar

If you don’t want to rush to nearest Starbucks or any coffee shop every time you get a minor craving for coffee, then Ninja Coffee Bar is the right choice for you.

It does not only fulfill your coffee cravings, but makes any coffee you like as per the mood of your taste buds. Ninja coffee bar is a machine that lets you choose the size and the brew for your coffee.

The best thing ninja coffee bar offers is convenience, you can enjoy your favorite coffee in any style, any size, and at any time all while being all comfortable in your home.

The Ninja Coffee Bar has Thermal Flavor Extraction – which, simply put, is a process of mixing hot water with ground coffee.

There is some mechanism that goes into this, the ratio of water to coffee, grind precision, coffee roast, water temperature and the amount that goes in contact with the coffee. These are some of the factors that go in the thermal flavor extraction.

This process unlocks true flavor potential of the coffee. It uses programmed controls for Temperature Calibration.

Size of the Cup

You can choose the size of the cup, full or half carafe or travel sized mug. You can brew directly into the cup of your choice.

Choosing the Brew

You can choose the brew – rich, classic, over ice and specialty. This helps to make variety of hold, cold and frozen coffeehouse style drinks.


Auto-iQ is one touch intelligence system. A mechanism that knows how to deliver the right amount of water at the right time, for the type of brew you choose. After every single serve, you don’t need to measure the water or fill the container.

You can make variety of brews with the Ninja coffee bar.

Classic and Rich Brews

Classic brew gives you a smooth, thick and balanced flavor. Your favorite coffee tastes better than ever.

If you want to take things to the next level, and have a more intense flavor, then go for rich brew.

Over Ice Brew

Are you tired of the long summer and want something refreshing for your taste buds? Then over ice brew is the perfect choice for you. It will take the richness of your coffee up a notch by increasing the concentration of your coffee in order to make up for the melting ice.

Specialty Brew

Highest concentration of coffee is found in specialty brew. It is much like the espresso, that you can use to create hot and cold beverages much like your favorite coffee shop or café, that too in the comfort of your own home!

How to Use Ninja Coffee Bar

There is no rocket science required in order to operate a Ninja Coffee Bar.

Following are the simple instructions on using a ninja coffee bar:

  • Add 2-3 Ninja serve scoops of the ground coffee that you want to drink.
  • On the single cup stand, place your cup.
  • Select the setting of the cup.
  • Press the classic brew button.

Be Your Own Coffee Maker

Has the idea of having a coffee bar right in your own home ever appealed you? Imagine not having to drive miles to your favorite coffeehouse every time you want a different flavor of coffee that you might not be the expert at making.

This is where the Ninja coffee bar comes in and makes life whole lot easier for you! The aroma of the rich coffee will just make your morning before you even consume it.

Most of the models of Ninja coffee bar have a built-in milk frother. This milk frother can froth hot milk as well as cold milk. This coffee machine will make you an expert at brewing coffees that taste like your favorite coffee shop!

If you want to have latte macchiato or the beautiful flat white, then you can select the specialty brew. With its highest concentration of coffee, it is particularly used for espresso based coffee drinks.

Classic café au lait can be made using the rich brew.

Using the over ice brew, you can make refreshing iced drinks, particularly to beat the heat. A delicious Thai iced coffee can be made using the over ice brew.

The machine contains a recipe guide or an inspiration book for those who want to try different type of coffee from this machine and become better baristas – without enrolling in online courses or classes, simply at their homes.

You can experiment with so many drinks and make coffee that is tailored particularly to your taste buds.

Easy to Use, Good to Look At

Ninja coffee bar looks good while placed at your kitchen counter. It’s easy to fill.

Having a one touch intelligence system, the Ninja Coffee Bar selects the required amount of water needed to brew your coffee. you might just want to keep the reservoir full at all times.

This reservoir is located on the side, making it easy to be removed and filled again. It is transparent so you can clearly see when the level of water is getting low and it’s time for a refill.

The brew basked can also be removed from the ninja coffee bar. Refilling is quite simple – every ninja coffee bar comes with a measuring scoop. This scoop measures precisely and makes for stress-free refilling.

The machine keeps glistening thanks to dishwasher safe parts.

No filter required

This is another convenience offered by the Ninja coffee bar, it already comes with a permanent filter. Hence you do not constantly need to change the paper filter or pods which can be a hassle for you.

You just fill this permanent filter with your favourite coffee. This reusable filter makes it convenient for you to brew your coffee.

Some people might feel that paper filter has the tendency to absorb some of coffee’s aroma as well as the nutrients (to some extent). The filter used in a ninja coffee bar is a mesh filter, ensuring richness of the aroma, taste, as well as there is no drop in nutrient level.

This reusable mesh filter is not just useful but it is economical as well, making you feel good about your overall coffee experience.

Our Final Word on How to Clean a Ninja Coffee Bar

If you are a Ninja Coffe Bar owner then knowing how to clean a Ninja Coffee Bar is imperative. It does not require you to have a lot off ingredients, just some time, some vinegar or descaling solution.

Once you thoroughly clean your machine, you will notice the taste of your coffee getting better, your machine will last you longer, providing value for your money and the clean light will be gone which is so annoying when it pops up.

Enjoy a better cup of Joe with a cleaner Ninja Coffee Bar!