How Much Caffeine In Chocolate-covered Espresso Beans?

How Much Caffeine In Chocolate-covered Espresso Beans?

Are you one of these people who can’t stop snacking on chocolate-covered espresso beans? Don’t worry, we do too. Aren’t they the yummiest? 

However, everyone who loves chocolate-covered Espresso beans should also keep a few things in mind. How many calories are there in one bean? How much caffeine is one bean? And do chocolate-covered espresso beans have caffeine?  

These are all genuine questions and we are going to answer them for you.

Do Chocolate-covered Espresso Beans Have Caffeine?

Yes. If it’s an espresso bean it is bound to have some caffeine. Keep in mind, espresso beans are just regular coffee beans. For use as chocolate-covered beans, usually darker roasts are employed.

The amount of caffeine can vary depending on the espresso bean (and the chocolate), but every chocolate-covered espresso bean is bound to have some caffeine.

How Much Caffeine Is There In Chocolate-covered Espresso Beans?

Keeping in view the difference of ingredients, one can work with an average. Therefore, on average, 100 espresso beans weigh approximately 12 grams. Keep in mind this value is excluding the chocolate. Out of this 12 grams, only 120 mg is normally considered to be pure caffeine. This means on average one coffee bean will have about 12 mg of caffeine. 

Now if we add the caffeine that is present in the chocolate, we will have the total value. The caffeine content in dark chocolate is around 0.8 mg per gram. Considering 1-3 grams of dark chocolate, a chocolate-covered espresso bean’s caffeine content comes out anywhere from 6.0 mg to 7.2 mg.

Another thing to remember is that there’s a difference in the caffeine content of arabica and robusta beans. The difference is not ignorable. 

An average arabica coffee bean contains around 6 mg of caffeine. On the other, a robusta bean may have 10 mg. The chocolate-covered espresso beans at Starbucks are made using robusta beans. 

How Much Caffeine Is Present In A Regular Espresso Drink?

Now some of us would like to compare these values with regular espresso coffee .

So considering a typical double-shot espresso has around 120 mg of caffeine, it becomes equivalent to the caffeine levels of 30-40 of chocolate-covered Espresso beans. Now, that’s a lot of coffee beans and we are unlikely to consume that much in a single day. However, you might feel a buzz if you eat more than a dozen.

So if you’re trying to consume low, or no quantity of sugar you might want to be careful with these espresso beans. Besides sugar, they are quite healthy. 

How Much Chocolate-covered Espresso Bean Consumption Is Safe?

Consuming coffee has long been known to give us a number of advantages and is generally considered healthy. The sudden boost that coffees give us is undeniable. It has been deemed equivalent to the freshness that a 30-minute nap might give us.

However, too much can be a problem as well. It has been known to cause laxative effects in some people. Others experience either heartburn or sleep problems. While most of us only experience these problems if we consume too much, but some might show sensitivity right away.

Those that experience negative effects by drinking a cup of coffee should refrain from eating chocolate-covered espresso beans. Whereas others who only experience these negative effects after eating beyond a certain number can enjoy these delicacies within a limit.

We know you’re looking for a number and don’t worry we’ve one for you. According to researchers, 200mg in a single serving or 400 mg daily caffeine intake is a safe value for adults. Children are advised to consume lesser quantities of coffee than that. 

So taking these values into account we can say that the 40-60 chocolate-covered espresso beans we discussed above will be a good benchmark. To some, that might seem like too big a number but while one is munching on these beans it’s easy to lose track and go way beyond. 

Have Fun With These Delicacies

Ever wondered “do chocolate-covered espresso beans have caffeine?” Well, now you have your answers. These are a fun and safe treat. Moreover, they’re a great way of getting that caffeine kick in a jiffy. Enjoy these treats without a worry, but make sure you’ve got your caffeine intake in control. The delicious treats are best chomped in moderation.

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