Hamilton Beach Flexbrew Review – A Complete Buyer’s Guide

Who doesn’t love a strong, aromatic and flavorful cup of coffee first thing in the morning? Our Hamilton Beach Flexbrew Review will walk you through one of the better coffee brewers out there in the market today!

Hamilton Beach company was founded over a hundred years ago in 1910. It specializes in making a variety of household and kitchen appliances. Everything from toasters to electric knives is made by Hamilton Beach.

The Hamilton Beach Flexbrew can brew up to 12 cups of coffee but you can also brew a single cup of coffee with it.

It is predominantly based in the United States, Canada and Mexico and now sells around 34 million appliances a year.

In order to make a great cup of coffee that gives you a mental boost, all you need is an efficient and affordable coffee maker. The Hamilton Beach Flexbrew is a two-way brewer, making it one of the most versatile modern-day auto-drip coffee makers.

Hamilton Beach Flexbrew – The Compact & Efficient Coffee Brewer

  • Dimensions 13.9H x 10.24W x 10.63D
  • Brew 10oz. With Keurig K-Cup Packs or 14 oz. with ground coffee
  • 12-cup Carafe Side with programmable timer
  • 2-hour Auto Shutoff Feature
  • 2-way Coffee Maker
  • Weight – 6.37 pounds
  • 1050 Watts
Hamilton Beach Flexbrew

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Let us now have a look at the positives of this coffee maker.

Brew Your Coffee 2-way

The Hamilton Beach Flexbrew is a 2-way coffee maker, which means it has two automatic brewing options, two water reservoirs and it can brew both coffee grounds, K-cups and pods.

The good thing about this coffee maker is that despite its excellent quality, it is affordable for almost everyone and is perfect for the home coffee lovers. Hamilton Beach Flexbrew is a versatile machine and this is what makes one of the best dual coffee makers today.

In order to brew a fantastic and delicious cup of coffee, the brewing must be fine as well as rapid. You can brew an entire pot holding 12 cups of coffee with it. You can also make a single cup of coffee for one individual by using a K-cup on the single serve side with this 2 in 1 coffee maker.

Brew Single Serve or a Full Pot

Once you start using Hamilton Beach Flexbrew, there is no turning back. Once you see how flexible it is, you’ll be taken by surprise. As a 2-way coffee maker, it has multiple options for all types of coffees and any quantity also. It is flexible with single serve to a full pot.

If you have different coffee drinkers, then this is perfect for you as you can customize as to how and what you brew. This reason makes it very popular amongst the masses.

Quick & Easy Cleaning Process

A common problem that various coffee drinkers face today is cleaning their coffee machines. In case of Hamilton Beach Flexbrew, this is no issue at all.

It has a pod-piercing assembly tool which can be effortlessly removed and it helps prevent clogging. Clogging occurs mainly when a coffee maker is used recurrently.

The Flexbrew is super easy to clean as most of the pieces can be removed simply. It has a removable carafe, drip tray and removable K-cup brewing pieces. All these pieces are not only easy to clean but they are dishwasher safe as well.

Hamilton Beach Flexbrew

Deep cleaning of the Flexbrew requires that you rinse it properly with a combination of 1 part white vinegar and 2 parts warm water. This solution can be used in both the sides – carafe and the single serve side.

After this mixture is run properly through all the sides it is best that you run warm water through it once or multiple times so that the leftover smell of vinegar can be removed from the machine.

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Fully Automated For Enhanced Usability

On the top of Hamilton beach Flexbrew coffee machine, you will see a digital clock. This digital clock is really easy to program and you can set the brew time up to 24 hours in advance.

This coffee maker is completely automatic, it’s an auto pause and helps you remove the decanter and pour a hot cup of coffee without trickling.

A lot of incidents may happen when we are busy with house chores and let the coffee pot on. Now worrying about such scenarios should not be on your mind anymore. The auto shutoff feature mechanically cuts off the power and inhibits any loss of electric power.  

Coffee Maker that Lasts Long

The Flexbrew coffee maker is made of plastic mostly. This machine is durable and can last longer for several years compared to the fragile glass makers which are always at the risk of breaking unless handled with extreme care.

Convenience of Two Water Reservoirs

The Hamilton Beach Flexbrew has two brew size options as stated earlier, what makes it the most convenient is having not just one but two water reservoirs for brewing coffee.

Rather than having one large water reservoir, this coffee maker has two separate ones so that the water can be selected quickly for the chosen brew size it needs.

Both the reservoirs have their own “water window”. This water window allows the user to keep a check on how full the tank is, making it more efficient and convenient rather than having to open the top of coffee maker every time in order to check how much water is left inside the reservoir.

Compact & Stylish Design

We not only love the brewing capability of Hamilton Beach Flexbrew but also the compact size of this coffee maker. It is perfect for any kitchen counter space with 13 inches in height and 12 inches in depth.

Small Storage Section for K-cups

The single serve side of Hamilton Beach Flexbrew has a small storage section under the drip tray that is used to store K-cups or coffee pods. There is not only this small section under the single serve drip tray stand, but the entire stand can be easily and completely removed.

Due to this, the single serve side is even easier to brew with a tall travel mug or a thermos.

Improvement Areas for Hamilton Beach Flexbrew

Although the Flexbrew is loved by many, but there are always a few ways through which these features can be improved.

Some of the things that we think can be improved in this fast, automatic and compact coffee maker are:

Dual-Brewing Simultaneously

Even though we know that this machine is a versatile one with its dual brewing ability, one factor that could make it totally perfect is the ability to brew both single cup and carafe simultaneously.

As of now, this coffee maker can only brew one side at one time. Thus, making it less efficient in case you want to brew a blend of coffee in the carafe and a different K-cup blend for your own use.

This can also cause bit of infuriation with the cleaning process. When the cleaning mixture is run through the inside of the machine, you are only able to clean one side at a time instead of cleaning both sides. If you are ready to spend more time on the cleaning, then this won’t probably bother you.

Non-programmable Single-Serve

As the time required to brew a single serve size amount of coffee is merely a few minutes, the Flexbrew does not have a selection to schedule a single serve brewing cycle. However, the single serve option is already quick as it is. The programmable feature is more effective for the carafe side.

Start-up Time for Single-Serve

Although the time for brewing for a single serve is less than that of brewing time for a carafe, it takes much longer to brew as compared to a regular Keurig. This is understandable as the Keurigs are designed specially to be able to brew K-cups rapidly and efficiently.

As the Flexbrew operates 2 different brewing methods, it takes some minutes to begin the brewing process once you select the “brew now” button. In total, the brew time for single serve side is from 4 to 6 minutes.

A good thing about the Flexbrew is that if the carafe is removed while the coffee is being brewed, the flow of coffee will stop automatically. However, the negative side of this is that the carafe has to be replaced in less than 20 seconds in order for coffee brewing process to continue.

Things to Consider Before Buying Hamilton Beach Flexbrew 49976

Since everything is automatic in this compact coffee maker, there is no temperature control setting. There is no built-in automatic coffee bean grinder, however, there is regular or bold brew choice for brewing a coffee cup for those who want to have the selection of having more intense taste with their coffee.

Most people would find out that the first time they use this coffee maker, it takes them around 2 minutes to brew a cup of coffee. Some might consider this as average.

Hamilton Beach Flexbrew

You can turn it on, pour water into it, then add the coffee and turn on to brew the cup of coffee. It is a simple job that only requires a few seconds.

Hamilton Beach Flexbrew 49976 can take your own coffee grounds and also K-cups and pods, allowing for versatility when it comes to your coffee. This extremely easy-to-use machine as explained above is pretty self-explanatory to set up and get up and running for brewing coffee right away.

There are mixed reviews when it comes to the durability of this coffee maker. While some customers swear by this coffee machine, there are others who say that gave up just after as few as 4 uses. This must be kept in mind before purchasing it for your home.

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Brewing a Cup of Coffee with Hamilton Beach Flexbrew

Single Serve Brewing

Here is the easy, step-by-step guide which will help you brew a single cup of coffee.

Step 1. Simply press the single serve button, and then elevate the lid latch till the lid snaps open.

Note: Ensure that the funnel is in the right place.

Step 2. Place a single serve pouch of coffee into the detachable single serve sachet holder in the funnel. Close the lid by pressing the coffee pouch.

Step 3. Now raise the water tank lid of Hamilton Beach Flexbrew single serve, and add water in it followed by the mug.

Step 4. Once water has been added, then the lid must be closed. Now press the Brew Strength button to make your coffee regular or bold –  depending on your choice.

Step 5. Press the Brew Now button to get started with the process of brewing. The coffee maker will mechanically shut off when the brewing process is complete.

Note: The rest of the cup must be removed when you are brewing coffee for the travel mug.

Brew a Carafe of Coffee

Here is a step by step guide on how to brew coffee for a 12-cup carafe.

Step 1. Press the Carafe Button primarily, and then lift the lid in order to detach the brew basket.

Step 2. Simply put a paper filter for coffee in the brew basket. Now for every cup of coffee, you must put 1 level of tablespoon of coffee grounds in the filter.

Step 3. Now the brew basket must be placed in the holder. Fill the carafe with 12 cups of regular water. Now the water must be poured in carafe water reservoir.

Note: The water level can be checked with the water displaying meter attached with the Flexbrew.

Step 4. Once the water has been poured, the next step is to change the Brew Strength by clicking on Brew Strength Button. The brew strength must be changed to BOLD.

Step 5Press the Brew Now button so that your coffee brewing process can be started. Once the added coffee has been brewed, the automatic shut off feature will turn off the coffee machine two hours from the beginning of brew cycle.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Using Hamilton Beach Flexbrew

Let us now have a look at the things that you should and shouldn’t do in terms of usability of this coffee maker is concerned.


  • Before starting the coffee machine, read the instructions carefully.
  • Make sure that the water tank has been removed from the machine while filling it.
  • Always use fresh water for the process of brewing coffee.
  • The machine must always be switched on while the coffee grounds container is being emptied.
  • The coffee machine must be descaled regularly.


  • Coffee beans must not be used in the coffee machine.
  • While the machine is functioning, make sure that the drip tray and the coffee grounds container are not removed.
  • Don’t leave your coffee maker in long drawn out duration of storage. If it’s not in your use, make sure to switch it off.
  • Make sure to add only 2 level measuring spoons of the coffee grounds in the filter funnel.


What does it mean when my Hamilton Beach FlexBrew says needle?

If you get the message “Needle”, this means that the piercing needle has been clogged.

Which is better Keurig or Hamilton Beach?

Although pricey, the Keurig delivers a more convenient interface and a greater assortment of brewing options. But for a compact maker that will get the job done with minimal user input, the more affordable Hamilton Beach machine may be all you need.

Why is my FlexBrew not working?

There may be two reasons your FlexBrew Coffee Maker is not brewing: If the brew button is pressed, the FlexBrew takes about 3 minutes to warm up and complete a full cycle. The bottom needle of the single serve holder may be clogged.

Wrapping Up our Hamilton Beach Flexbrew Guide

Our final verdict is that this small machine has impressed us to a great extent. If you are looking for a reliable, and strong home-brewing device, then the Flexbrew is good value for your money.

It comes with a lot of qualities: affordability, versatility and efficiency. It will make a delicious carafe or cup of coffee for you every time the machine is used to brew coffee.

Even after going through our Hamilton Beach Flexbrew Coffee Maker guide, we always suggest you to do more homework before buying a machine that will define the way you brew and consume your coffee drink on an everyday basis.