Top Half Caff K Cups — Perfectly Balanced, As All Things Should Be

Half Caff K cups get their name from their caffeine content. These have half the caffeine of regular coffee. While the coffee itself has been popular with people for a long time, brands were late to the party. However, once they showed up, they’ve made great efforts to get to the top.

Brewing half caff coffee requires a simple blend. You take equal measures of regular and decaf coffee, then mix them for an intriguing cup of half caff.

Though half caff has always been popular, their K cup offerings have led to greater convenience. Your favorite half caff coffee is just a K cup away!

7 Half Caff K Cups To Enjoy In 2020

Editor’s Choice: Folgers Half Caff Coffee

Folgers Half Caff K Cups

Well, now that turned out to be a surprise. Folgers coffee is pretty good, but I didn’t quite expect it to go beyond some of the gourmet options on this list. This blend from Folgers tastes just right, and gives a satisfying sense of half caff goodness. 

I mean, there’s carefully made gourmet, and then there’s Folgers mass-produced coffee! Obviously, they’re doing something right! Or maybe the decaf-regular blend hit all the right notes. Whatever the reason, Folgers Half Caff K cups are our leaders for this category.

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The Best Half Caff K Cups Reviewed

1. Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC, Swiss Water Half Caf Organic Sidamo Coffee Pods – Quality Gourmet

Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC Sidamo Pods

This is the high-quality combo that hits all the right notes. Sidamo Half Caf coffee from Fresh Roasted LLC comes with a range of encouraging descriptions. This coffee is certified USDA organic, fair trade and Kosher. The pods are made from recyclable plastic as an attempt to reduce their carbon footprint.

Equally interesting is the fact that this is a single source gourmet coffee. It is sourced from the Sidamo region of Ethiopia. Sidamo is well-regarded for the unique taste and flavor it grants to the coffee. Only coffee grown in this region may carry its name. 

The company has quite a range of coffee options available. Though our focus is on Sidamo here, other available Half Caff coffee options are:

The medium roast Sidamo is very enjoyable. It has a fruity and light flavor that goes along rather well with this coffee. The decaf portion comes from the same high-quality coffee. Care is taken to ensure that the process doesn’t ruin the taste and flavor of this coffee.

K Cup Highlights

  • Masterful blend of decaf and regular coffee
  • Gourmet coffee sourced from Sidamo, Ethiopia
  • K cups made from #5 BPA-free recyclable plastic
  • Certifications: Orthodox Union Kosher, Fair Trade, USDA Organic
  • Medium roast
  • Fruity and light taste notes

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2. Green Mountain Half-caff Hazelnut K-cups – Green Mountain Half Caff K Cups

Green Mountain Hazelnut Half Caff

Green Mountain Half-caff Hazelnut K-cups are the best option if flavor is what you want. Hazelnut flavoring goes stunningly well with the coffee to create a wonderful cuppa. The coffee has a good body and aroma. The touch of hazelnut puts it in a great spot where taste is concerned.

While I see the hazelnut flavor as a guiding factor here, I’d be remiss to mention that the coffee quality is great too. This is a pretty good K cup that hits all the right spots.

Coffee Highlights

  • Medium roast coffee
  • Hazelnut flavoring
  • Good body and taste

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3. Folgers Half Caff K Cups – Best Overall

Folgers Half Caff K Cup Pods

Folgers has done a stunning job with its half caff K cups. The blend is smooth and delicious, and feels just right. The medium roast coffee brews a rich cup that is tough to put down. It’s not just the taste and flavor, Folgers ½ caff K cups hit the right notes in all aspects.

The cup is excellent value for money and the presentation is fairly inviting. Folgers blend is quite refreshing in taste and stays away from being overpowered by either of its constituents. 

Coffee Highlights

  • Great taste
  • Rich coffee
  • Medium roast

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4. Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC, Half Caf Coffee Pod Variety Pack – Best Variety Pack

Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC Half Caf Variety Pack

As we saw with the Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC Sidamo, they’ve got quite a range of gourmet coffee available. And the best way to enjoy the goodness of all those flavors is to get hold of their variety pack.

The K cups inside the variety pack contain some of the best coffees from around the world in their half caff variants. Depending on the pack you choose, you’ll find coffee from Sumatra, Ethiopia, Mexico, and Peru. All the coffee used is certified USDA organic.

These variety packs are a great way to enjoy gourmet coffee from different parts of the world. And you get to do that with your choice of half caff coffee.

Coffee Highlights

  • Certifications: USDA organic, Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance, Orthodox Union Kosher
  • Flavor and taste notes vary depending on coffee origin
  • Single origin coffee
  • K cups made from #5 BPA-free recyclable plastic

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5. Skinnygirl Half Caff Coffee Single Serve Cups – Excellent Blend

Skinnygirl Half Caff Coffee

Skinnygirl Half Caff Coffee Single Serve Cups have a carefully crafted excellent blend vouching for them. There are no artificial flavors and sweeteners in this blend. It relies wholly on the quality of coffee to get through for its taste. And it succeeds in that wholeheartedly. 

Coffee Highlights

  • No added flavors or sweeteners
  • Rainforest Alliance certified
  • Medium roast

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6. World’s Best Half Caff Dark Roast Coffee K Cups – Not The World’s Best, But Okay

Worlds Best Half Caff

How do you become the world’s best half caff? You name yourself the world’s best half caff! This gives me a great idea to name myself the world’s richest man. It totally works, right?

Cringe branding aside, this is a fairly good half caff. Notice how it’s fairly good, and not the world’s best half caff. The coffee is a lovely dark roast – and the only dark roast on this list. So if your taste veers towards the dark roasts, this is the K cup to pick. 

One interesting thing with this K cup is that they list the expected caffeine content. While half caff drinkers are certainly interested in caffeine content, it’s rare for K cups to show off the numbers. Anyways, this one has 35mg of caffeine for a 6oz serving and 48 mg for the classic 8 oz cup.

Coffee Highlights

  • Not the world’s best half caff
  • Pretty good half caff
  • K cups made from recyclable #5 plastic
  • Dark roast

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7. Green Mountain Half Caff K Cups – Excellent Taste

Green Mountain Half Caff

Green Mountain Half Caff K Cups form a great blend to enjoy and relax. They’ve made use of an excellent ratio of regular and decaf coffee to get things rolling. The K cups use the best of Green Mountain coffee and bring in their quality decaf to square things up. As a result, you get this cup of wonderful body and flavor that’s definitely one of the best half caff K cups you can get.

Coffee Highlights

  • Excellent body and flavor
  • Medium roast
  • Certifications: Fair Trade, USDA Organic

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Things To Know About Half Caff K Cups

Half Caff K Cups – How Much Caffeine

Our intention obviously isn’t to get a big caffeine kick with half caff. So it makes sense to wonder how much caffeine is in half caff K cups. Most of the K cups aren’t quite upfront with their caffeine amounts, so it is tough to come to an exact answer.

Generally speaking, half caff is made from an equal blend of regular and decaf coffee. As such, you can expect it to have half the caffeine of a regular coffee. Again, this depends on the coffee used and the extraction of volume. 

The caffeine content will likely be more than half of the regular coffee. This is because decaf too has a small percentage of caffeine. It is negligible, but it is there. But then again, for practical considerations, consider caffeine content of decaf for half caff coffee is pretty much the epitome of splitting hairs.

On average, it is estimated that a K cup will deliver roughly 100 mg of caffeine for a regular 8 oz cup. So for a half caff K cups, the number can be safely assumed to be around 50 mg.

How To Store Your K Cups Right

K cups are fairly resilient and can last a long time, even beyond the use-by date of K cups. However, it is necessary that they be stored right. Ideally, you’ll want to store the K cups in a cool, dark place that is away from moisture and sunlight. 

Most K cup drawers do a pretty good job of keeping the K cups stored right. Though they are useful, keep in mind, they’re best for organization, not as tools for long-term storage. Even with the drawers, you’ll have to ensure the K cups are stored in the right conditions.

The Best Of Half Caffs

Choosing the right half caff k cup (or half decaf K cups) is a subjective decision. In my opinion, I found those listed here to be the best representatives of this category. My top choice here is the Folgers half caff K cup. 

Although, if you want a gourmet touch, give the pods from Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC a shot. And you can certainly bank on the familiar and well-regarded taste and quality of Green Mountain coffee, even for their half caffs.