Flavia Coffee Machine – Meeting Work Environment Coffee Needs

There is nothing better than a good cup of coffee to start your day with – the Flavia coffee machine is a top-notch coffee maker that meets your coffee needs whether at home or at work.

If we specifically talk about having coffee beverages at work, the first thing that comes to our mind is the coffee maker capacity while maintaing good taste. The Flavia coffee makers do exactly that!

FLAVIA® brewing systems is owned by Lavazza Professional – the renowned Italian coffee company.

One of the renowned Flavia coffee machines is the Creation 500 Drink Station. Let us have a detailed look at this machine.

What We Like About this Machine

  • Big capacity single-serve coffee machine for 50 or more people work spaces
  • Big LCD on front for easy view and selection of drinks or sizes
  • Makes coffee as well as mochas, lattes, hot chocolate etc
  • Café style coffee brewed at your office easily
  • Easy to clean or wash with removable water tank and drip tray
  • Compact design makes it possible to place anywhere with mess free operation
  • Powerful machine with 1550w of power makes great coffee in less than 60 sec
  • Over ice feature makes cold beverages too
  • No cross-over taste from one drink to the other
  • Connects to a water line as well

What We Do Not Like

Apart from a higher price tag and may be slightly bulky in design, there aren’t much negatives that you would possibly find for the Flavia C500.

A convenient and top-notch coffee maker that makes back to back coffee and other drinks in a café style manner mess free. May be big in size for home use, but again it is designed for commercial spaces.

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Flavia Drinks Creation 500 Drink Station

Flavia Drinks Creation 500 Drink Station

The Flavia Creation 500 coffee maker is a simple to use device yet it makes very decent coffee at work. It is designed keeping in mind the fast-paced work environment that people face these days with hardly any time to get a cup of coffee.

The coffee maker will amaze staff as well as visitors that are looking for a decent cup of coffee or tea. The machine is designed to work for long hours and serve back to back drinks instantly.

It will not take a lot of space and is mess-free for ideal usage. The following is the detailed functionality and efficiency of this machine.

Office employees will love the smooth latte or the hot espresso shots delivered within seconds! The hot chocolate will be a hit amongst chocolate lovers that will enjoy their drink with a snack anytime of the day.

Evenings will be great with tea breaks or tea and cookies. Iced coffee will be great for those that like it cold during heated work debates.

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Reasons for Liking the Flavia C500

The Flavia C500 is a hassle-free maker that brews great coffee including mochas, lattes or espressos. Also, it will make tea or hot chocolate and can pour out iced coffee too.

The tea and hot chocolate is great for those who are not too keen on coffee. Plus, the iced coffee option is great for summers. Perfect for office environments – office employees will love this device and love to have their coffee within the work space instead of going out to cafés or takeaways.

Let us have a look at the various features and specifications of the Flavia C500 coffee machine:

Machine Design

The size of the coffee maker might not be as compact as its rival products – but with the heavy-duty power it comes with, it makes up for the design factor.

Accessibility & Convenience

This machine has a large LCD display in the front for better accessibility. This coffee maker is a good choice for lattes, real leaf teas, cappuccinos and premium hot chocolate effortlessly within a minute.

The coffee is not just ordinary but amazing tasting too. The brewing is very good producing great aroma coffee and the patented brewing process prevents cross-over from one drink to the other.

Brew Strong & Rich Beverages

The espressos will be strong and the lattes very rich! Even fresh coffee grounds will taste super with this single serve coffee maker. There is a built-in function of brewing hot drinks “over ice” for those refreshing iced beverages.

The language support includes English, French and Spanish for that multi-cultural work space.

Great for Offices with 50+ Staff

The FLAVIA brewer is a sturdy machine that is capable for making coffee in large offices with 50+ employees. The super-fast machine brews coffee in under a minute giving way to the next staff very quickly – so no queues at all.

Also, this is portable and flexible with plumbed-in and pour-over features for easy placement anywhere in the office.

A smart and stylish design that will operate nicely in any urban office with back to back coffee or hot drink options. The water tank has a big capacity of 101.4oz that can be refilled easily. The removable drip tray also makes it easy to clean.

The cup options of small, regular, large and over ice is great for that perfect coffee quantity that you want at any time of the day. The large option will give you a hefty 245ml of that great coffee!

NAMA Certified Machine

National Automatic Machine Association (NAMA) is a US certification that reflects machine’s comliance to certain standards and guidelines.

The Flavia C500 is a NAMA certified machine for commercial and domestic use. Durability is undoubtedly one of the best selling points of this coffee maker.

This coffee maker is designed by baristas so you get that perfect café style brewed coffee and mochas instantly. The LCD reads out all functions and great coffee will pour out at the touch of a button.

How to Use FLAVIA Coffee Machine

The Flavia C500 is pretty simple to use. You just place the machine over the counter or desk and plug it in. The powerful 1550w coffee maker spins into getting ready to brewing outstanding coffee in no time!

Simply fill the water tank and use the packs from various brands of your favourite coffee, cappuccino, mocha, latte, herbal tea, hot chocolate or black tea and make your cup within 60 seconds.

Use Various Brands Packets

Since Lavazza is the parent company, brands like Lavazza, Starbucks, Peets, Milkyway etc all are options for the coffee packs that you can use with FLAVIA coffee maker.

Single-Click Cup & Brew Type Select

The large LCD display tells you the brew type and cup size with buttons that are simple and convenient to use. The size options are also good to use with small, regular, large and over ice options for that refreshing iced beverage.

Easy Cleaning

Cleaning is easy too with the water tank and drip tray made removable to wash easily. One of the simplest machines that makes immaculate coffee for large workspaces without any mess.

Overall Performance

The C 500 works well in a large office environment with minimal maintenance needed. The menu is simple and displayed clearly on the LCD. Making coffee or other beverages is simple and it makes high quality beverages.

The operation time is also pivotal in this coffee maker – with less than a minute it is by far the best option for coffee. This means back to back coffee in no time saves the entire staff a lot of valuable time to work efficiently. Also, it connects to a water line for even easier use.

Even cleaning is pretty simple and easy to do. The tank and drip tray can be removed to wash. Rest of the machine is virtually maintenance free with hardly requiring any more cleaning with the automatic pack projector system.

It features a low energy mode that makes the machine very energy efficient. It delivers nice consistent flavour with separate brew cycles for both tea or coffee Freshpacks. A very good performance coffee maker for that super quick coffee or tea right in your office!

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Why Choose Flavia?

The parent company Lavazza is renowned globally for top quality office coffee machines. It manufactures coffee makers that have immense reliability and dependability. Certainly a mess-free machine for all office requirements from coffee to mocha or tea.

A sturdy machine that will operate long hours every day without any problems. With a big variety of coffee, hot chocolate and tea options, everyone will have their favourite drink right in the centre of their workplace!

High Quality Beverages

The quality of drinks is high grade and comparable to cafes. The company is also well reputed in the maintenance side of their products with quality after-sales product support.

Other brands that make coffee makers for office use and large number of people are never as reliable as this. Most have issues with capacity and make a mess when used over and again.

Quick & Easy-to-use Machine

Plus, it takes time for staff to understand the functions and use them fully. Some cheaper options require a lot of cleaning and maintenance to work well.

With FLAVIA, you have your piece of mind and you know the machine will never break down or cause any problems in performance.

Flavia 6-Column Merchandiser

FLAVIA also makes 6 column merchandiser that stores the Freshpacks in a convenient way. It holds up to 612 packs with a lot of room left for your drinks.

The design allows a coffee shop feel while storing the drinks neatly. The clear window is great to browse the drink you want to make. Another great reason to be associated with this company!

Flavia C400 Previous Model Review

The Flavia C400 is considered to be a predecessor model of the C500. This was a single serve brewing system that could brew your favorite cup of coffee, tea, hot chocolate or other coffee drinks.

All you had to do was place a Freshpack into the door and you would be seconds away from a hot and fresh cup of premium coffee! It did have an easy-to-operate LCD with a clear menu to make your life a whole lot easier.

Also, it had a capacity to hold around 75 used Freshpacks before it needed to be emptied.

However, the downside of this model was that it could easily create a water mess since the mechanism was largely based on breaking the pod with water pressure – hence, creating an unwanted mess.

Wrapping Up Our Flavia Coffee Machine Guide

The FLAVIA coffee machine is a top-choice for office use. As already mentioned, it brews high quality coffee and other beverages through really simple operation.

A perfect addition to any office space that performs in the way a commercial coffee maker works. The huge coffee list will amaze everyone and they will enjoy their coffee in an individual way every day.

Keeping in mind all the above-mentioned features, the C500 is probably one of the the best coffee maker for large offices. It is best for keeping the staff fresh and indoors for longer. They will love the brewing and variety of coffee this device can make.

It will make their mornings productive with their favourite drinks right on their desks. Their days will pass with ease as they can choose from various coffee and tea options through this coffee maker.

Those long meetings will turn out effortless with so many options to drink from. Finally, everyone will enjoy their favourite hot drinks or cold coffee with effortless instant making without the need of a barista!