Espresso Con Panna – The Espresso, the Cream and Some Innovation

Are you an espresso lover who loves trying out new drinks every time you are out or even at home? If yes, then let us make your coffee drinking experience even more delicious and and innovative by introducing you to Espresso Con Panna.

You might have seen this name a few times on various coffee shops but still have no clue what it is – well, don’t worry, we will tell you about it. Not just that, this overview will also guide you to make a fantastic Espresso Con Panna at the comfort of your home.

What is Espresso Con Panna?

In Italian, the meaning of Espresso Con Panna is “espresso with cream”. It is an espresso shot with a spoonful of whipped cream on top of it. It may or may not be sweet.

We recommend to use 70/30 Arabica/Robusta coffee beans combination for the perfect Espresso Con Panna.

The key here is espresso, it must be really good. Something that you are truly fond of. Same goes for the whipped cream. It must be very good quality. As this drink has only two ingredients, both must be really good and delicious and the resulting drink will leave you wanting for more.

A Fan of Black Coffee? Try This

It can also be a good drill for you to start drinking black coffee. The Espresso Con Panna is not black, but it can certainly be one of the primary stages for you to start given that you reduce the amount of sugar and cream.  

Origin of Espresso Con Panna

While it is not clearly known where exactly the origin of Espresso Con Panna is, one thing everyone is certain of is that this drink is Italian, due to its name. it could even be German or Turkish for all we know.

What we do know for a fact and something that holds significance is that it is an older drink. This drink is older than the cappuccino. Therefore, it makes absolute sense that there is a specific recipe available for it.

Alternate Drink that is NOT Espresso Con Panna

Sometimes, the Espresso Con Panna is also called Vienne, Vienois or Viennese.  This is confusing because Viennese is a different espresso drink. It does contain whipped cream, steamed milk and some toppings to add to the taste.

Even sometimes in the United States, people confuse an espresso con panna for a Viennese. It is dependent on the region and what are the drinks called in those regions.

So, keep in mind that if there is a single (or occasionally a double) shot of espresso with a spoonful of whipped cream on the top and nothing else, then the drink is Espresso Con Panna.

This drink is small, around 3 ounces and is served in a demitasse (which is a very small cup used for serving coffee).

Now you might be wondering this drink would require effort to make at home. But it’s actually easy to make.

Making Espresso Con Panna

Let’s roll up our sleeves and make the delicious Espresso Con Panna.

You need a good or a decent enough espresso machine for this. And your amazing barista expertise!

Espresso Matters – The Most!

If your espresso is average, then you have to flavor it since it’s the most important element of your drink.

A bad espresso will mean the drink will be bad. The whipped cream will make the espresso rich and creamy and reduce the bitterness a bit but main part has to be played by espresso here.

Once your espresso skills are all set, then it’s time to get started with the Espresso Con Panna.

Time to Get Started

We start by making a fantastic shot of espresso. The crema should be moderate, not too much, else the whipped cream will drown out. Also, it should not be too less or your espresso will taste bland.

If this is your first time making Espresso Con Panna, then the shot should be a standard one. Taste this, and if you are satisfied with it, then you can give the double shot a try to boost the caffeine levels.

Whipping the Cream

Whip the cream before brewing the espresso. This can be done in a couple of ways:

  • If you prefer the classic taste, get the heavy cream which is at least 20%, a clean bowl, and a whisk. Now whisk the cream like nobody’s business.
  • You must, however, not overdo it. Make sure it does not separate into butter as this will mean it has been spoiled. So, you should know when to stop.
  • The cream should luscious, creamy and properly defined. If a spoonful is taken, it should retain its shape. Mixing should take about two to three minutes.

Don’t Want to Mix? No problem

If you are in a rush and don’t want to mix, then you can do it using other ways such as:

  • Use a clean mason jar which has been cooled by being in the fridge. Put the heavy cream in it and then shake this jar after covering with the lid. This gives a soft texture to the cream and is easier than a whisk. Also note that this process is somewhat slower.
  • After this, you can put the heavy cream in a bowl and whip with an electric mixer.
  • When you’ve whipped the cream, make sure to keep it cool when your espresso is brewing. When it’s done brewing, take the cream out and spread it on top of the espresso. You can spread as much as you like to.
  • Although you can put as much cream as you want, but mostly tablespoon is sufficient for most.

Choose your Espresso Wisely:

You need to choose your espresso wisely because as we have mentioned it above, it matters the most.

If you want to make your Espresso Con Panna the right way, don’t add sugar in the espresso and don’t sweeten the whipped cream either. A good coffee that is a good blend between Arabica and Robusta should be used.

A nice blend of the two is important because if you use the Arabica, you can lose flavor profile. If you use Robusta, then you will get more than required crema and subsequently harsh coffee.

If you are looking for more flavorful beans, then go for South or Central American beans. If you can’t pick and choose the country, then any decent beans would do. If you buy whole beans and grind coffee yourself, then making espresso really helps a lot.

This way, your espresso won’t only be more flavorful but the crema will also be thicker (and denser). Your drink will taste better and fresh.

Quality of Cream Plays an Important Role:

The other ingredient is the heavy cream. You must use good quality cream for this. Both the ingredients must be high quality so you can enjoy your drink! Getting whipped cream in a can – the one that you spray is not a good idea. This doesn’t equal the heavy cream that can be mixed at home.

While buying heavy cream, look for cow’s milk heavy cream. Don’t get any with hydrogenated fats or plant based fats. If plant based cream is used, then the flavor will be somewhat bland. But if you are vegan, then you should totally go for it.

In that case, you can also opt for cashew based cream as it is thicker. However, if you are not a vegan, then don’t allow yourself to buy it.

Espresso Con Panna My Cafe

While the Espresso Con Panna uses espresso, this drink can also be made with a strong brewed coffee, it is called Coffee Con Panna. My Cafe is a brewer that enables you to regulate the strength of your brew by filling the tank with every drink.

This means that if 60 ml of water is poured in, it will brew drink that is 60 ml. Some My Cafe models provide the choice of pulse brew, this gives more time for water and beans to come in contact and extracts more coffee solubles.

Our Final Thoughts on Espresso Con Panna

The Espresso Con Panna is a good and creative way to experiment with attaining right brew of espresso. It was also featured in Recipe Reborn in Final Fantasy XIV mobile game back in the day and it amassed praises by audience.

This particular drink is mostly made without any sweeteners or sugars, so this is how you should try making it for the first time.

You must be able to taste strong and bitter espresso and the whipped cream which makes the drink easier to handle without sugar. Have fun trying this out at home!