Commercial Cold Brew Coffee Maker – The Barista’s Choice

How often is it that you make a cold-brewed coffee cup at home and not enjoy it the way you should? Well, one of the main reasons is that only a commercial cold brew coffee maker can take care of your cold-brewed coffee cravings.

That’s right. The hot summer days are already here – and nothing feels better than sipping to a perfect blend of cold-brewed coffee to quench your thirst as well as fulfill your coffee needs.

Nitro Brew is nitrogen-infused brew that is stored in beer kegs served on draft.

If you are a skilled barista working at a coffee shop or someone who needs more than one cold-brewed coffee cups at a time, you certainly need to have a machine that makes the job easier for you.

Let us review the best cold brew coffee makers that you can find in the market today.

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Our Top Pick for Commercial Cold Brewing Coffee Makers

Our top pick in the commercial cold brewers is the Brewista Pro 2 Commercial Cold Brewing System. With their innovative ‘lift, twist and drain’ design, the whole process of cold brewing gets a lot easier with this machine.

The Cold Pro 2 comes with a 6.5 gallon capacity that meets the needs of those who need commercial-level cold brewing. Also, it has a triple filtration system that gives you rich and refined cold-brewed cup of coffee.

Best Cold Brew Coffee Maker of 2020

Let us now have a look at some of the best cold brew coffee makers that are specifically designed for commercial or large-scale brewing purposes.

Madesco Coffee Brewer and Dispenser

Madesco Coffee Brewer and Dispenser

The Madesco 5-gallon cold brew coffee brewer and dispenser is a pretty good option if you have large-scare coffee brewing needs at your restaurant or cafe.

Large Batches of Cold Brew Coffee with Filters & Liners

This coffee brewer comes with two restaurant-grade reusable cold brew filters and liners, which means you don’t have to spend more money on purchasing filters after every now and then.

The filters provide a 2-ply defense mechanism against fine coffee grounds that add up to the final taste of the brewed coffee.

Perfect Filter Width for Delicious Flavor

One of the most important elements in filter design for such coffee brewers is the width of the filter. This brewer has 12-inch filters that make sure the coffee is less than 3 inches from the surrounding water.

This helps in preventing from coffee grounds settling in the center of the water filter, if that happens the taste of the coffee gets adversely affected. Instead, the filters allow adequate water-flow for the perfect brew.

Easy Clean Up

This brewer is quite simple and hassle-free as far as cleaning is concerned. All you need to do is place a plastic bag in the sink and empty the grounds from the reusable filter into the plastic bag.

Get rid of any remaining grounds and then throw away the plastic bag in the trash can. Wash the container once before placing the filter back again, and that is it!


  • Comes with restaurant-grade reusable filters and liners
  • Easy clean up
  • Above average brew quality
  • Filters are durable and affordable


  • Comes with a slightly higher price tag as compared with other rival products

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Brewista Pro 2 Commercial Cold Brewing System

Brewista Pro 2 Commercial Cold Brewing System

The Brewista Cold Pro commercial cold brew system is undoubtedly one of the better products that you can get your hands on if you are looking for a reliable and efficient cold brew system.

This brand has revolutionized cold brewing since 2015 with their innovative design and working mechanism. With all the convenience and easy of handling you could ask for, it just doesn’t come better than this at this price.

The ‘Lift, Twist and Drain’ Design

Bringing all their research, expertise and experience into play, this brand came up with a unique design that eliminates the mess, coffee waste and hassle that you might have to go through with other cold brewers.

All you have to do is lift the filter basket, twist it into position and drain into the brew vessel for quick and easy dispensing. You don’t need a refrigerator or a colander anymore!

Brew Buckets Made Specifically for Cold Brew

Manufactured in America, Brewista’s equipment – particularly brew bucket, is designed in a way that meets cold brewing needs in the most efficient of ways.

The permanent filter is positioned and supported well by the integrated components around it. Unlike it’s predecessor Cold Pro model, you don’t need adapter rings anymore. Also, the translucent material allows you to view the cold brewing process at any time.

Triple Filtration Mechanism for Smooth and Rich Taste

The triple filtration system ensures refined cold brewing for enhanced coffee taste. The polypropylene permanent filter is at the core of the system.

The second filtration layer is the laboratory-grade Brewista Essentials Smart Brew PLA Filters. These are patented filters made by Brewista at their Wyoming manufacturing unit. These disposable filters refine the cold brew to around 20 microns.

The third and final filtration layer is the finisher filter. These are polyfiber discs that are directly connected to the dispensing unit. They assist in taking down the cold brew to 5 microns for a perfect, refreshing taste.


  • Easy to operate
  • Hassle-free cleaning
  • Triple filtration system enhances brewing quality
  • Comes with 6.5 and 3.5 gallon capacities (Cold Pro 2 and Cold Pro 4 models respectively)
  • Works well for large-scale cold brewing


  • According to some customers, the filter bag system might not work as efficiently as the manufacturer claims it does

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Toddy Commercial Model Cold Brew System

Toddy Commercial Model Cold Brew System

Being one of the pioneers in the commercial cold brewers industry, Toddy has been serving the needs of coffee shop owners and baristas since the 1960s.

This commercial cold brew system is one of the widely accepted and recognized cold brewers to this date. You don’t find a lot of good options within this price range, that’s for sure.

Patent Technology for Best Flavor

Using a patented cold-water extraction mechanism, the Toddy Commercial Cold Brew System produces cold-brewed coffee ensuring better taste and high brew quality.

Regardless of the demand you might have at your local coffee shop or even at your office kitchen, this brewer will make multiple coffee cups while maintaining the same aromatic cold-brew coffee feels in each cup.

Decent Quantity for Small Setups

This cold brewer gives you around 2-2.5 gallons of coffee extract per 5 pounds of coffee brew. Yes, you might think that there are cold brewers out there in the market with more quantity, however, you need to also take into account the fact that they might not have the same taste as this brewer gives.

If you have a small commercial or office setup, this brewer will work perfectly for you. Even if the demand increases, you can always buy another one to meet your coffee demands.


  • Comes with a starter pack of 4 filters
  • A BPA free product
  • No-drip faucet
  • 5 pounds of coffee brewing gives 2-2.5 gallons of extract
  • Comes with the Toddy Lift and Starter Pack of 4 filters (enhances volume of extract)


  • Some users have complained about too much liquid being left in the bottom during draining

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What is Cold Brew?

As they say, knowing your beverage is important before you start brewing a cup. Cold brew coffee is originally made from coffee beans which are steeped in cold water somewhere between 12-24 hours.

This is the time when the flavor, caffeine and sugar is extracted. This process makes sure all the bitterness of coffee is taken out before you consume it.

It is important to know that cold brew coffee is not the same as a regular cup of iced coffee, which is usually made by pouring hot coffee over ice.

What is Nitro Brew Coffee?

Cold brew and Nitro brew coffee are similar to some extent, however, the major difference being the fact that it is a nitrogen-infused brew that is stored in beer kegs served on draft.

The main idea of using a beer tap for serving Nitro coffee is to give a more sweeter, creamier and foamy effect to the beverage. It is a perfect drink if you are a fan of cold, strong and creamy cup of Joe on a hot summer day!

Benefits of Cold Brew Coffee

Let us have a look at some of the positive elements of a cold brew coffee:

Has a More Sweetening Effect

With around 67% lesser acidity as compared to a hot brew, the cup of cold brew tastes much sweeter, smooth and without any bitter aftertaste.

Acids and natural oils are known to add the strong and bitter element in a hot brew cup – these are softened in a cold brew and the end result is a full-bodied and smooth drink.

More Caffeine than Regular Coffee

Since the steeping process is long, usually between 12-24 hours, the cold brew coffee to water ratio is around 1:60, as compared to the regular drip coffee which is around 1:20. Regular coffee is usually diluted with milk or water and that reduces the caffeine concentration.

A regular 16 oz cup of cold brew coffee has around 200 mg of caffeine – a 16 oz hot brew gives you between 160-180 mg of caffeine depending on your coffee beans and the amount of milk, cream or water you add to it.

Cold Brew is a Good Pre-Exercise Drink

The high caffeine-concentration makes it a perfect pre-workout beverage. It makes you feel more energetic and lessens the chances of you going through muscular pain during or after your workout session.

Better Alternative for Sensitive Stomachs

Since a cold brew cup of coffee is less acidic compared to a regular hot coffee, it is a better drink for those who have a higher acid reflux or stomach indigestion issues.

Also, if you are looking to lose some pounds this season, cold brew can help you with that.

Wrapping Up Our Commercial Cold Brew Coffee Maker Guide

Brewing a large number of cold brew coffee cups can surely be a real challenge for any barista or coffee aficionado in the world if the right brewing equipment is not at his or her disposal.

You might find a lot of options in the commercial cold brew coffee maker category, however, if you haven’t done your homework well, you can undoubtedly end up buying an inefficient machine at a higher price.

Even if the working mechanism seems a lot more simpler than a regular hot brew coffee cup, the right machine will give you that perfect liquid tank, filter system and Nitro effect that will boost the flavor of your final cup of cold brew coffee.