Cheapest Place to Buy K-Cups – Saving Money on Your Cup of Joe

Loving coffee and knowing the right way to go about it are two separate things. You might be crazy about your Keurig machine but you might not know the cheapest place to buy K-cups.

There are so many people across the world that love a cup of coffee right in the morning that is easy, convenient and tastes good. For some, it is the most vital thing of the day that jump-starts their entire day.

Getting the perfect taste at the best price is something every coffee lover wants.

Although good coffee is expensive, there are ways to buy it smartly and save money. If you are looking for the cheapest place to buy k cups, you are at the right place.

K-Cups Ease of Use and Practicality

As so many people are making their own coffee at home, better ways to do the job have been introduced. There are automatic coffee makers with timers and auto shut features that make it so much easier and effortless to make coffee at home.

Using K-cups is a practical way due to its easy cleaning and washing of the equipment. K-cups also come in various kinds and flavors from different brands too, making them loved by many coffee drinkers.

Since k-cups are a big hit, so is their pricing! These do not come cheap. So, if you are using these, you will need to know the best place to buy k cups.

This basically means there are various places to buy coffee – but there are some places that offer better prices or saver deals. It is always a good idea to look for such places and offers.

Best Place to Buy K-Cups

Let’s have a look at some of the best places and ways to save money and get the best value for your money.

Frequent Deals on Amazon

The online store Amazon also has a deal on k-cups. It is through Subscribe and Save. You can avail a 80-ct Double Donut Coffee Variety Pack and get 5% off through this. If you subscribe to 5 boxes, the discount goes to 15% which is quite a saver.

Amazon has one of the largest k-cups collections and you will find every brand on it. Look for deals that are offered by brands from time to time for that great coffee at a lesser price. There are all types of k-cup coffee on Amazon and in different quantity sizes to choose from.

Buy Large Packs to Save Money

Large packs or bigger sized packs will save you more money. If you want to try first, then go for single pack k-cups so you can decide which is the best coffee for you. From McCafe to Dunkin Donuts, you will find everything on Amazon when it comes to k-cups.

Starbucks lovers will also find their favourite k-cups here as there a huge list of products from this brand. There is a huge variety of these k-cups available at good prices too.

The Keurig K-Cups Deals

Keurig K-cups are also available widely on Amazon. You will find all types and packaging sizes available with good prices. Large packs boxes are available too that are cheaper to buy as well.

The Peet’s Coffee Deals

Another good brand of coffee is Peet’s Coffee. It is also available in k-cups on Amazon with many coffee types including decaffeinated coffee. SF Bay Coffee k-cups are also available here with a variety of packs. Tim Horton’s Decaf k-cups are available too here.

The Victor Allen Deals

If you are into trying different flavours, the Victor Allen’s hazelnut flavoured is a great tasting coffee that comes in k-cups. At just $0.33 per count, it is very affordable too. This is one of the best priced k-cup available made for people that love urban flavours.

The Two Rivers Coffee flavoured coffee pods variety pack sampler is a great way to try multiple flavours of coffee. You can try 40 flavours through this buy at just $0.55 per count. A great way to make k-cups and enjoy different flavours all the time!

There are other k-cup variety packs available too that you can enjoy every day with a different flavour every time!

If you are looking to gift coffee to your friends or family – you will find great k-cups on Amazon’s Most Gifted section as well. A one-stop shop for all k-cup requirements that will also save you money when you are even buying as gifts!

In case you are not sure which coffee to buy, you can check the Best Sellers or Hot New Releases sections to find great coffee brands. This way you may find that perfect k-cup for your everyday coffee breaks.

Websites that Sell Coupons

As there are so many grocery stores all around, they keep coming with discount coupons so as to beat competition. Even k-cups are no exception in this. You can find these around several stores and avail them to buy your coffee pods and save money.

You can find names like Gevalia, Maxwell House, Folgers, Millstone and Eight O’Clock through these coupons and save a ton. Click here to find these coupons and buy k-cups at great discounted rates.

Going to Wholesale Suppliers

This is another place to find k-cups at a bargain. You might wonder why go to a wholesale k-cups suppliers to buy pods for your home. The answer is pretty simple: better prices! Costco, Sam’s Club and BJ’s Wholesale are best places to visit.

Costco for instance have their own k-cup brand now called Kirkland Signature and sell it online at 39c per pod for a box of 200. They have currently 2 kinds – Breakfast Blend and Pacific Bold.

If you buy these from their store physically, you get them at just 35c per pod on a purchase of a box of 100. Not that is a super deal! If you are an executive member you get an additional 2% off through cashback.

Another deal at Costco is through the purchase of a Keurig brewer – which gives you 60 free k-cups. Not bad for a single purchase offer. BJ’s Wholesale sells only national brands while Sam’s Club also has their own k-cup brand called Daily Chef.

Visiting these stores is always nice way to buy k-cups quite cheaply and still enjoy your coffee to the fullest.

Get Amazing Gift Cards At Home

As already mentioned above, gift cards are a great way to buy k-cups at discounted prices. You can look further into it and get even greater discounts through special gift cards like CARDPOOL.

This works by selling gift cards to big retailers like Target, Walmart, Kohl’s, Bed Bath and Beyond as well as Kroger. In the case of Office Depot, Cardpool sells cards at 8% off. You use your card, use the coupon code and then the Ebates cashback.

After that you can still use Worklife Rewards and then use the 8% off discount at the end. You will also get a free home delivery. Sometimes you will not be able to get all retailers gift cards but if you keep notifications on, you will be notified whenever there is a discount coming up.

Ebates is also a great way to buy cheap k-cups through their portal. You get 25% cashback checks every quarter that can be used later. They have retailers like Walmart,, Sam’s Club, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Target, Bed Bath and Beyond on their portal.

Get More Value with Ebay Deals

This is another exciting way of buying k-cups at super discounted prices! Almost all k-cup brands are available on eBay. As everyone knows, you can find everything on eBay. K-cups are no exception and a huge list of brands is available. Whether you need 2 or a pack of 100 – everything is available all the time.

Usually, people sell them on eBay in case they did not like the brand or the flavour. Also, sometimes people get gifts and want to see that particular coffee so they can buy their favourite one instead.

You will find a lot of good deals on eBay and a variety of k-cups on sale in different size packs. Go for the bigger ones as you will get much better deals but make sure to check the expiry date as coffee is better fresh.

Cross Country Café Deal

This deal is available only on Wednesdays at Cross Country Café on select Keurig K-cups only. It is cheaper than on Amazon which is pretty amazing. Also, it includes discounted coffee beans, ground and gourmet pod.

You will also get free shipping on $59 and above orders. Obviously so much discounts means this must be checked out totally for great savings.

Useful Tips on Saving Money on K-Cups

Let us now talk about some of the ways where you can save your hard-earned money on your K-cups.

Find the Best K-Cup Deals

Even if you do not have a Keurig coffee maker, it is still possible your coffee machine supports k-cups.

Many stores come up with promotions from time to time to lure in customers and increase footfall. It is always good to keep an eye out for these k cup deals as it can save a lot of your money! Best Buy is one such place to look for deals on k-cups.

Kohl’s and Staples also have special offers on k-cups from time to time. Intelligent Brands have regular deals on k-cups which are pretty nice too. Tanga also posts deals and Brad’s Deals has some great offers on k-cups too.

Bulk Buying Always Saves Money

As coffee is taken every day, you will need a decent size of stock in your kitchen. It makes sense to buy your k-cups in bulk as you will get a better pricing than buying individually.

Whenever you go for grocery shopping, you will find quite a few deals on bulk k-cup packs as vendors place promotions regularly on these. Generally, brands offer bid discounts on bulk-buying so always keep a lookout for these super saver deals.

Save By Using Reusable Filters

Another way to save on k-cups is by using re-usable filters. For example, the My K-cup is a way where one can use coffee ground and fill the cup to make coffee over and over again. These can be used in Keurig coffee makers and can be washed in dishwashers as well.

A cheap way to make coffee and also practical like the k-cups! You will find these at major stores for a good price as well as on Amazon. This is also a great way of coffee making for those that prefer their own brand of choice for coffee.

Ekobrew is a re-usable k-cup coffee filter that will save you money. You simply need to get your favourite coffee, fill it in this filter and use it like the Keurig k-cup without having to pay the same high price!

These give you the same experience through the Keurig coffee maker without having to spend so much money. If there are more drinkers, buy more Ekobrew filters. These are quite easy to clean up also and will be very affordable compared to K-cups.

San Francisco Bay Coffee K-cups are also re-usable that are light on the pocket. At $0.34 per k-cup, the San Francisco Bay Fog Chaser is an affordable way of enjoying your coffee. The great tasting coffee is even delivered to your home so you just put in in the machine and enjoy back to back coffee every day!

Look for Keurig Manufacturer Deals

In case you are looking to buy a coffee machine as your previous one got damaged, or you are buying one for the first time – get a Keurig. It is a well reputed company that has been involved in the coffee business for a long time now.

These are very durable and quite easy-to-use coffee makers that are k-cups friendly too. They come with a bunch of features and are simply yet great machines that brew very good tasting coffee.

There are different models available – from small, compact ones to medium sized models with more options. There are models with self-cleaning as well, meaning no need to clean after use. You will hardly need to operate the machine manually as it is mostly automatic and still get great coffee right in your cup.

After buying one from Keurig, do not forget to register online. This makes you activate the warranty and also offer you an amazing deal. This is you will be able to buy 2 packs of k-cups and get 2 absolutely free. It is a nice way of starting to use your new machine with free k-cups and enjoy your daily coffee!

Price Per K-Cup

As buying k-cups is generally expensive compared to buying ground coffee, there is a way of getting it cheaper as well. This is through price checking. Paying attention on the pricing will mean buying k-cups cheaper than the ones at original prices.

For example, a box of 12 will cost 41c per pod and buying a box of 36 will cost cheaper. Usually, k-cups cost roughly 50c per pod but if checked and bought they can go as low as 33c per pod, making you buy the cheapest Keurig k cups.

So when you go to buy k cups, always breakdown the price per cup and check.

Save Bucks with Gift Cards

While purchasing k-cups look for gift cards offered by various stores and online vendors. Sometimes you will find where to buy k cups through these gift cards at much cheaper prices. The following stores have great gift cards on offer that will make you save a lot:

  • Keurig coupons
  • Amazon coupons
  • Tanga coupons
  • Best Buy coupons
  • Staples coupons
  • Intelligent Blends coupons
  • Kohl’s coupons
  • Office Depot

Office Depot has gift cards that you can avail to buy pods like Eight O’Clock at quite a nice offer. The regular price is $9.99 per 18 k-cups. If you avail the coupon, you can buy 180 k-cups for around $80 that is just 44c per k-cup. You also get free shipping and rewards for your next shopping.


Is it cheaper to buy K cups or ground coffee?

Depending on the brand, K-cups cost more than ground coffee.

What is a good price per K cup?

The best places to buy k-cups in bulk are Costco and Sam’s Club (and of course, Amazon). You can get a 100ct box for $30 – $50. For example, 100 ct Original Donut Shop k-cup box retails for $47.00 at Sam’s club ($0.47 each) and you can get Maxwell House Breakfast blend k-cups for $34.98 ($0.35 each!).

Is it cheaper to use reusable K cups?

You can save 41 cents per cup by skipping the disposable K-Cups and switching to a reusable K-Cup filter. Brewing two cups a day with a reusable K-Cup filter saves you $299.30 per year.

Is Keurig cheaper than Starbucks?

While Keurig-brewed coffee costs more than traditionally brewed coffee, consumers still save a significant amount of money over the long run by using a Keurig brewer rather than buying a daily drink at Starbucks.

Final Thoughts on Saving Money on Your K-Cups

After looking at different retailers and sellers offering many discounts and offers, it is wise to research a bit before buying those favourite coffee k-cups. As you will be buying these regularly and not just once – a little saving means you will add up on your savings by a lot at the end of the year.

All major brands will offer regular or timely promotions on their stores, websites or through various resellers nationwide. You need to look for these so as to avail the best offers for your coffee k-cups. As k-cups are more expensive than regular coffee, why not get them cheaply right.

It is a good thing that you can find your favourite coffee k-cups at better prices one way or the other now. You just need to be smart and find the cheapest place to buy K-cups in order to get the best deal!

Is buying coffee always expensive? Maybe not.