A Detailed Look into the Best Built-in Espresso Machines of 2020

People who take coffee occasionally might find a built-in espresso machine a waste of money. However, if you are a coffee addict, then no need to worry – in this age of technology, automatic espresso machines are widely available to quench your espresso thirst.

When talking about coffee, automatic coffee machines are essential. Coffee freaks know how vital the built-in espresso machine is for them and how it can help them manage their lifestyle.

The espresso machines we usually use are not so easily manageable because you not only have to manage the espresso beans and the espresso shot but also the machine. Placing it in the right place, cleaning it after every few days and keeping it back in place whenever you are done, takes a lot of time and energy.

In such a case, built-in espresso machines are a great choice. By getting your espresso shot right on time without doing any hard work, you may enjoy a delicious espresso shot every morning before heading towards your work!

Best Built-in Espresso Machines to Buy in 2020

Built-in espresso machines not only give a perfect shot of espresso but also make the kitchens look more advanced, managed, and maintained. These machines save you from the fuss created while making espresso shots.

Here, we have brought you an overview of the top-rated built-in espresso machines. The following overview may help you with finding your upcoming favorite espresso maker or assist you in buying the most appropriate one for yourself.

  1. Bosch Built-in Coffee Machine
  2. Diadema Built-in Multifunction Coffee Machine
  3. Miele Built-in Coffee System
  4. Smeg 24′ Built-In Fully Automatic Coffee Machine

Bosch Built-in Coffee Machine

Bosch Built-in Coffee Machine

If you are a modern technology lover and really admire to have all the latest type of machines and equipment at home, then Bosch devices can certainly fulfill your desires.

These machines, including coffee makers, come with remote-controlled technology and apps. This means you can not only get a delicious shot but also get it by actually doing nothing.

Prepare Your Coffee with a Simple Touch

Prepare all types of coffees, including espressos, lattes, cappuccinos, and many more using the 14 modes of this coffee machine. The best part of this that you can get all these coffees with professional taste in just a few clicks.

Wi-Fi Order via App

Other than making delicious personalized drinks, Bosch built-in espresso machine can also make you a coffee cup by just getting an order over the app. You can make coffee and espresso shots for multiple people by simply using your cell phone. 

Monitor the Status Remotely

With this coffee machine, you can check the status of the roast of your coffee using your smart device. In addition to this, you can even check what items are left in your fridge with the Remote Monitoring feature.


  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to clean
  • Wi-Fi App Control
  • Great Presentation
  • Has pre-done drinks
  • Offers a variety of coffees


  • Needs Regular Cleaning
  • Not Durable as per the price

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Diadema Built-in Multifunction Coffee Machine

Diadema Built-in Multifunction Coffee Machine

Diadema presents to you a multi-function built-in coffee machine with programmable time settings and auto turn on/off feature. It also provides steam and coffee temperature regulation so that you can make a delicious espresso shot all by yourself. 

Offers you a Preheating and Fast heating Setting

This multi-function espresso maker comes with a setting of preheating and fast heating. So, you can perfectly manage the working of your machine and control the espresso preparation time according to your schedule and availability.

Get Flavorful Coffee Beverages

This machine has a steam supply for cappuccino and also offers multiple options and setting to make coffee and other beverages. Diadema coffee machine is compatible with numerous coffee capsules and also has enough strength and versatility to make the best beverages out of them. 


  • Customizable Aesthetics
  • LED lights and brightness control
  • One-touch for two coffees
  • Compatible with coffee capsules
  • Automatic cleaning and Descaling
  • Touch Control


  • Lesser Brand Awareness as Compared to Rival Products

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Miele Built-in Coffee System

Miele Built-in Coffee System

Miele has come up with this aesthetic electronic built-in Miele coffee machine that helps you make espresso or coffee with delicious taste and thick crema. With its aromatic system, it can create an enchanting aroma of your espresso shot. Moreover, it comes with an automatic cleaning option that ensures a freshly-cleaned system every time you turn it on.

Pre-Ground Coffee Can Also Be Used

Usually, coffee machines are specific about the type of coffee beans and their grinding. But with this machine, you can use whole beans as well as pre-ground coffee beans. You can make an espresso with a taste that you like no matter what kind of beans are required for it.

Multiple Specialty Drinks

Miele Espresso machine built-in offers multiple coffee drinks to a person so that he may enjoy a number of coffee types while sitting at home and have restaurant feels. Its specialty drinks include Café Latte, Latte Macchiato, Lungo Coffee, Espresso, Cappuccino, and coffee, etc.


  • Dual Dispensing Spouts
  • Adjustable cup settings
  • Touch Controls
  • Removable Brewing Unit
  • Aromatic System
  • Water protection System


  • Time-taking Cleaning Cycle
  • Water Temperature Not Too Hot

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Smeg 24’ Built-In Fully Automatic Coffee Machine

Smeg 24’ Built-In Fully Automatic Coffee Machine

Smeg24″ Built-in Fully Automatic Coffee Machine has all those things you intend to have in your coffee machine. You can transform your kitchen into a unique spot by having this built-in unit.

Perfect Programming System

Different programming features can help you to enjoy the coffee of your specialty. It also has a user-friendly programmed LCD display to notify a user about the details. The programming function allows you to save your coffee details so you may not have to predict directions every time you want the coffee of your taste.

Adjustable Coffee Intensity

One can adjust his coffee intensity and taste easy by choosing the one according to his likeness. You may not only make your coffee to be light, medium, and strong but can also turn it into extra light or extra strong.

Moreover, you can also adjust the temperature levels to give the perfect appropriate taste to your espresso shot or coffee cup.


  • Fully automatic
  • Regular or double function (can make 1 or 2 cups at a time)
  • Hot water function
  • 3 levels to adjust coffee temperature
  • Water tank is removable
  • Coffee grinder is adjustable
  • Automatic rinsing
  • Separate tank of milk
  • Fingerprint proof stainless steel


  • It is expensive, may cost more than your refrigerator
  • Not plumbed
  • Cannot make more than 2 cups at a time

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How to Choose the Most Suitable Built-in Espresso Machine

First of all, we have to consider would you really want to buy a built-in espresso machine in the first place. Well, the main reason behind this lies in the fact that these machines have the capability to create a pure café espresso.

No matter how good espresso you can make at home, you may not give the traditional café taste to it. But with these machines, it might be possible. Being a coffee enthusiast, you know how essential it is to have a delicious espresso at your table every time.

Flavor Plays a Vital Role

How can you choose the most suitable machine? For this, you need to decide what kind and flavor of espresso you desire. For instance, choose whether you want an espresso machine with built-in grinder or water supply.

Are You Willing to Pay that Much?

You must know that these machines will usually cost you quite a lot. Yes, they do have the quality and everything else you need as a home coffee barista, but that comes with a price.

So the question usually is – are built-in coffee machines worth it? The answer would be found somewhere in your fondness of coffee and how you like it. If you are actually a coffee lover and end up making it every few hours, then it is undoubtedly worth the price.

Pay Attention to the Reviews

Product reviews can help you find whether the machine would be good for you or not. People or commercial café owners who usually buy such machines do leave their reviews.

Whether they are positive or negative, they’ll help you making the right decision and investing in the right machine so that you won’t have to repent later on.

A Quick Wrap Up on our Built-in Espresso Machine Guide

After going through the top-rated built-in espresso and coffee makers, you might know by now that which built-in espresso machine is not for you and which one to buy. Before buying the machine, you must pay attention to all the relevant factors.

For instance, some machines need a particular space and a specific site to be placed. You must know whether you can arrange the machine or it will fit or not before actually buying it. Moreover, you also have to take care of the water supply and coffee bean types for some machines.

Having said that, these built-in espresso makers do come with all the basic options that you, as a coffee lover and a home barista, would want to have in an expensive espresso maker.