Best Home Coffee Roaster – Top Product Reviews

You might be an avid coffee lover. You may think you are – with all the fancy coffee ware in your kitchen and great coffee brands in your collection. However, do you have the best home coffee roaster, too?

You may think what roasting has to do with loving coffee, right? Well it has everything to do with ‘great coffee’, that’s for sure. All cafes have great freshly roasted coffee beans and hence great tasting coffee.

Roasting is a heating process that turns raw coffee into the aromatic, dark brown beans we love.

You will find a variety of coffee roaster machines with different functions and options. From low-priced roasters to top of the line expensive roasters that come with a lot of perks.

Our Top Choice for the Best Home Coffee Roaster

Out of all of the products reviewed, the LEUER coffee bean roaster is the best one as it comes with a bunch of features at mid-pricing. The machine is well-equipped with most roasting features and has a big capacity as well.

The machine is well-designed and stylish with anti-scalding for easy handling. With functions like temperature control and automatic rotating rods it is a bargain and still provides excellent roasting capabilities.

Best Coffee Roasters of 2020

Here is a guide of the best home coffee roasters that will give you the best coffee experience!

  1. Nuvo Eco Ceramic Handy Coffee Bean Roaster
  2. KALDI Wide Size Home Coffee Roaster
  3. Nesco Classic Roaster
  4. Fresh Roast SR540
  5. KALDI Mini Size (200~250g) Home Coffee Roaster
  6. LUEUR Electric Coffee Roaster Machine
  7. TOPCHANCES Coffee Bean Roaster Machine

Nuvo Eco Ceramic Handy Coffee Bean Roaster

Nuvo Eco Ceramic Handy Coffee Bean Roaster

The NUVO coffee bean roaster is an affordable and handy device that will roast decent coffee. It is a stovetop roaster that is ceramic and has a nice cowhide grip for easy handling.

Lightweight, Handy & Affordable

It is a lightweight device at just 370 grams and performs well with roasting. The size is very efficient with a decent bean capacity of up to 70 grams. It is neither too small nor too big to use over the counter after roasting is done.

It makes 1-3 cups depending on your requirement in one go. With 100% ceramic body, no odor is produced except the great aroma of coffee. A nice tool for roasting beans in a pretty simple manner by shaking while heating.


  • Quite affordably priced
  • Good stovetop design with 1-3 cup roasting
  • 100% ceramic and cowhide grip design
  • Does not overheat for roasting again and again
  • Convenient basic handling
  • Easy cleaning and washing


  • Maximum of 3 cups per roasting only, can’t be used at crowded places (offices, restaurants, etc.)
  • Requires heating source
  • Needs to be shaken throughout heating process
  • Handle gets hot due to short handle

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KALDI Wide Size Home Coffee Roaster

KALDI Wide Size Home Coffee Roaster

The KALDI is a motorized coffee roaster with a large capacity of 300 grams. This is an expensive roaster with a bunch of features that will make outstanding coffee at home.

Perfect for Home or Commercial Use

This roaster has a flame arrest mesh plate that injects heat uniformly into the drum by using flame from the gas burner. It has a 250 C thermometer that tells you the temperature inside for your perfect roast. The stainless-steel body is durable and easy to handle.

The drum rotates through electric power for an evenly roasted experience. This is a very good roaster with a manual touch using both electric and gas as sources for that perfect coffee through your own roasting. It comes with all accessories and nothing need to be bought extra.


  • Good design in stainless-steel and durable
  • Works over and over perfectly
  • Large capacity of 300g means no need to roast over and over
  • Can be taken apart easily for washing
  • Chaffe holder, hopper, thermometer, probe rod included


  • Requires heating through gas burner
  • Messy operation means need to cleaned every time
  • Not automatic

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Nesco Classic Roaster Oven with Porcelain Cookwell

Nesco Classic Roaster Oven with Porcelain Cookwell

The Nesco 18-quart roaster is one of the renowned products in the coffee roasting category. With 1425 watts of power, this oven will roast your coffee beans the exact way that you prefer.

Coffee Roaster Portability

Large enough for maximum coffee beans roasting, and small enough to be a portable machine – this coffee roaster can be your go-to option whether you are roasting your beans at home or want to take it along to your next family outing or camping.

Automatic Temperature Control

You don’t want your coffee beans to be under-cooked or over-cooked, right? This is why the Nesco coffee roaster will make your life a whole lot easier with its automatic temperature control feature.

From 200-450 F, this device allows you to slow cook, roast, bake and steam – your all-in-one roaster and oven that goes beyond just coffee roasting.

Easy Cleaning and Handling

The best part about this roaster machine is that it is quite easy to operate and clean – taking all the hassle away that you might have come across with other products in this category.


  • Single chrome steel rack comes with handles that allow easy insertion and removal of hot items, ensuring safety
  • Unique circle of heat mechanism heats items from the side and not the bottom, for best cooking and roasting results
  • Good option for coffee beans roasting, turkey, pork roast, whole chickens, baking cookies, cakes, pies, etc.
  • Portable device that can be used for outdoor occasions and events
  • Comes at a decent price tag


  • This unit does not come with a built-in timer
  • In the long-run, it might get burn marks that are not too easy to get rid of

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Fresh Roast SR540

Fresh Roast SR540

The French Roast coffee bean roaster is a great device for good coffee at home. It has a capacity of 120 grams and has a front real-time temperature display.

9-Way Adjustable Heat

There are 9 levels of fan and heat settings for that personal favorite roast. The roasting chamber is large for that great coffee without making it over and over. The big knob will set temperature and fan speed for that easy operation.

Easy Cleaning & Convenience

The glass chamber for beans is placed on top and comes off for cleaning or washing easily. This machine will be a great addition on your kitchen counter for that great-tasting coffee everyday at your home. A great air roaster for a great roasted coffee experience!


  • 120 g coffee bean capacity means more coffee per roast
  • Comes with 9 level temperature and fan setting
  • Glass chamber for easy handling and washing
  • Front time and temperature display
  • Single knob will set everything up
  • Affordably priced with cool features


  • 120 v means for US market only
  • Some may find 4 scoop capacity less per roasting
  • Takes longer to roast than stovetop roasters

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KALDI Mini Size (200~250g) Home Coffee Roaster

KALDI Mini Size (200~250g) Home Coffee Roaster

The KALDI is a small and affordable coffee roaster that has a capacity of 250 grams. A nice, sleek stainless design with a built-in thermometer makes it stand out.

Compact Device with Gas Burner

This roaster requires a gas burner and roasts with direct heating. It is a decent home roaster for using indoors that roasts coffee pretty quickly. The sampler and hopper are not included in the package.

This is a simple coffee roaster that does the job well and will give great roasted coffee for your everyday coffee needs.


  • Stainless-steel body that is durable
  • Easy handling of beans to roast
  • Comes with thermometer so you know exact roast temperature
  • Motorized roasting for even roast
  • Great for kitchen or indoor use
  • Lightweight and good design for cleaning


  • Gas heating might not be convenient everywhere
  • Does not come with sampler and hopper
  • Does not have US power plug

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An Arabica coffee tree takes 5 years to fully mature and coffee beans take about 9 months to ripen.

LUEUR Electric Coffee Roaster Machine

LUEUR Electric Coffee Roaster Machine

The LUEUR coffee roaster machine is an electric mid-priced device that roasts good coffee. This machine comes with a non-stick chassis and has a built-in stirring rod that results in effortless automatic coffee beans baking.

Stylish Design & Build Quality

The stylish device is perfect for home use and has a glass lid so you can see your beans roasted with 4 venting holes. The device is shaped like a cooking pot and blends well with the rest of the kitchenware. The honeycomb design Teflon base is quite easy for operation and cleaning.

Temperature Control

The temperature control is a professional thermostat for better and uniform heating. Also, you may set the temperature accordingly in case of cereals. The large baking area will handle 800 g of your favorite coffee beans.

Thanks to its design, you can bake coffee beans and also other beans, peanuts, barley, dried fruits or popcorn. The machine has a heat resistant metal shell design for safe usage.


  • Excellent stylish design with a glass lid for best results
  • 4-vented glass lid for exhaust function and auto stir rod
  • Large capacity at 800g for great coffee in one go
  • Teflon honeycomb base for best results and easy to clean
  • Can be used besides coffee beans, like popcorn, barley, peanuts
  • Comes in a stylish design that will match other kitchen pots
  • 1200w power for great baking results
  • Anti-scalding handles on either sides for better handling


  • May not roast some beans evenly when filled completely
  • May produce lot of smoke for indoors

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TOPCHANCES Coffee Bean Roaster Machine

TOPCHANCES Coffee Bean Roaster Machine

Another machine that is similar to the Lueur roaster is the Topchances coffee bean roaster. This is also shaped like a cooking pot and comes with a large 750 g capacity at 1200 w of power.

Heat Resistance & Convenience

This machine also features a 4-vented glass lid with heat resistance for easy operation. The revolving stirring system evenly dissipates heat to beans. It also has auto temperature control but can be manually set too from 0-240 degrees.

Affordable, Stylish & Multi-purpose

The shell design is white and stylish with handles for easy kitchen use. It also has a non-stick chassis that is ideal for baking beans, popcorn, nuts, peanuts and coffee beans for that great cup of coffee! A great mid-priced machine for your basic roasting.


  • Stylish and efficient to use with handles
  • Non-stick chassis for easy operation and cleaning
  • Large capacity at 750g means no need to bake again and again
  • Auto temperature and a manual control from 0-240 degrees
  • Glass lid with 4-vent exhaust system
  • Bake coffee beans, nuts, peanuts or popcorn
  • Auto revolving system bakes evenly
  • 12.5” in diameter and 4.7” in height make this a good sized device


  • Temperature displays only celsius
  • Will bake coffee beans in a basic way only

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How To Roast Coffee At Home?

Now that we have seen the various types of coffee bean roasters available, you should also know how to roast coffee. Well, roasting coffee is not too difficult to learn at all but it might take some time.

In order to perfectly roast your coffee beans, just follow these simple steps:

Buy Raw Coffee Beans

The first step is to get unroasted green coffee beans from one of your nearby stores or purchase online. Since they lose half of their weight during the process, buy double of the quantity that you want eventually.

Get the Right Equipment

Once you have the beans, the next step is to have your coffee roaster set up. For home use, you do not necessarily have to buy an expensive, countertop roaster. Go with the affordable and easy-to-use options that we have mentioned above.

Roasting Process Begins

Now empty the raw beans in your coffee roaster and start the heating process. Gradually you will see that they will change their colour from green to yellow and eventually, to brown. At this point, you will hear them crack, just like the sound of popcorn popping.

This is where you will have the first sight of the chaff appear in your device. Depending on your roasting device, you can simply blow the chaff off from the top.

Stop the Process Once Beans are Dark

Depending on how much caffeine and strength you prefer in your cup, you can stop the process and get your roasted coffee beans from the roaster. The lighter the colour, the more caffeine you can enjoy in your coffee cup.

However, if you like your coffee dark or that French Roast or Viennese, let it roast for a few minutes more but make sure it does not reaches the point where it becomes black.

Allow it to Cool

Once you are done with the roasting process, let your beans cool for a couple of hours. You can either use a baking sheet or a metal strainer for this.

Roasted Beans are Ready for Brew

Once the beans are nice and cool, pour them in an airtight container, however, you do not have to seal the lid of the container for more than a day as they release carbon dioxide and it may cause explosion if the container is completely sealed.

For maximum freshness, brew your roasted coffee beans within five days and enjoy your barista-level coffee aroma and flavor!

The lighter the color of your roasted beans, the more caffeine in your cup.

Why Should You Roast Coffee Yourself?

It all starts with the love for coffee. Anyone that loves coffee will eventually want to make a perfect cup on their own instead of buying it from cafes. Once you start making coffee, you realize that you can make it exactly the way it is packed by the manufacturer.

As soon as you start getting beans and roasting them on your own, you can achieve any strength or aroma you want. Roasting the beans create a different kind of taste compared to packed coffee. Roasted coffee beans are the freshest coffee experience you can get from your home.

Roasting Elements that Make a Difference

With so much innovation all around, you can now roast coffee beans in different ways like air, drum roast or roast on non-stick bases. Every type has a different aroma. Even roasting to the right temperature matters – with some liking lower and other at high temperatures for that perfect coffee.

Also, color matters too! Roasting is the process of taking green coffee beans and roasting them till they turn brown or dark depending on roast time. This also creates that unique tasting coffee that you may find great.

Hobby, Taste & Affordability

Roasting is not just great for that perfect cup of coffee – it is like a hobby. Once you start to get a hang of it, you will enjoy creating that perfect taste and aroma of your coffee. It is even good economically since homemade roasted coffee is really cheap compared to buying it at cafes.

As pre-roasted beans never taste as fresh as ones roasted just before you make your coffee – there is no other better way of making coffee. Once you start roasting beans and making your coffee, you will want a nice coffee bean roaster machine that performs well and is easy to use.

Origin of Beans

Then there is the beans origin. This is where the beans were produced. This also plays a vital role in great coffee as some places produce outstanding coffee compared to the rest.

As you can see, a lot of things combine to make that perfect aroma coffee cup. Everything has to be just right and in harmony for this to happen. Otherwise beans from a great source may not be very good tasting coffee if something is missed or done wrongly.

A Good Cup of Joe is a Must

Coffee-making is one of those hobbies that many people love globally. Others just do it because they cannot have coffee made by someone else as it will not taste nice.

It is still something that one takes first thing in the morning everyday – so it is important that a cup of coffee tastes and smells great every time.


Is home roasting coffee worth it?

Roasting your own coffee beans can be worth the time and effort for those who value freshness and flavor above all else.

What temperature is best for roasting coffee?

Light roasted beans generally reach an internal temperature of 356°F to 401°F. At or around 300-350 degrees, the beans pop or crack and expand in size.

Is Roasting your own coffee cheaper?

Roasting your own coffee beans saves cash. It’s a lot cheaper than buying fresh beans from a high-quality commercial roaster.

Wrapping Up Our Best Home Coffee Roaster Guide

After reviewing the products mentioned above, it is certainly not a walk in the park to select the best home coffee roaster that can give you the perfect roasted beans that you prefer.

Buying the right coffee roaster, getting the right coffee beans, brewing it the right way – all these elements have their own importance if you want to achieve perfection in how your final cup of coffee tastes.

However, once you are an expert in roasting coffee and all other coffee making steps, your friends and family will be looking forward to meeting you for those fun hangouts with nice coffee around, always!