40 Best Gifts For Coffee Lovers That Will Make Their Day

39. A Single-Serve Keurig Coffee Maker

Keurig K-Cafe Coffee Maker

Single-serve coffee makers can’t be beat on a scale of convenience and options. They have a huge share in the market, and are more popular with every passing day. Getting the best Keurig model makes all the sense. It helps that Keurig coffee makers are priced for pretty much all budgets, so there’s always something to pick.

If budget’s a concern, take a look at something like the Keurig K-Mini. This single-serve coffee maker is well-priced and will brew a pod at the touch of a button. Compact as it is, the K Mini doesn’t need much counter space and will easily fit into the tiniest of places. Its small water reservoir holds 6-12oz and needs a refill for every brew.

For a better featured coffee maker, look at the Keurig K-cafe (pictured here). I recommend this coffee maker because it has a lot of features that go beyond conventional Keurig goodness. Sure, it will brew any pod you place in it, and be quick about it. However, the star of the story here is the automatic milk frother built into the machine. 

You get your choice of froth and can use it to make your favored cappuccino or latte. It’s not the “authentic” experience, in the sense that the base isn’t a real espresso. But it sure does taste like it! 

Just in case you want more options, there are plenty of non-Keurig coffee makers that work as well with single serve pods (and K cups). 

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