Best Cuban Coffee Brands – For Dark and Sweetened Coffee Freaks

Are you a coffee freak and a fan of Cuban coffee? Guess what – we are back again and this time we will tell you about the best Cuban coffee brands to buy in 2020. They might not be made in Cuba, but they can provide you with a taste that would be richer and more flavorful than the original one.

Coffee lovers keep looking for new tastes and flavors so that they may discover something impeccable out of the blue. The kind of flavors that are rare and are not easily approachable usually awaken the cravings of coffee addicts. One such kind is this full of flavors, rich Cuban Coffee.

.Café cubano (Cafecito or Cuban espresso), is a type of espresso that originates in Cuba and has been sweetened with demerara sugar during brewing process. It is usually made with dark roasted finely ground coffee beans..

People find it a bit difficult when preparing the Cuban style coffee at home. That can happen due to not being aware of the right methods or flavor of the coffee beans. Therefore, in this read, we will walk you through the best coffee brands available in the market today.

Editor’s Choice – Cuban Coffee that Stands Out Well

Looking for the best organic and verified coffee brand? Mayorga Organics Café Cubano is the one that stood out among all the brands that we reviewed. It not only proffers a rich sweet and syrupy flavor but also renders a 100% USDA Organic and Non-GMO verified coffee.

This coffee brand has been successfully manufacturing the most delectable Cuban coffee for many years. It has the most visible and thick crema that gives your coffee flavor a boost.

Being prepared in the most traditional farms in Latin America, this coffee brand ensures you an addicting coffee whose taste is something you can never get over with.

Best Cuban Coffee Brands To Buy in 2020

So, are you desperate to find out the best Cuban coffee brand already? Let’s not wait any longer and present you with a fascinating list of brands that would certainly add rich and creamy textures to your daily coffee shots!

Mayorga Organics Café Cubano

Mayorga Organics Café Cubano

Do not let the chance go away from trying this sweet flavored Latin style coffee. Café Cubano has always been well-known for its rich flavors and, thus, is also considered as the signature blend. How can a coffee lover let go of trying a signature blend coffee prepared with 100% pure organic substances?

No More Unnecessary Extravagance

Mayorga certainly provides you with an astonishing taste and rich flavored coffee, but the best part of buying it is the fair payment. All you got to pay is for the coffee coming directly from farms in order to reward the efficient farmers who provide you with a pure and unadulterated coffee.

Fresh Whole Beans

You will be glad to know that upon ordering the Mayorga Organics, you will get fresh beans that not only look bright but also has a rich taste. Unlike other mainstream coffee beans that probably dry out until you get them.


  • Fair rates and pricing
  • All beans have a consistent size and quality
  • Visible crema
  • Beans contain an oily layer upon them that keeps them fresh
  • High Quality 100% USDA organic Arabica beans


  • Most coffee bags cannot be sealed again. So you got to keep them separately in an air-tight jar.
  • Bitter and robust for beginners

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Gavina Old Havana Espresso

Gavina Old Havana Espresso

In need of a coffee with a bit of sour and sweet taste altogether? Well, you got one. Gavina Old Havana Espresso is a pure Cuban espresso with a smooth finish and nutty, rich taste. 

Preserve Natural Resources

A great initiative taken by this Gavina espresso is delivering a perfect fresh espresso shot by preserving natural resources and the environment. So, you have a chance not only to enjoy a tasteful coffee but also to be a cause of betterment in the atmosphere. 

Taste that Comes from Ancestors

Gavina Old Havana Espresso is prepared by the company who considers it as a family tradition. Which means, they certainly know how to maintain the original quality and taste. They use the perfect exquisite ways of roasting the coffee beans creating an original Cuban estate taste in their coffee.

What would be the point in buying a brand that cannot even assure the original taste of Cuban coffee taste and exact flavors?


  • Nutty and Sweet flavor profile
  • Aromatic flavor from Spanish origins
  • Finely ground beans
  • Provides a typical Cuban Coffee taste with less bitterness


  • Loses the primary taste or flavor when taken in latte or cappuccino form

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Don Pablo Café Cubano

Don Pablo Café Cubano

Don Pablo provides a dark roast and rich in taste coffee with low acidity content in it. So if you are in need of a whole bean Arabica coffee, which is non-GMO and assures fewer acidity issues as compared to other coffee brands, then you must give a shot to Don Pablo Café Cubano.

Rich & Quality Taste

Don Pablo ensures rich quality taste in every single cup of coffee. They provide the beans that may take a lot of time to get ready but are included in the best Arabica beans.

Moreover, its low acid contents assure your health and also renders a delicious flavor at the same time. This is quite difficult to find in a Cuban coffee brand nowadays. Because all the brands usually keep adding up on substances in order to enhance its flavor, which automatically gives rise to its acidity content, too.

No More Bitter Coffee Aftertaste

This coffee provides an intense and pleasant taste through a thorough caramelization of natural sugars. Doing this adds a pleasant and rich taste to the dark coffee beans directly, leading to a decrease in the bitterness and sourness level found in the coffee beans.

 So, you must give this brand a try if you are not a bitter coffee lover and are tired of trying different brands just to get rid of this bitterness!


  • Assures low-acidity contents
  • Fresh coffee content and beans
  • A strong and vibrant flavored coffee with no bitterness
  • A great taste with quite a hint of chocolaty background
  • Enticing aromatic taste


  • May not provide complete satisfaction to coffee connoisseurs
  • It surely isn’t for extra strong and bitter coffee freaks

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Naviera Cuban Style Coffee

Naviera Cuban Style Coffee

Buy the Naviera Cuban style coffee if you are looking for something with no additives or fillers. Not only will it render a smooth texture, but you may enjoy the real Cuban taste even if you prepare it in a traditional French press.

Enjoy a Delightful Cold Brew

Not all coffee beans can provide the same delicious taste when they are used to prepare a cold brew. But, this Cuban style coffee will certainly not disappoint you with highly concentrated flavors and richness in taste even if you try making a cold-brew with it.

Original Colombian Taste

If you have already tasted the original Columbia coffee or directly from Tampa, then this coffee will certainly make you remember that taste. It renders the authentic original flavor and rich texture that you had back in there.


  • Smooth texture with rich deep flavor
  • Original taste with no bitterness
  • Prepare a concentrated iced and hot latte with delicious creamy flavor
  • Includes a subtle taste of vanilla as a background flavor


  • A bit overpriced if to be seen according to its flavor and weight
  • May not taste the same without the right brewing equipment

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Immortal Coffee Roasted Whole Bean

Immortal Coffee Roasted Whole Bean

We just found you a coffee brand that renders a bold, intense, rich, and strong Cuban coffee taste originally based in Miami. You can enjoy astonishing coffee shots in Cuban style with immortal coffee, which is roasted perfectly.

Café Cubano Shots

If you want to enjoy the rich taste in the form of Café Cubano style, then immortal coffee can help you do so. A sweetened espresso coffee shot with demerara sugar can make you a permanent fan of these fascinating flavored coffee brand.

Premium Quality Black Coffee

If you have always been looking for coffee brands that render a rich taste in black coffee, then you might not want to miss on this one. Usually, people like their coffee with visible tasty crema and rich flavors, but this is one of those kinds that one may not resist the black coffee prepared using it.


  • Perfect for coffee connoisseurs
  • Smooth and fresh relish
  • Perfectly roasted whole beans
  • Enjoy traditional Cuban style coffee
  • Consistent quality no matter how many different purchases you make


  • Coffee beginners may find this flavor uncomfortable
  • Quite more pricey as compared to other mainstream coffee brands

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Supreme By Bustelo Whole Bean Espresso Coffee

Supreme By Bustelo Whole Bean Espresso Coffee

This coffee brand presents a premium blend of the finest coffee beans and, thus, proffers a rich and dark taste. Suppose you are particularly a fan of quality coffee shots of espresso and cappuccino. In that case, this coffee brand might work well for you as its coffee beans are specially roasted for the preparation of such kinds of flavorful coffee.

The Perfect Cuban Café con Leche

Cuban Café con Leche is usually loved by many coffee addicts, which is half milk and half coffee. If you are fond of such coffee flavors and types then, Supreme by Bustelo Espresso Coffee can help you with the perfect espresso syrup for them.

Prepare An Ideal Blend

The finely ground coffee beans and slow roast procedure helps one in making an ideal blend for the coffee, which results in a delicious, flavorful coffee shot.


  • Get creamy and rich shots of cappuccino and espresso
  • The blend of finest coffee beans from all over the world adds multiple flavors to the coffee
  • Get a perfect cup of Cuban Café con Leche
  • Fascinating aroma giving you an environment of a coffee bar itself at home
  • An excellent way to get a strong dark coffee


  • Cannot prepare you a super-concentrated cup of espresso
  • Has a bitter flavored taste

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Where to Buy Cuban Coffee?

Cuban coffee includes a number of flavors and taste variations that cannot be provided by any brand simultaneously. Cuban coffee has been originally grown for domestic means and is not available in the market usually.

But, many brands and coffee producers have now been successful in producing coffee beans with exact same flavor and rich taste. In case you are a specific flavor lover, then you might look for the type of coffee brand that can help you get the exact same flavor of the Cuban Coffee that you desire.

So, that means, you do not have to go and demean yourself by wandering in the markets because all you got to do is order you favorite coffee brand’s cuban coffee beans.

Final Word on the Best Cuban Coffee Brands of 2020

Cuban coffee remains a top-choice type of coffee for all those coffee addicts who have ever tried it. However, over the time, it became rarer and eventually, the original one just vanished from the market. However, going ahead with the right brand will play a vital part.

So, which should be the best Cuban coffee brand to buy in 2020? Well, this entirely depends upon your taste and how you would like your coffee the best.

Especially when it comes to Cuban coffee brands, one has to choose the type of bean that blends well with the sweetness ratio that he or she likes in the coffee. We all like our coffee differently, don’t we?

Some coffee beans are made to prepare the perfect strong and rich espressos while some are well-known for the taste they provide with cappuccinos or other Cuban style coffees. So, decide your favorite brand, and do not let yourself wait for a flavorful coffee shot anymore!