Best Coffee Blogs To Follow In 2020

What’s a good place to get your daily dose of coffee inspiration and information? Coffee blogs are a great resource for information and discussion on everyone’s favorite beverage. From gear to recipes and latte art, everything is game for discussion and conversation. 

We look at the best coffee blogs that are rich in information, knowledge, and good discussion. It’s a good thing to learn from like-minded people and the sharing of ideas and information makes everything better. 

It’s always a better idea to go beyond our small information bubbles. Seeing what others are doing, discussing, and their unique perspective adds greater value and knowledge.

Caffeine Insider

We shouldn’t toot our own horn (well, maybe a little because we’re proud of the work we’ve done!) At CaffeineInsider, you’ll find comprehensive information and discussion on all things coffee. 

The attempt is to cover all the bases – from newly launched coffee gear and equipment to popular techniques that have been around for centuries. Comprehensive coffee gear buying guides and reviews form the heart and soul of this enterprise, as we put various methods, brews, and machines together.

There’s also a focus on coffee makers, coffees, and single-serve machines. Putting together the big brand names, artisan roasters, and underdogs to find the best brew possible is a continuing exercise at CaffeineInsider.

Note: CaffeineInsider was rebranded to meth coffee in 2021

Roasty Coffee

RoastyCoffee is a great resource on brewing coffee with well-curated content that speaks to everything coffee. They’ve got guides on coffee gear and a list of very enjoyable and useful coffee facts. 

It’s all presented in a simple, easy to understand style that’s accentuated by a clean and elegant design. They’ve got a bunch of useful information and a penchant for getting it across the user in an elegant style.

Home Grounds

HomeGrounds is run by a passionate and well-experienced team that brings some great ideas and perspectives to the fore. It’s a useful resource for everything coffee and sports detailed, information-rich content. 

Coffee is serious business, and the people running this website take their roles and responsibilities seriously. It’s a great resource that deserves a place on your reading list.


Opening this website, you’re greeted with the words “Life is too short for bad coffee.” Well, they’re absolutely right, and it shows they have their priorities in order! The site focuses on the coffee enthusiast brewing coffee at home and offers useful tips, tricks, and ideas to brew a great cuppa.

Content here is relevant to the vast majority of coffee lovers, going from newbies looking ahead to brew coffee, to baristas who’d like to improve their skills. Or, maybe learn a trick or two!


DrippedCoffee calls itself “Your Ultimate Coffee Destination”. They back up that claim with some great coffee facts, reviews, and guides. It’s a pretty good place to learn more about coffee while enjoying a great cuppa. 

Plus, with all the information and insight they offer, you might be able to improve your coffee brewing skills or learn a thing or two. The website forms a good balance with consumer interest and coffee-related information that could influence and interest customers.

Little Coffee Place

Dedicated to coffee enthusiasts, LittleCoffeePlace forms a nice ambiance that does justice to its name. The carefully crafted content and knowledgeable commentary make this website a great resource. They’ve got great insights into coffee accessories, gear, and various coffee beans. 

It’s a good place to get your caffeine-information fix and find some great tips and ideas to brew better coffee!

The Coffee Chronicler

TheCoffeeChronicler is run by Danish coffee expert Asser Christensen. He’s a journalist and a Q Arabica Grader who puts his qualifications and skill to use to create a thoroughly enjoyable and exceptional resource. The website has great information and nuggets of wisdom that can come in quite handy for us coffee lovers.

You can learn more about coffee, brewing techniques, and appliances. Combine that with the expert advice and suggestions, and there’s a real possibility of learning new ideas and skills that can be employed to brew better, more enjoyable coffee. 


Sprudge is perhaps the best known of all the coffee-related blogs and websites. They’ve got great content and their comprehensive coverage touches every aspect of coffee. Sprudge offers regular coffee news, tips, tricks, and reviews. But that’s just the tip of this coffee-iceberg.

The website has equally detailed and well-matched content available through podcasts as well. Also on offer are job boards that can put coffee enthusiasts in touch with like-minded employers. The website also offers City Guides and Maps that aim to ensure that you’re not far from a great cafe anywhere in the world.

The Coffee Compass

Set your compass to navigate the world of coffee with the guidance of The Coffee Compass. The website has a great hold on craft coffee and its suggestions and ideas offer great value. I also find the simple, straightforward design to be enjoyable and easily navigable. The appearance of this blog is more content-heavy than image heavy – and that’s a great thing.

Kicking Horse Coffee

Kicking Horse Coffee is a coffee seller based in Canada. They’ve got great coffee and they’ve got a great coffee blog! They offer expert and interesting information on a number of topics related to coffee. 

What’s best about the blog is their style of writing that’s both witty and sharp. The content is enjoyable, informative, and has the advantage of coming from an authority source. 

Given that they are a coffee seller, they have a lot of content on their products. However, there is a fair number of useful and enjoyable articles that can be considered a great resource.

The Coolest Coffee Blogs

So there it is, our list of the best coffee blogs that you’ll find enjoyable. There’s no particular order to this list. We think the blogs are all well-managed and fit their roles perfectly.

For coffee lovers and enthusiasts, these websites are a great resource and a way to keep in touch with the latest events and information on the world of coffee.