Best Chai Tea Latte K Cups That Revel In Spice And Flavor

The intricate and flavorful chai latte hits the right chord and matches wondrous spice with the flavor of tea. Spices bring a wonderful aroma to the table and add some zest to the taste of this beverage. 

Inspiration for these cups comes from the masala chai, which is very popular in India.

Our selection of these best chai tea latte K cups brew this intricate drink with the trademark convenience of the K cups. The smoothness and flavor of this drink are captured rather wonderfully in these K cups.

Top Chai Tea Latte K Cups For 2020

Editor’s Choice: Cafe Escapes, Chai Latte Tea Beverage

Cafe Escapes Chai Latte Tea

The wonderfully aromatic and delicious blend by Cafe Escapes is our top choice for the best chai tea latte K cups. Quality tea in this K cup is blended with cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, and a hint of black pepper. Consistency, aroma, and taste of this K cup hit all the right notes.

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Reviewed: 6 Best-Selling Chai Tea Latte K Cups

1. Tazo Chai Tea Latte K Cups – Excellent Aroma

Tazo Chai Tea Latte K Cups

Tazo Chai Tea Latte K Cups have a delightful combination of spices that you can’t help but love. The cup puts black tea together with cinnamon, ginger, and cardamom. That is pretty much the top classic combination for a chai tea. 

On a different note, the cup also includes vanilla. This one’s usually not present in the masala chai, but it is quite surprising how well vanilla takes to chai. The expert combination of all these spices makes this K cup a deliciously aromatic option. The K cup also contains powdered honey and milk, both of which add more authenticity to its taste.

Tazo is owned by Starbucks, so in a way these are your average Starbucks chai tea latte k cups. On a different note, Tazo has enough experience by itself to sell these lovely K cups without relying on the brand power of the parent company.

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2. Cafe Escapes, Chai Latte Tea Beverage – Best Overall

Cafe Escapes Chai Latte Tea

Cafe Escapes chai latte is our top choice for being the best chai tea latte K cup. These K cups have great body and texture, which matches pretty well to our expectations and requirements. The basic contents of the K cup are black tea, honey, and powdered milk. 

Handling the area for spices for this chai are cinnamon, cardamom, and cloves, with a touch of black pepper. The caffeine content of the cup is less than 10 mg. 

You might consider this amount to be low, especially when compared to the best K cup coffee. However, that’s to be expected since tea has much lower caffeine count than coffee. Practically, the numbers will be lower. But it’s a fair guess to assume any tea has half the amount of caffeine as compared to coffee. 

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3. Solimo Tea Pods, Chai Latte – Best Value

Solimo Chai Latte Tea Pods

The Solimo brand is owned by Amazon and is geared towards providing users with quality, but cost-effective items. This one is no different. It does a pretty good job of concealing its humble origins, though the cost-effective piece does show up anyway.

Spices in this K cup are cardamom and cloves, with the usual combination of tea, milk, and sugar. There is a strong touch of anise here. Now that is a wonderful spice and adds to the palate. However, it lacks the same flavor profile as the others mentioned in the list.

Another point is that this chai tea latte can feel somewhat watery, especially when compared to its competition. That’s not a deal-breaker, but yeah, don’t expect it to be as kickass as the Cafe Escapes Chai Tea Latte. 

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4. Grove Square Chai Latte – Great Flavor

Grove Square Chai Latte

Grove Square Chai Latte manages to bring out the flavor and taste of spices quite impressively. The cup is rich and creamy, which makes it seem very close to the “real” chai tea latte experience. This one too seems partial towards anise. However, it puts on a nice balancing act to make the spices play well together.

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5. Cha4TEA Chai Black Tea Pods – Non-Milk Option

Cha4TEA Chai Black Tea Pods

Want the goodness of spices but would rather skip milk? Well, here’s the K cup you want! Cha4TEA Chai Black Tea Pods blend black tea with quality Assam tea to bring out the tea flavor. The rest of the job is up to the spices and they handle it admirably well. 

You’ll find the tea rich with cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, ginger, and black pepper. There are some other spices as well, including anise, but the previously mentioned ingredients are the most prominent.

I get it, it’s not a latte without milk, but you can always add some of that to suit your taste buds. It stands pretty well as a spice tea as well, so don’t worry if you’d rather not add any milk to your beverage.

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6. Celestial Seasonings India Spice Chai Tea K-Cup – Exciting Blend

Celestial Seasonings India Spice Chai Tea K-Cup

Celestial Seasonings India Spice Chai Tea K-Cup has its eyes set on the “authentic” experience. Well, that’s also going to involve you adding milk to this latte by yourself. These K cups don’t contain any milk or sugar, but it puts its focus on spices. 

The blend of teas and spices in here is quite something. It brews as a regular spice tea, and I say pour some honey into the cup and enjoy it! Though I enjoy the spices here, I think it works better once you add milk and sugar to this K cup chai latte.

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Buyer’s Notes On The Best Chai Tea Latte

Where To Buy?

Your local brick and mortar store is the ideal place to buy these K cups. More so, if you intend to purchase only a small batch. At the same time, be prepared to find that the store of your choice doesn’t stock your favorite chai tea latte K cups or has a shaky supply. 

Buying them online can be more convenient in this scenario. There is a chance of a small price difference and you might have to pay more when shopping online. Though that is not necessarily the case. Plus, you can always take advantage of buying budget options that are available only online. 

Keep Your Eye On The Flavors

Most chai tea latte K cups contain several, assorted flavors. The ones to look for are cardamom, cloves, black pepper, and cinnamon. Ginger is close, but I won’t exactly put it with the others mentioned. Anise is another common spice that adds flavor to your chai tea latte. 

However, be careful if you find anise or any other spice not mentioned here overwhelming the spices listed above. This usually means that the K cup could be on the budget-side of things. There’s nothing wrong with it per se, just be sure you aren’t overpaying.

Caffeine Content

Expect the chai tea latte to have a significantly lower caffeine content than coffee. Tea is likely to have at least 50% less caffeine content than coffee. There will be a kick, though don’t expect it to knock your socks off!

Value For Money And Cost Considerations

In simple terms, expect your chai tea latte K cup to be much more expensive than brewing your tea yourself. It isn’t that difficult to brew a chai latte by yourself, Besides, there is a better chance that getting your own black tea and spices will enable you to brew a chai tea latte that goes beyond even the best K cups in taste and flavors.


1. What Is In Chai Tea Latte K Cups?

The primary ingredients of any chai tea latte K cup are milk, spices, and black tea. There may be variations involved, like varieties and/or blends of black tea used. Similarly, the choice and mix of spices can be different with each cup as well. 

The spices used can also vary, though the popular ones to look for are cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, black pepper, ginger, and anise.

2. How Many Calories Are In A Chai Latte K Cup?

An average chai latte K cup will deliver 70 calories for you. The cup contains milk, sugar, and spices. A large amount of these calories comes from milk and sugar. As an estimate, you can consider 30 calories come from the saturated fat in your chai tea latte K cup.

3. Can I Put Milk In Chai Tea?

Yes! The traditional Indian chai tea or chai tea latte is brewed with milk present. So feel free to add milk to your cup. Whether you add it to tea brewed black or a latte is entirely up to your preference. And brewing it to your preference also means that you skip adding milk to that chai tea.

Enjoying The Single Serve Chai Tea Latte

The spicy and smooth chai tea latte feels great when matched with the convenience of a single-serve Keurig machine. The best part is that the complex flavors of this latte can be adequately represented by the best chai tea latte K cups available. My top pick is the Cafe Escapes, Chai Latte Tea Beverage. A close second is the Tazo Chai Tea Latte K Cup.