Best Barista School – Learn From the Experts

If you are an avid coffee lover like me, the thought of being a barista someday might have crossed your mind. And if you are actually looking forward to it, then you really need to learn the art of coffee-making at the best barista school.

A barista is a lot more than just the guy who brews or serves a coffee cup to a customer. You are someone’s start of a long and hectic day ahead – important business deals and decisions might take place in front of you – or your coffee bar might be the place where a person is trying to save his buddy’s failed marriage.

In order to make the perfectly brewed coffee cup that your customer really needs, you need to have the best barista training.

Top Barista Schools in US

These days you might find a lot of online sources claiming to give you all the knowledge and skill set that you require to be a good barista. Well, they might add value to some extent, yes – however, you can’t be a master with your coffee beans by merely reading a few words online.

Let’s have a look at your barista school options in the US.

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Barista Hustle

Barista Hustle

Run by a group of 6 coffee-crazy individuals, Barista Hustle is well-known for its extensive research and knowledgebase on coffee making. The training material they provide will add immense value to your coffee making skill set.

Single Course or Monthly Subscription – Your Call

Whether you are looking for a specific course or a monthly BH Unlimited subscription, Barista School will take care of your coffee needs. Their detailed online courses, monthly subscription packages and certifications can assist you in a lot of different ways as far as coffee making is concerned.

Barista Hustle serves the coffee community of over 30,000 people via their Facebook group online. If you are looking to enhance your coffee brewing skills and everything else you need to know as a professional barista, Barista Hustle is a good option to consider.

Seattle Barista Academy

Seattle Barista Academy

Located near Seattle, commonly known as the ‘Coffee Capital’, the Seattle Barista Academy is ranked amongst the top coffee schools in the country.

Core Specialization Areas

This school is widely recognized for their training modules, the well-researched material and all the experience of those professional baristas who know coffee-making inside out. Be it professional training classes at their facility, online courses for distant learning or consulting services for your business – these folks will train you well.

What Value You Get?

One of the best practices at Seattle Barista Academy is that they restrict their professional course enrollments and keep it low to ensure one-on-one teaching experience while maintaining service excellence.

Once you complete your training from this school, you will be well-equipped to invest in your coffee business or send in your resume to the top coffee places around the globe for a decent 9-5.

Texas Coffee School

Texas Coffee School

If you are contemplating about opening up a coffee shop in near future and need professional guidance for that, the Texas Coffee School might be a nice place to get it from. Located in Arlington Texas, this coffee school has been providing technical assistance to individuals and business owners since more than a decade.

On-Site and Off-Site Programs

With state-of-art espresso machines, updated coffee-brewing methodology research and well-experienced baristas as instructors – TCS offers both on-site and off-site training programs for its future baristas at reasonable pricing.

Corporate Events & Team Building

One of the exciting services this place offers is their venue booking for your next corporate event or off-site team building exercise. Business owners in North Texas can now have a group outing at TCS to give their employees a break from the daily office environment.

BD Barista School

BD Barista School

Situated at Jackson Road Michigan, the Black Diesel Barista School is the only SCA certified premier campus in town that offers individual courses, retail cafe training, certification and SCA Programming to make you learn the art of coffee making.

What is SCA?

Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) is a nonprofit association built on three foundations – openness, inclusivity and knowledge. Coffee beans farmers, coffee shop owners, professional baristas, etc., the membership welcomes people from all walks of life with a love of coffee.

With the primary goal to serve the global coffee industry, SCA works tirelessly to share extensive coffee-related research and insights from all the best, professional and experienced individuals around the world.

Professional Barista Certification

If you register for the BDBS Certification Program, in 5 weeks, you will come out as an individual who is well-equipped and well-prepared for all the challenges that the coffee industry faces – both as an employee or an entrepreneur.

Barista Café

In addition to their on-site training programs and barista classes, their facility serves as a Barista Café too. It has the capacity to serve 200 office employees and lets barista trainees to apply their skills in an ideal coffee shop environment. This café is open to the public as well during designated working hours where customers can interact with trainees and leave their valuable feedback.

Bellissim Coffee Advisors

Bellissim Coffee Advisors

Having 19 years of training experience, Bellissim Coffee Advisors has helped numerous entrepreneurs and coffee lovers to start with their own business ventures. This place can provide you the necessary barista-related insights and tips.

Detailed Training Workshops

From barista basics, coffee business and management to coffee roasting and brewing techniques – the workshops offered here will disseminate all the coffee-related information that you require.

Downloadable Material (Books & DVDs)

If for some reason you cannot take up one of their courses, you can always have access to their training material via downloadable ebooks and DVDs.

Coffee beans aren’t actually beans. They are a pit of a coffee fruit.


What is Barista training?

Although the term barista technically refers to someone who has been professionally trained in preparing espresso, it may also be used to describe anyone with a high level of skill in making espresso shots and espresso drinks, such as lattes and cappuccinos.

Is working as a barista hard?

Once you get the hang of things being a barista is fun and not that hard.

What is the job of a barista?

Baristas are responsible for making quality beverages, generally speciality hot drinks, preparing food orders, working the cash register, and cleaning and stocking the store. Baristas must do all of these tasks quickly and efficiently while also making sure to form good customer relationships.

How many drinks can a barista make in an hour?

With sufficient skill the barista can multi-task so that the drink cycles overlap, and the Velopresso operation can achieve 40–50 drinks per hour, i.e. an average of 1.1 to 1.5 mins per drink, allowing for serving, steaming and pouring milk, taking change, etc

The Perfect Barista School – Our Final Thought

Regardless of your previous academic or work experience, if you are looking to pursue your career in coffee-making business, you first need to find the best barista school to learn the coffee game before anything else.

Your coffee bar will witness a lot of emotions and life-changing moments in people’s lives on a daily basis. To somewhat make that better for them, why not give them the coffee that they really need instead of what they want?

Knowing your coffee beans, brewing methodologies and coffee equipment – for this, you will need extensive knowledge and hands-on experience and guidance from the best in the business.