Bella Dual Brew Coffee Maker Review – The ‘Coffee’ Value for Money

Are you thinking about getting a new coffee maker to make your ‘work from home’ days somewhat better? – Well, we are back again to assist you with your next purchase – this time with our Bella Dual Brew coffee maker review.

We love to begin our day with a perfectly brewed cup of Joe, don’t we? For me it’s quite simple – if my morning cup of coffee is made the right way, it is likely that my day will go well, and of course, vice versa.

Bella Dual Brew coffee maker is an affordable product and offers good value for money.

When it comes to coffee brewing, there are a lot of options you’ll find these days. From single-serve to K-cups and dual-brewers – you can surely get your hands on a lot of brands and models having their own benefits and drawbacks.

Bella Dual Brew Single-Serve Coffee Maker

Bella coffee brewers have been around in the industry since some time now. Known for their designs, usability and decent pricing, this brand has certainly made considerable amount of in-roads in the coffee brewer niche.

The Bella Dual-Brew coffee machine is undoubtedly a pretty good option in a number of ways. Let’s have a closer look at the various features and benefits that this coffee brewer offers.

Bella Dual Brew Single-Serve Coffee Maker

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Compact Design Fits Tight Kitchen Spaces

One of the most prominent features of the Bella dual brewer is it’s sleek, stylish design. Apart from the fact that it looks nice, this design mastery comes in quite handy when you are not at the liberty for having huge kitchen appliances due to less space.

Keeping into consideration the modern-day kitchen interiors, we have moved to a minimalist approach in a broader perspective. Due to the ever-increasing global land prices, it is becoming harder day-by-day to afford spacious houses or office spaces.

This coffee brewer comes with the dishwasher safe K-cup adapter.

Under such circumstances, having a coffee brewer that takes almost no space at all is certainly a plus point. Bella coffee brewer can be placed over the counter or an office table, and you will still have space that you can use for other stuff.

K-Cup or Ground Coffee – Bella Has It Covered For You

So why is it called ‘dual brewer’ anyway? – well, this is because it lets you use your favorite K-cup packs that you have been a fan of since years.

Or, if you love your ground coffee that you probably might have done it yourself using your coffee grinder, Bella lets you do that too! It comes with a reusable brew cup adapter that can be easily used to brew ground coffee and various types of tea as well.

The Bella Dual Brew coffee maker comes with the K-cup adapter for your favorite K-cup 2.0 coffee brewing.

Easy-to-Operate Coffee Brewer

The fast-paced and competitive world that we all are part of, there is no more room left for electronics that do not save you time and effort. As far as the Bella dual brewer is concerned, it offers both – time saving and minimal effort.

With its easy-to-use functionality and working mechanism, it is quite simple to brew a cup of Joe with the Bella coffee maker. So if you are one of those workaholic individuals who stays occupied throughout the week, this coffee maker will do the job well for you.

Bella Dual Brew Single-Serve Coffee Maker

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3-Bar Pressure Pump Adds Decent Flavor

With it’s 3-bar pressurized pump, K-cups are nicely brewed to give you the delightful, aromatic cup of coffee that you are looking forward to.

Being a true coffee lover, the flavor strength might not be what you are have at your favorite coffee shop, however, it does the job quite well.

Coffee Tastes Better in Your Favorite Mug

Oh, this one is certainly one of the deciding factors for me, it might as well be important to you. Call it a psychological element or whatever, drinking coffee in your personal, favorite coffee mug just adds to the whole coffee experience, doesn’t it?

Bella dual-brew coffee maker will let you do that. With its ability to fit all standard cup sizes and 10-ounce travel mugs, you can have your beverage directly poured in your home coffee mug or the travel mug to save time and enjoy your drink at the same time.

Moreover, it has a height-adjustable drip tray that allows you to set it in accordance with your cup or mug height, without creating any hassle or a mess during or after brewing.

Quench Your Cold Brew Thirst with Bella

Summers are already here, and I am sure you will agree to the fact that nothing feels more refreshing than a cup of iced coffee in this scorching heat.

With the Bella dual brewer, you can have your favorite hot coffee or tea poured over ice cubes to enjoy a perfect iced coffee beverage within a few minutes.

Bella Dual Brewer Coffee Maker Pros & Cons

Needless to say, almost every coffee brewer comes with its own set of positive and negative elements. Let us have a summarized review of Bella dual brewer’s pros and cons.


  • Compact Design
  • Auto-off feature (shuts down automatically after each brew – previous models did not have this option)
  • Brews both K-cup packs or ground coffee
  • Convenient and easy to operate
  • Easy to clean
  • Affordable coffee brewer


  • Might not work well with all recyclable K-cups
  • Average brew quality (however, can’t really complain about this part since it is a low-priced coffee brewer)
  • Electric outlet issue – product manual mentions that no other electrical appliance should be plugged in where you have plugged in your Bella coffee brewer, even if the other device is switched off. Moreover, you have to unplug the brewer each time after using it
  • Occasional leaking problems have been reported by the consumers of this coffee brewer

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Our Final Verdict for the Bella Dual Brew Coffee Maker

With the current global economic conditions due to the pandemic, consumer buying power has certainly taken a massive jolt since the past few months.

If you are looking to go for a low-priced coffee maker this time – Bella is not a bad option. The design, the affordability, the convenience – it does pretty well in these areas.

However, if you are someone who might not want to compromise on brew quality, then our Bella Dual Brew coffee maker review has pretty much presented all the facts to tell you that this should not be your first choice – not even the first few choices.

The final taste is quite average, might as well be too weak if you like your coffee nice and strong. But again, can’t really complain keeping in view the price of this product, can you?