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At CaffeineInsider, we’re all about coffee. This website is intended as a resource that presents the most relevant information to the reader. We aim to be simple, straight-forward, and reader-friendly. 

And we sincerely hope that the reader finds this information useful. That’s why when we write, we attempt to look at the macro and the micro picture of the coffee world – and how an average person might relate to that.

Now, more than ever, quality and specialty coffee is easily available. It’s a joy and a privilege that anyone can enjoy an amazing cuppa at their home without having to shell obscene amounts.

Coffee shops and businesses are a big part of what makes coffee culture so great. But we believe the foundation and the driving force here is the average consumer who loves to experiment and brew with their specialty coffee at home and livens up the cafes as well.

Information presented here is gathered from reliable and dependable sources. Our experience and understanding of the world of coffee also form a part of our presentation. We’re a passionate and dedicated team that loves writing and coffee.

For us, CaffeineInsider is a match made in heaven.

Let’s meet the team!

Harsh – Founder, Managing Editor

Harsh is the coffee guy. His love for coffee is personal, professional, and everything else one could think of. He started his professional life working as a purchasing agent for a large company. 

Working there, Harsh had the opportunity to see and experience the nitty-gritty of coffee production around the world. Seeing the way coffee was grown, processed, brewed, and sold gave Harsh a nuanced appreciation of coffee and how ritualized its brewing can be.

In 2016, Harsh left his job to follow his love for coffee at his own pace . He has since been a consultant to coffee farmers and businesses alike, a barista, and a small business owner. He is a fervent advocate of fair trade and a greater interest in the ethical and community aspects of the coffee world.

Dale Gordon – Editor

Ever since he was a student, Dale has been consuming coffee like it was fuel. And just like an engine, he never differentiated on what he gulped down as long as it was coffee.

On one fateful day, an acquaintance offered Dale a shot of espresso. With a sip, the nuance of the brew came to light, the revelation was made, and Dale had gained a new appreciation for coffee.

Since then, he has paid more attention to his coffee and the journey has been nothing short of wonderful. It’s a far more rewarding brew with just a smidgen more effort. A fan of brewing his coffee slow and savoring every sip, Dale is ever curious about taste notes and aftertaste of new coffee beans he tries.

Authors And Contributors

CaffeinInsider’s dedicated team of authors and contributors is what keeps the website running. Our research team and authors like Phillip Russell take great pains to bring excellent content for our readers.

Phillip especially has been a trooper and a pillar in bringing the vision of this website to reality. His passion for writing, the thirst for knowledge, and a zeal to push further are incredible traits. For Phillip, coffee is a way of life.


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