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Coffee Strategies Coffee brand name irritates IL Attorney General

Chicago Sun-Times Meth Coffee fails to amuse Madigan

Maxim, "Turn breakfast into a tweakfest..." (PDF)

News Observer, "Drinks that sound like drugs."

The Coffiest, "Meth Coffee Now The Coffiest." (PDF)

Drinks Business Review, "Gaining the award for the most outlandish name is the Meth Coffee, which is said to provide the drinker with an intense but legal buzz." (PDF), "...the coffee equivalent of Kato from the Pink Panther flicks. Utterly unpredictable, insane, and not for the faint of heart." Widge, WWW

Beauty News, NYC, "Male Perspective--Cool Finds". Jared Shechtman, New York

BusinessWeek, "Welcome to Caffeine Country". Moira Herbst, New York

SF Weekly, "Crank It Up". Mary Spicuzza, San Francisco, "Links And Funny Shit We Didn't Make Up"

Steve Dahl Radio Show, WCKG 105.9 FM, Chicago

Sun Herald, Weird News, "San Francisco Company Launches 'Meth Coffee'"

The New York Times, "S.F. Company Launches 'Meth Coffee'" (PDF)

High Times, "S.F. Company Launches 'Meth Coffee'" (PDF)

ABC News Now, "'Meth Coffee'...'Google Top Rising Searches'" (PDF)

WPVI TV Philadelphia, "New Java With A New Kick" (PDF)

The Fresno Bee, "Mysterious `Meth Coffee' launches in San Francisco" (PDF)

The Napa Valley Register, "Mysterious 'Meth Coffee' launches in San Francisco" (PDF)

The San Mateo Daily Journal, "Mysterious 'Meth Coffee' Launches" (PDF)

The Conservative Voice, "S.F. company launches 'Meth Coffee'" (PDF)

EARTH Times, "Meth Coffee Launches with Super Caffeinated Brew" (PDF)

Food Ingredients First, "Meth Coffee Launches with Super Caffeinated Brew -- Food Ingredients First" (PDF)

ValleyWag, Silicon Valley, "Meth Coffee" (PDF)

Monterey County Herald. "Homage to Jolt cola: a roundup of strange products"

Live Science, "New Meth Coffee is Super-Caffeinated" (PDF)

San Francisco Examiner, "Product aimed at coffee drinkers seeking an extra boost" (PDF)

San Francisco Chronicle, The Bondage File, "S.F. Company Launches 'Meth Coffee'" (PDF)

Houston Chronicle. "San Francisco Company Launches 'Meth Coffee'"

The Boston Globe, "S.F. Company Launches 'Meth Coffee'" (PDF)

FOX News, "New 'Meth' Coffee Provides Drinkers With Extra Boost" (PDF)

CBS 5 Television, "'Meth Coffee' Launches In San Francisco" (PDF)

KTVO 3, Missouri. "Meth coffee to provide an extra jolt in the morning"

WTOP Radio, 103.5 FM, Washington DC. "A mysterious San Francisco company..."

ABC News, "San Francisco Company Launches Product Aimed at Coffee Drinkers Seeking a Boost- 'Meth Coffee'" (PDF)

Today's THV, Little Rock, AR "Meth Coffee Will Get You Going!" (PDF)

Washington Post."San Francisco Company Launches 'Meth Coffee'"

KGPE CBS TV47, Fresno. "'Meth Coffee' launches in San Francisco"

Best Week Ever."Now That Your Cocaine Energy Drink Habit Has Gotten So Expensive, It's Time For Meth Coffee"

Yahoo Finance UK & Ireland."Meth Coffee Launches with Super Caffeinated Brew"

Brandweek. "Because You Can't Be Too Wired"


Fark TV Perfectly zany sendoff of Meth Coffee featuring a fairy with a horned penis


Rock 105 with Mark Summers, Jacksonville, Forida, Jan 19, 2007.

BrandWeek, San Francisco, Jan. 17, 2007.

SF Weekly with Mary Spicuzza, San Francisco, Jan. 16, 2007

KNBC-11 with Traci Grant, San Francisco, Jan 12, 2007.

Associated Press with Ron Harris, San Francisco, Jan 10, 2007.


Meth Coffee Responds to Attack by Illinois Attorney General, July 31, 2008

Meth Coffee Releases Druggy How-To Comedy Coffee Commercial, Feb. 31, 2007

Meth Coffee Launches with Super Caffeinated Brew, Jan. 10, 2007